Why I Hated Last Night’s HEROES Finale

Holy Disappointment Batman!

Who else felt completely let down by last night’s season finale of HEROES? Who else thinks that creator Tim Kring has stretched himself too thin? Who else is nervous for the show’s future, when Kring throws quotes around like this to WIRED magazine, “My job has changed from being in the writing and editing room,” said Kring, with some surprise, “to managing a brand.”

Umm, memo to Mr. Kring. Following last night’s uber-disappointing HEROES season finale, you may wish to get your priorities straight. Take some time in the off-season to reflect on the HEROES spin-off [ORIGINS], video game talk, web content and endless marketing tie-ins. If last night’s finale proved anything, it’s that without good writing, you’ll quickly find yourself without a brand to manage come season two.

That said, here are a few reasons why last night’s HEROES finale was the most disappointing episode of the season.

• What happened to the scene Peter’s been having visions about all season long? Where was the exploding bomb? Our heroes frantically running along a crowded New York street? Holy budget cuts Batman!

• The epic battle between Peter and Sylar came down to that?

• From everything we’ve seen this season, Sylar’s almost unstoppable. How on earth did he get knocked over by Niki/Jessica? Should he not have heard her four inch heels coming a mile away?

• What was the deal with Peter’s out of character flashback vision/conversation with Charles? And where did all this ‘all you need is love’ stuff come from? Is this HEROES or HARRY POTTER?

• Speaking of uncharacteristic powers, what was the deal with shape-shifter Missy Peregrym’s secondary power. How convenient was it that Missy could seemingly create holograms at will [more specifically, her fake Micah]?

• Powers are a big issue in HEREOS and I don’t mean to come off like ‘comic book guy’, but should be some rules. It hurts the show’s integrity when the writers simply create powers out of thin air to fit the story. It’s almost like cheating, taking the easy way out.

• The Molly Walker character. Really, no offense to the little girl who’s obviously quite talented, but if she mentions the ‘boogeyman’ one more time. Well, let’s just say I’m hoping HRG finishes the job.

• And while on the subject of HRG. I can’t believe they gave him a name — how cheesy was that? Way to take the coolness factor away from HRG. Revealing his name is a series finale thing and doesn’t belong in the first season finale. At this point we might as well take away his glasses and give him contacts.

• Don’t get me wrong, I adore Greg Grunberg, but Matt Parkman needs to go. A seasoned police officer should have the smarts to realize he’s not about to take down Sylar with an ordinary gun. Same goes for Ando. Love him, but after witnessing what Sylar’s capable of all season long, what the Frak was he thinking going after him with a sword.

• Finally, if one more character utters the line “You’re my HERO”…

Please feel free to add anything I missed in the comments below. Love the finale? Defend yourself!

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  • Storsy

    I too was ultimately dissapointed. So much so that even though I know I will watch next season, if another similar show came up suring the same timeframe it is likely that I would switch (wonder if the other networks are thinking?)…

    To me the episode was more of a week before the finale than the finale itself. Here’s some of my issues and how I would have written the last chapter…

    1. We were shown that Candice’s eating habits are unhealthy to say the least. To have Micah actually say “I have an uncle that eats like you, he’s huge” and then not do anything with it was a big let down. When Nikki knocked her out she obviously lost control of her power. The fake dead Micah and her fake Jessica image dissappeared. This was an opportunity to show what Candice really looks like. If they end up trying to say that because she always has the “pretty Candice” image in place that it would take more than being knocked out for it to be lost then I will lost even more respect for this show. Also, with her powers, she could have tortured Nikki much more than just having her see dead Micah. She told Micah a week before that she could make him see things that would make him rip his eyes out. Ummmm…. dead Micah is a far stretch from making Nikki see something so bad that she would rip her eyes out. Sure, seeing Micah dead was devastatig, but it could have been seeing Micah being tortured, or something like that…

    My way: Here’s what I would have done:

    I would have had Sylar get Candice’s powers early on in the finale. He should have come in and Candice should have then used her powers to create a living nightmare for Sylar. But with his original powers of “knowing how things work” he sublimely would have ended up working out of the horror to see things for what they truly were and then he could have attacked. The moment he did his little finger, pointing, cut brain out thingee Candice would return to her normal state which would have been this obese, bloated, disgusting woman.

