In a press conference following the CW UpFronts, network president Dawn Ostroff officially revealed to some very disappointed reporters that, “Veronica Mars is not coming back.” Additionally, when asked about the mid-season possibilities or the much talked about FBI scenario — Ostroff shot that down as well saying, “It’s not going to happen.”

A few more questions were tossed Ostroff’s way, but the tone of her answers were pretty clear. She loved the show, Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell. But VERONICA MARS season four simply isn’t going to happen. Let the mourning begin.

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  • Madi2298

    unfortunatly im way to late and im only 14 so i never got the chance to watch it on tv or help its ratings and i just finished spending the last 4days finishing the three seasons and i forgot how crappy the ending is i dont want to see fbi things not yet anyway i want to see what happens in college if her dad becomes the sheiff again if she gets back together with logan, most of all i just want it back.