Attention HEROES Fans

Just a quick note to all of my fellow HEROES addicts out there. Following tonight’s season finale, head on over to to join creator Tim Kring and star Hayden Panertierre for a live question and answer. We at have a feeling, that after viewing tonight’s finale, you’re all going to have A LOT of questions.

Update: Post away with your thoughts on the surprisingly anti-climactic finale.

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  • The activity over at the NBC live blog is insane. Practically 100 posts per minute. I don’t think anything constructive will get done there.

    So, how about here… What did everyone think?

  • Todd…. I gotta be honest, I didn’t love the finale. I think the show’s forgotten its roots. In the beginning, HEROES was all about ‘ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary powers’… Yet as the season’s wore on, the show has simply become a live action comic book.

  • Amanda L.

    How cute are Micah and Molly?!!

  • amanda

    I thought it was good – I loved the “Noah” reveal, and the adorable Micah/Molly action going on. Although, if Hiro’s ‘destiny’ was simply to stab Sylar in the gut, what was the point of the dramatic sword lessons?

  • While on the subject of Micah… when did shapeshifter Missy Peregrym’s power include creating a holographic double of Micah? Also on the subject of poor finale planning… didn’t we all expect the season finale to include the scene in New York that Peter’s been ‘seeing’ since the beginning of the season. You know, the one where all of or favourite heroes were running from the exploding man.

    Final rant… if one more character tells another character that they’re his or her ‘hero’, I may puke.

  • Overall, I think it was an excellent episode, but it did have a few flaws, quirks, or inconsistencies.

    First of all, as the episode got closer to the end, I began to predict how Nathan would intervene at the last minute. The thing is, he didn’t have to. Peter already absorbed the ability to fly. He could have gone up on his own.

    Speaking of absobed powers, why didn’t Sylar liquefy Hiro’s metal sword in the previous episode?

    I guess I was hoping for a little more of a showdown between Sylar and the heroes. Peter punched him a few times. Niki got in one big hit. Parkman attempted one series of gunshots. Hiro got in one good stab. And, that was it.

    Also, Simone’s father’s “power” didn’t make a lot of sense. Neither did the abillity of Peter to interact with him. I had the same questions Peter did… Is it an hallucination, time travel, something else?

    Also, we still don’t know for sure what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is, although we can assume it involves dreams, visions, or hallucinations since Peter also had that power very early on when the only “heroes” he was ever around were his mom and brother.

    If Simone’s father was in on the whole thing, he may have had a power, which means Simone may have had a power, which means Peter may have absorbed a power from her he doesn’t even know about yet.

    I thought it weird to so abruptly end Volume 1 and go right into Volume 2, which seems to involve a gap of time.

    Also, I agree about the vision of the heroes running away from Peter. The vision took place during the day, and the actual event took place at night. Unless the explanation is simply that “the future isn’t written yet,” then I think there’s an inconsistency.

    Lastly, regarding Candace… Candace never has been a shape shifter. It may seem that way because she usually chooses to alter her own appearance, but she’s really a master of illusion. Remember when she pretended to be Simone, right after Simone was shot? Not only did Candace create an illusion of Simone alive and walking around, but the illusion had to also cover up the real Simone who was lying dead and bloody on the bed behind her. I never forgot that, so I kind of assumed that the image of Micah on the floor was just part of the illusion. That’s why they were careful not to show Niki touching him. I assume trying to touch him would reveal the illusion since he wasn’t actually on the floor.

    Nitpicks aside, it was probably the most exciting season finale yet this season. Definitely a lot of tension and suspense.

  • Tim

    I expected to see the scene where all the “heroes” were running down a busy NYC street, as well. Me my Mom and Step Dad just finished talking about that.

    Also, gotta say, that finale was WAY underwhelming. I tolerated the past couple eps because I felt like all the stalling was leading up to an awesome finale, but… not so much. The cliffhanger wasn’t really exciting, either. From a show that has managed to come up with great cliffhangers all year, it’s unfathomable that they couldn’t think of a decent one to end the season on.

    Also, Candice(isn’t that her name?) always had the ability to manipulate her surroundings. She has stated as much in the show. Plus, when she first appeared on the show, she made herself into Simone and made the actual dead Simone appear to not be there, lying on the bed.

  • Alexa

    Was I the only one who liked the finale? We were left with multiple cliffhangers, some more open than others. For example, this whole season, we’ve gotten random images of an eclipse, but absolutely no explanation. It looks like we’re finally going to find out its significance. We’re also left wondering if Matt, Sylar, Nathan, DL and Peter are still alive or will survive the first episode of the next season.

    The episode also had some great ‘hero discovering other hero’ moments, and the “Noah” reveal.

    It might not have been the best Heroes episode, but try comparing it to other tv finales this year. For me at least, it was definitely the best.

  • CC

    It’s pretty sad when the only exciting part was learning HRG’s real name. Big disappointment.

  • Sheindie

    If you think of Heroes as a drama .. as a show asking questions about loyalty, friendship, love and honor, ….as a character/s study…THEN you will appreciate the finale.