More on the VERONICA MARS Cancellation

In the comments, frequent contributer JESSICA just posted:

The CW is dead to me. I don’t care how good any of these new shows are. Let the boycott begin.

Added Vance:

I was just about to say that. DEAD TO ME. The CW. The War is ON. (the june 15th thing is over according to Michael Ausiello’s conversation with Ostroff after the presentation at around 12:47pm)

First let me take a moment to go out on a limb and tell you what you don’t want to hear. Ausiello is wrong. Yes, Dawn Ostroff does have until June 15 to make a final FINAL decision on the fate of Mrs. Mars, but the reality is that Michael Ausiello is only keeping a glimmer of hope alive for fans of the show because let’s face it, with GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS gone — so to are a large group of very dedicated readers.

Don’t get me wrong, Ausiello is fantastic and definitely has the world’s greatest job. But I to attended the CW press conference and heard Dawn Ostroff’s tone. VERONICA MARS is dead, and not just because of low ratings. If the preview clips of the CW’s new series are any indication, the network has developed some fantastic, original and fun new shows that fit the CW brand perfectly. It’s time to give some fresh shows a chance.

VERONICA MARS was given three seasons to make it work — two more seasons than it deserved if we’re looking at the show from a pure ratings point-of-view. The show had a good run and will be remembered as one of those ‘brilliant but cancelled’ shows along side some of theTVaddict’s personal favourites (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, EVERWOOD, KIDNAPPED and FIREFLY to name a few)

Tune in later today for my thoughts on the CW’s new slate of fantastic looking programs.

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  • Julianne

    You know what? I totally agree with you. It was a good show ( a great show on its first season) but it would be unfair to every other good show out there that was cancelled because of low-ratings. I just don’t understand people being so angry since NOBODY WAS WATCHING! It’s pointless to blame The CW, they kept the show for three seasons when nobody was watching, there’s only so much money you can lose, you know?

  • Mike K.


    When it was rumored that VM was on the bubble, I wrote to Ms. Ostroff that without VM, I would not have a need to watch the CW. I know, its only one person…

    Well, this one person is done. If we don’t stand up for good programming, then we get Pussy Cat Dolls (to name but one piece of trash). I can make due with programming from ‘only’ four major networks and that will be enough.

    Thanks CW for making a decision – I have as well.

  • mohammad

    dawn is a dumbass. her decisions are always so ludacris.

    first cancelling everwood and keeping 7th heaven and now this?

    she doesn’t have any sense for this type of stuff. there should be another person running the network.

  • Common Sense

    For a guy like me, only ONE night will be “must-see” TV for me on The CW next fall: Thursday, with Smallville & Supernatural. I’ll give Reaper a peek, but it doesn’t seem like a show that will be “appointment” for me. Whatever demo the network is reaching for, I’m not in it, I guess, because these shows don’t appeal to me, unfortunately.

  • Chuck

    TV Addict, you’ve turned into a slave to the man. Taking whatever they spoon feed you (thanks to the swag and jamba juice). I’m disappointed. I’ve seen these new so-called “fantastic, original, fun shows” and beyond perhaps one exception, they are worthless.

    Veronica deserved a better fate than this and I deserve to read a more “fantastic” and “original” TV Addict.

  • JD

    you are a good man TV ADDICT…a good man

  • Uhm, in which passage does Ausiello actually say that VM is NOT over? He quoted Dawn Ostroff’s statements putting an emphasis on “Veronica Mars is dead.” Then in his Update he published a statement by Rob Thomas and the wrote “Bottom line: It’s over.” I don’t really get why you would say Ausiello is trying to pretend there is still a chance in order to keep VM fans logging onto his site. He just explained what DO said but also expressed that he personally thinks there is no chance it’s gonna happen…
    However I don’t care much, I’ve never watched VM and to be honest the ratings were pretty bad from the get-go so it doesn’t make much sense to keep the show on the air forever just because critics and the few viewers love it… I would be just as crushed as the VM fans are if I had watched that show. But you also have to face the facts and there’s no good reason for the CW execs to keep the show… I’m not trying to be rude, I had to accept that last year with Everwood leaving and this year with my last two remaining favourite shows O.C. and Gilmore Girls. I was also sad at first, but seriously it was rather surprising FOX hat kept the O.C. on for so long and therefore I am thankful.
    I’m personally looking forward to seeing “Gossip Girl” although the previews didn’t fully convince me. I’ll give it a shot anyway. Hopefully next season there’ll be some good shows that will also have GOOD ratings. Because I don’t wanna lose the few new favourites (so far FNL and B&S) I have again next year…

