Trump Quits Cancelled Show!

You’ve gotta hand it to Donald Trump: The guy knows how to turn absolutely anything into a publicity stunt. When THE APPRENTICE failed to show up on NBC’s fall schedule – not surprising, given the increasingly lackluster ratings – Trump quickly sent out a press release which basically amounted to one of the hoariest of sitcom stables: the scene in which someone says, “You can’t fire me because I quit!” According to the laughable press release send out by the mogul, he is “moving on from” the reality show and toward a “major” new television venture. Of course, there were no details as to what that new show might be. Given the egotistical tycoon’s love of hyperbole, we can only assume the new project will come with a slew of power-adjectives attached.

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  • A Life? I don’t think I’ve heard of those…

    My guess.. Trump is runing off with Rosie. {TrUeLoVE}

  • Nadine

    Didn’t they say the show had already been renewed for a 7th season last year? I’m confused…

  • Trump is a tool. But I loved the show & I’ll miss it!

  • Common Sense

    I’d be hard-pressed to name a bigger idiot than Trump. I’d lump him in the same group of nuts with Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton…some of the most vile, despised people who’ve ever lived.

  • Jennifer

    I’m so happy it got cancelled……he is such a tool – I hope martha stewart is laughing and laughing……

  • JB

    Who’s Donald Trump?

  • David D

    Eh…I still enjoyed the show…it wasn’t great or anything…but it was entertaining to me.


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