Channel Surfing: Weekend Edition

Was anyone else genuinely surprised by last night’s episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? And no, we’re not referring to that disturbing final scene, or the fact that Susan and Mike FINALLY tied the knot. We’re talking about the fact that Victor Lang’s entire Gubernatorial campaign strategy revolves around marrying Gabby in order to court the Latino vote. Latino vote? In Wisteria Lane? Okay, perhaps we’re missing something, but as a loyal DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES viewers, we’re pretty confident in saying that Gabriel is the only Latino woman we’ve ever seen on Wisteria Lane (also known as the “Whitest City in America”). Mayor Lang, a little unsolicited campaign advice if we may: considering changing your strategy before September ’07.

Greg Berlanti’s fond of saying that the best season finales call back to a moment from the show’s season premiere. Not surprisingly, last night’s season ender of BROTHERS & SISTERS did not disappoint, as this TV addict gleefully watched the entire Walker clan (Holy and Rebecca included) jump into the family pool fully clothed. A stark contrast to the show’s series premiere, when the Walker clan surrounded the pool for an entirely different reason — the death of patriarch William Walker. Who’d have thought that almost a year later, William’s death would lead to an even stronger Walker family? So in the traditional Walker way, please join theTVaddict in raising a virtual glass. Cheers to our newest favorite television family. Thanks for the laughter, memories and endless of bottles of Chardonnay. See you in September.

Did anyone else find Zach Braff’s stint as SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE host incredibly disappointing? Memo to Zach, we get it. GARDEN STATE made you an indie star, your music tastes are impeccable, and you have a great voice (yes, the SCRUBS musical episode is still saved on my PVR). But here’s the thing. SNL isn’t an informercial for everything Zach (he sings! he directs!). Amidst all the shameless self promotion on Saturday’s season finale you forgot the most important rule of SNL — BE FUNNY. Career advice if we may, don’t quit your day job.

  • I’m so in love with Brothers & Sisters. God, last night was so funny.

    I absolutely love Kevin and Kitty together. The arm coming out of nowhere and dragging Kitty into the kitchen after Jason started leading a prayer, too funny.

    Also, Kevin’s sixth time seeing Wicked, haha.
    “We’re going to Wicked!”
    “Ugh, going to Iraq isn’t bad enough?!”

  • Cory

    Zach’s impeccable musc taste? The Garden State soundtrack was like a mediocre mixtape 2 yrs too late.

  • becky

    I LOVES SNL, I thought it was really funny all the way through. I also have really grown on brothers and sisters and enjoyed the finale a lot, can’t wait for september. Also, the Desperate housewives Bree fake pregnancy thing was SHOKING, can’t wait til next season to see that story line concerning the baby and Dannielle and everything.

  • Jen

    LOVED Desperate Housewives last night! It was an amazing end to the season can’t wait for the fall!


  • Linda B.

    I agree w/ you Becky – I did not see that fake pregnancy thing coming at all. I think i let out a huge GASP when she removed her fake belly.

    Funny how this past season has been mediocre, then they throw all these new curves at us that we have to wait for.

  • Nicole

    Seriously? Wow, I totally knew Bree was faking her pregnancy from the moment I saw the shot of her upper half only! Orson saying he’d raise the baby like it was his own? The fact that Bree would never get rid of the baby but never reveal that Danielle had actually gotten pregnant and had it herself??? I was sort of surprised at the end when Edie hung herself, though, and thought overall it was one of the stronger episodes of the season…

  • I have to completely disagree about Lang’s political aspirations. Let’s remember that he’s not running for governor of Wisteria Lane… he’s running for the governor of (insert state here). Recently release census numbers indicate that the Hispanic population is growing by leaps and bounds, making it perfectly logical for a politican to make the move he did. All one has to do is watch the unfolding political debates to realize that there’s definitely an effort on the part of politicians to court the hispanic audience. Yes, Carlos and Gabby are the only hispanic family on Wisteria Lane… but again, he’s not running for mayor of the street.

  • Brothers & Sisters is the best new show this year and the season finale had the perfect mix of sentimentality and comedy. The pool book end was perfect but I couldn’t help thinking about another Greg Berlanti famous pool TV moment from the second season of Dawson’s Creek. “The All Nighter” had the crew pulling an all nighter for an English Lit mid-term. Of course little studying takes place and the episode ends with the whole gang jumping into a pool. I couldn’t help thinking about it while watching B & S. Anyone else remember.