  • Chuck…

    Just wanted to clarify a few things in response to your comment.

    “TV Addict, you’ve turned into a slave to the man. Taking whatever they spoon feed you (thanks to the swag and jamba juice). I’m disappointed. I’ve seen these new so-called “fantastic, original, fun shows” and beyond perhaps one exception, they are worthless.”

    First off, it goes without… theTVaddict is not for sale. While I may joke about Jama Juice and a really cool recycled tote bag that I’ll be sending to a lucky reader soon, my opinions are not for sale.

    In terms of my comment with regards to the CW’s new slate, judging from the previews — obvioulsy my opinion may change when I view the entire pilots — the CW’s slate impressed.





    Tune in later today for my elaborated thoughts. I’m off to the FOX UpFront.

  • Lia

    The only shows I evered watched on the CW were Gilmore Girls and Veronice Mars and now that they are going I probably won’t be watching.

  • Josh

    Their new shows look so incredibly bad, based on the descriptions. I’ll be shocked if they’re actually turned into semi-good shows. I’m specifically referring to the reality shows, though the scripted ones aren’t much better. Reaper has some potential, but the others do not. Life Is Wild will be gone after two weeks, Gossip Girl will probably make it but will be a show I loathe, Aliens In America sounds like an SNL sketch gone wrong.

  • Emily

    I understand everyone being angry about VM, I am too. It is one of the smartest shows on TV, one that never plays down to its audience, something I greatly appreciate. But I’m a little worried about y’all swearing to never watch the CW again. I am also a fan of Supernatural, an equally incredible show that sometimes suffers from low ratings (it’s up against Grey’s and CSI). If we stop watching the network altogether, the only few decent shows the CW has left will suffer as well.

    While I think this decision is dumb and the addition of trashy reality shows is a true shame, give Supernatural and the new shows a chance (Reaper and Life is Wild definitely have potential) instead of boycotting the network completely. And poor TV Addict, he was just trying to give us the hard truth.

  • Chris

    Veronica Mars being canceled sucks! It’s a great show and maybe if they promoted it more viewership would be up. It was the only good thing to watch on Tuesday nights, guess I’ll have to watch “House”.

  • Jenny

    I have to say that I’m as outraged as anyone, truly. For not only Veronica Mars, but for Jericho on CBS as well.

    But I’m going to face reality. As much as I swear I’m done… I’m not. I’m too addicted to tv. lol I won’t watch everything but I know I’ll watch some of the new stuff on the CW and CBS. I may hate Dawn Ostroff & Nina Tassler with a passion, but I have to feed the beast too. 😉

  • VCAD

    Could VM be brought back from the dead in june 15th?

  • Beth

    I love Veronica Mars and I, for one, was really excited about an Agent Mars show. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for that, but I did and I’m sad.

    I have to disagree with the TV Addict. The one thing he said that really grated on my nerves was that VM was given two more seasons than it should have gotten. I really disagree with that. The first season was phenomenal tv. I felt it earned the second season.

    Anyway, as much as I hate that it’s cancelled, at least we know and can move on…

  • Mr. Brightside

    Get ready cause now we leave
    Get ready cause now we leave

    The new theme song for the new CW

  • tdot

    Too BAD: Veronica Mars was truly one of my fav. hours of TV the past 3 years. It truly sad day!

  • I guess if renewal is not possible there should be a proper ending to this series

  • ewanspotter

    Well said, TV Addict.

  • Beth, just to clarify….

