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  • Common Sense

    TVA: Can you please ask SOMEONE at The CW…..what the frak happens if “Hidden Palms” is a mild HIT when it premieres on May 30? Are there any contingency plans to tape MORE episodes or even ADD IT to the ’07-’08 sked at some point?

    It seems the network has really screwed around with this show and these actors now—for over a year—and if these upcoming 8 episodes are just to “burn off” as summer fare, why should anyone bother to watch or get involved? Is it all resolved in 8 episodes?

  • Stoopernatural and One Crap Hill get renewed but no love for my Veronica Mars… Oh well, guess I can still watch Gossip Girl to hear the melodious voice of Kristen Bell.

  • Supernatural sightings yes! I believe Jensen will be there, not sure about Jared 🙁
    Have fun and bring us best scoop, please!

  • I quit the CW. Bell’s voice is not enough. Where’s Veronica?