What Was Your Favourite Thursday Finale?

First off, a question for the TV networks if I may. Why would you schedule your most important event of the year [the UpFront presentations] on the same week as some of the year’s biggest season finales? As a result of covering the UpFronts in New York, this TV Addict has had to miss some of May’s most exciting television events. The finales of UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, SCRUBS, THE OFFICE, SMALLVILLE, and SUPERNATURAL are all anxiously awaiting for me on my PVR when I return home (holy frak it’s hard to avoid spoilers!). Who’d have thought a television network would be guilty of such poor scheduling*.

So here’s where you come in dear readers. Let me know what show should be first on my MUST WATCH list upon my return home. Are Pam & Jim going to live happily-ever-after? Did Callie finally discover the truth about Izzie and George? Did she lose it? What exactly was in Fay’s secret love dungeon on UGLY BETTY? Is Sam alive on SUPERNATURAL? And did J.D. ruin Eliot’s love life yet again? Play programmer and let me know what I should be watching first. And please, spare me the spoilers.

UPDATE: Thanks everybody for the great suggestions. Right now I’m stuck at LaGuardia airport awaiting my flight home (sad!). I was hoping to download last night’s episode of THE OFFICE on my iPod, but sadly, iTunes hasn’t posted it yet. Instead I’ll be checking out UGLY BETTY on abc.com. Considering I have four hours until my flight, I have a feeling I’ll get to GREY’S and SUPERNATURAL as well. Really, what did people do before wireless internet?

UPDATE II: Just finished watching Tuesday’s VERONICA MARS. Really great episode punctuated by the fact that there’s only two hours of the series remaining. On a related note, if you’re like me and once in a while need to turn off the TV in order to pick up a good book (yes, it’s true), I highly recommend a real story about one child soldier’s incredible story. A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Bean.

*He asks rhetorically

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  • Linda B.

    Of all on your list, i’ve only seen The Office and GA so far. At the end, GA had me crying and The Office had me smiling.

  • Erica

    Ugly Betty’s finale rocked.

  • Bec

    Though it may be the only finale I’ve seen (hello bias), I predict that Supernatural may have also been the most thrilling!
    And that token Winchester angst, GAH!

  • tracy

    hands down, watch the office. where grey’s answered no questions, the office showed how a finale is supposed to be.

  • babygirrr

    Supernatural was sorta anti-climatic, but it still rocked, you can never go wrong with Supernatural. Ugly Betty was pretty good, although it had me boo hooing at the very end. I skipped the Greys finale, I am sorta over that show. I missed Scrubs, forgot to DVR, UGH! Let me know if it was any good!

  • Mara

    I hate to say this, because I still count Grey’s Anatomy as one of my favorite shows, but I HATED the finale….on so many levels, and despite a couple of truly Emmy-worthy moments. Since I only had time last night to watch one finale (like you I’ll have to catch up with the rest this weekend), I wish now I had chosen something else. Incredibly disappointing.

  • David

    The only show I watch on your list is Ugly Betty…the finale was cute. The cameo appearance by Angelica Vale was funny, although most people probably won’t get it if they don’t watch Mexican soaps (one of my guilty pleasures!) I know you’re not into CSI, but that finale was SPOOKY!

  • coffeeaddict

    I’ve only watched Grey’s and Ugly Betty, but I say go for Ugly Betty I laughed and cried, while Grey’s only made me cry. Ugly Betty has officially become my favorite show ahead of Grey’s (and because they have taken Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars away from me)

  • Josh

    The Office’s finale rocked in every single way. It was hilarious and exciting.

    Grey’s was disappointing, as usual. It was actually better than it has been the past few weeks, but it pales in comparison to what the show used to be.

  • Jen

    You have got to watch SUPERNATURAL! It’ll have you screaming, crying, and laughing all at once. then once it’s over again you’ll want to watch it all over again 🙂


  • mg714

    The only finale I saw completely is The Office and without a doubt watch that one first, especially if you want to get in a good mood. One of the best episodes of the season with the best ending! I saw the end of Grey’s and didn’t like it, but I didn’t watch the whole episode. I still need to catch up on Scrubs, Smallville and maybe Ugly Betty (but I haven’t been watching UB for the last month or so anyway).

  • tdot

    Ugly Betty and Greys!
    the end of betty was just WOW!
    and sandra oh with choker and dress at the end!

  • I think it goes without saying that i LOVED the season finale of THE OFFICE. I was shocked at how much I really disliked the season finale of GREY’S.