    I only meant the show didn’t really deserve a renewal if one was to look purely at the ratings. Obviously based on the quality of the show’s writing and acting a second and third season were well deserved.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t understand why The Game is still on. Did the comedy pilots suck that much?
    Okay, back to licking my Veronica Mars wounds.

  • Jay

    I’m just happy 4 Supernatural being renewed!!

    But I have 2 say if V.MArs gets renewed they better bring back Everwood & Angel which had way higher ratings!!

  • Nadine

    theTVaddict Says:
    May 17th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Beth, just to clarify….

    I don’t get how that could be misunderstood considering that was EXACTLY what you wrote in the article. But I understand it’s hard for Vm fans to accept the facts, it would have been the same for me… Actually it WAS the same for me when the O.C. got cancelled… 🙁

    Veronica Mars Live Togeter, Live Forever……………

  • Tim Wilkins

    To CW and VM, “we use to be friends, a long time ago. ” LOL Damn them, but such is life. Yes, VM had a cult fan base, but we don’t have Neilsen boxes in our homes or apts. to let the CW know we are watching. I watched VM on Tuesdays and that was it. One more day of less TV for me. As tvaddicts, we all have been down this road before, with numerous other shows. Get mad, cry, and then get over. At least we have VM on DVD!!!

  • amber

    veronica mars is an amazing show. and if its ACTUALLY cancelled… im done with the cw! unless they replace it with an equally amazing show, which i HIGHLY doubt. in fact, tv in general will suck without veronica mars and a very few other decent shows.

  • Eliza

    I was kind of disappointed with the third season, but I definitely didn’t want it to be cancelled (!!!) even though I don’t know whether or not it really meritted a fourth season. I guess that’s a little unfair of me, but I’m just upset that we don’t get to know what happens to Veronica & co. If I had a little closure, I might be able to get over the fact that it was cancelled, but ending it without having Veronica and Logan get back together first is just wrong, CW. Wrong.

  • Emily

    What can I say, I positively love Veronica Mars.
    It’s smart, witty and amazing.

    I really am probably not going to watch the CW anymore. It has turned into a bunch of trash. All because they are appealing the the slightly…dumber…majority of watchers.

    damn you cw.

  • The Puzzler

    Cancellations are a strange thing. VM was a reasonably strog show well wriiten, mostly well acted and critically loved.. so why did it not get the ratings..

    UPN/ the Wb and CW have never really known how to handle shows and promote .. even when those shows have done the business see the various handling of Buffy et al. and they never gave it consistency,

    Some shows are not easy to pigeon hole, and this causes execs in TV land and marketing no end of problems as most are institutionalised and can’t figure out something that covers more than one category..see what happened to Firefly.

    However what surprises me is that one VM lasted so long in this age, ..maybe someone really liked it and went to bat , maybe the even used the Seinfeld argument.. there is a show that sucked ratings wise for a while , and ended up being HUGE..

    All I will say is it’s happened before , and it WILL happen again, so best just enjoy it while you can..

    RUBBISH isn’t it???

  • Amanda S.

    I personally think Veronica Mars needs to get away from the CW and should just air on another channel. Just becuase many people were not watching, they do not realize how many people really were, and if they had more advertising and showed people more about the show that many people would be interested. I’m watching Veronica Mars season 3 right now and am so mad it was canceled. This show has me completly obsessed, and I feel they need to make more episodes of it. It was a great show and we even watched it in our school because it was a great learning experience. All you people that say it was getting low ratings and was a waste of money really dont know what your talking about because this is the GREATEST show i have ever seen.

  • VM Rules!!!!!

    To all you people who say Veronica Mars didnt deserve 2 extra seasons
    You All Suck!!!
    Really every1 wants 2 b a critic, please leave it to the real ones;really.
    Ok maybe it didnt get that much ratings but its a good show and a lot of people liked it. So U suck CW and all u haters get a brain!!!!!!!

  • HI

    i loved veronica mars and i just got done with it. I thought it would be bad and stupid, but i loved it. I don’t like that it got poor ratings. Some of things in there actually put me in aw. I hate that it was cancelle, and if there making a movie do it soon because i miss the show