  • cam3150

    No contest — The Office, all the way!!!! A perfect, perfect show with no no filler. The plot moved forward by leaps and bounds. And the end with Jim and Pam made the rest of the season worth it, 100 fold! the look on Pam’s face when Jim interrupted her interview to FINALLY ask her out on a date – priceless and had me in tears!!

  • hanncoll

    Admittedly, I’m biased, but good GOD, Supernatural’s finale was fantastic. I just can’t fathom why anyone would want to watch the McDoctors instead; it’s boggling.

    Smallville’s finale was…well, I wasn’t pleased. Seemed like in Supernatural, we got most of the answers/resolutions we’ve needed during the past two seasons, but with Smallville there were just more questions. Omg who’s dead? Omg it’s Lana! Omg it’s Lois! Omg it’s Chloe! Omg it’s Clark!

    Omg I don’t care.

  • The Office finale was awesome.

    Ugly Betty’s finale was very good.

    Supernatural was anti-climactic, unfortunately.

    Smallville = ridiculous.

    Greys = maddening.

  • Mike K.

    Def. watch Ugly Betty as fast as you can (and AVOID all spoilers along the way). Grey’s was pretty good, storytelling structured well, some surprises – but I wanted to take the pick axe out of the climber’s head and shove it into Izzie’s head! Damn!

  • Margaritis

    I’d say Supernatural. This is a show one can never go wrong with. Its a winner and this season’s finale has answered most if not all our questions we’ve been asking. So here’s hoping you check it out first!!!

  • Tim Wilkins

    You’ll love the Ugly Betty finale. Grey’s, as usual, didn’t answer all, but had a “what will “they” do ending? as usual. Wait til u see what is in that safe. LOL =) Great. Sandra Oh, use that choker and dress scene come Emmy time. Kudos. Have a safe flight. Tim Wilkins aka college virgin @ http://www.theaccent.org/home. It’s summer!!! Yahoo!

  • Common Sense

    Watch the “Bob Barker Tribute” first. ha ha! It won its 8pm time-period…! Unreal, but everyone loves Bob. Yes, ol’ CBS, the “most watched network”…by old fogies.

    SMALLVILLE rocked! What are all these complainers talking about??!!

    SUPERNATURAL….wow!! Stunning, stunning developments!! Talk about “game-changing!”

    Had to tape The Office…I’m sure it’s amazing.

  • Linda B.

    Um, what part of “no spoilers” do some of you not understand???

  • David D.

    OMFG! WATCH SCRUBS IMMEDIATLY!!! HOLY SHIT ….. it was one of the best episodes in recent memory…I mean GREAT! the whole hour and 1 min. was so damn funny that I actually got my friend who hates everything scrubs too laugh on the floor litterally laughing his head off, and is quoting 2 lines today!!!!!!! plus…I WAS F****** SCREAMING AT THE TV AT THE END! TV addict plz do me a favor, and a birthday gift…my B-day was on the 15th of may, AND WATCH SCRUBS RIGHT NOW…AND THEN AFTER PLZ TELL ME HOW YOU LIKED IT! FYI, I think you are about 1000x better than Kristen B…I mean Viotch and that guy from TV Guide…what’s his name again…..assolio?!? lol You are the kewlist and I value your opinion…b/c it’s about the same as mine!!!! WATCH SCRUBS DAMNIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCRUBS RULES! Viva Scrubs and The TV Addict!!!!! FOREVER!!!! Muhahahaha*cough**cough?*hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohammad

    to the people who hated the greys finale shonda said she made it that way so she could have new beginnings for season four.

  • paketep

    I’ll have some of what David D. smoked, please 😉

  • Jay

    SUPERNATURAL!!! It’s already in Itunes! i can’t wait 4 season 3!

  • christine

    omg greys had me crying at the end….& i felt really bad in the end of ugly betty….i almost started crying 2…..but yeah & omg this is a great cliffhanger left on ugly betty because fey’s secret is……never mind i shouldn’t spoil it…..

  • Mel

    Supernatural was wonderful. I did not find it anti-climactic at all. JA’s acting was excellent, as always. I’d say more but it would be very spoilerish. Closure. Brothers. Hunting.

    I actually liked Smallville — mostly because there are some characters I wanted to see killed off — in a getting the millstone off the show’s neck kinda way–and yaay but I fear they are only toying with me after a chiffhanger fashion.
    I’m giving Tom Welling lots of credit these days because how the heck he gets that crappy dialog out of his mouth I’ll never know.