    and now Sylar would have this ability that the writers could go crazy with…

    2. The shwo down between Peter and Sylar. How lame!!! It was nothing more than Sylar pretending to be Darth Vader and ultra powerful Peter being a wimp. Sure it was great for him to get Nikki’s powers and use them against Sylar, but they should have at least showed us that Sylar was using a TK shield to block them. I mean, these powers have been used to rip people in half, but Sylar was able to take being smacked down what, a half dozen times. Again it could be assumed that he was using his Telekenesis to block, but they should have showed us!

    3. Peter losing control of the radiation powers. This seemed a bit out of nowhere, though of course we did expect it. The writer’s should have had an actual impact cause the loss of control.

    4. Hiro’s killing blow. Ummm…. appear ten feet away and just run up to skewer Sylar. How bad is that. No time stopping, no great use of his time traveling powers again Sylar. Really bad!

    5. Radiation should kind of burn or something. I mean when Ted was glowing orange/red at Claire’s house she got burned up. Sure when he burned birhgt, which was more blueish, it was just an em pulse. But Peter was glowing orange. No one should have been able to get close to him, which would have made it much tought that just having brother dearest swoop down and say “I’m not leaving you Peter”. LAME!!!!!

    Here’s how I would have done it…

    Sylar now has Candice’s powers and maybe we could have been shown him getting control of them. Using his innate ability coupled with Charlie’s he should be able to learn control very fast. So, Syalr goes to the final showdown prepared. He hears Parkman coming up behind him and uses Candice’s powers to make Peter and Nikki (and all) think that Parkman is Sylar. Nikki rips the meter out of the ground herself and beaat Parkman down, he’s out and maybe even dead!!! Sylar can then let the image drop to show everyone what they did. Molly can now freak out. If we really wanted to make it good we could have had bennet shoot Parkman thinking it was Sylar. Parkman is now dead and gone… YES!!!!!

    Next, we have Hiro show up to fight Sylar. Again Sylar uses Candice’s powers to make Hiro see Peter as Sylar. Hiro then attacks Peter and plunges his sword into peter chest. Of course the audience would not know that this is not Sylar until Hiro attacks and when Sylar heals (because Peter has Claire’s powers) Hiro could have stated “But we saved the cheerleader?”.

    Commercial break.

    This triggers Peter’s loss of Ted’s powers. While Peter is starting to lose control, Hiro realizes what Syalr did and turns to attack. He dissappears and appears right behind Sylar. Sylar turns to confront Hiro. He disappears again and appears behind him, he turn again. This happens over and over, very fast with Syalr screaming “Will you stand still!” Finally Hiro plunges the sword into Sylar’s chest!!!

    But Peter is out of control. He is begging Claire to shoot him, but instead she steps forward talking words of comfort. The radiation is burning the skin from her arm as she reaches out to him, but her power keeps it regenerating. He is losing control, everyone else is running away to take cover. bennet is running towards his daughter begging Hiro, the true Hero to do something. Hiro runs forward, grabs Claire’s other hand and through this three wy connection teleports Clair, Peter and himself away.

    Time for a commercial break…

    Next you see Peter and Claire landing in the middle of a desert at about the same time that Peter explodes. He’s safe either because he has Claire’s powers or because having Ted’s powers comes with not being affected by them. Claire gets blown away, but her powers lert her regenerate.

    Hiro, possibly due to the explotion happening while traveling through time, gets separated from the others and lands in fuedal Japan as we were shown.

    Sylar can still get away, but again I would have done it through a different means and it would have happened due to Sylar’s powers.

    Also, shouldn’t Sylar have used the melting power on the vehicle door when he killed Ted? Too much telekenesis!

    Also, I think they should (maybe the did) make it so that Peter can only use one power at a time. This way he can have more powers than Sylar, but Sylar can use them better.

    Anyway, there’s my rant.

  • Barbara

    My husband and I thought the finale was GREAT! I was not let down at all and was on the edge of my seat. I think all the characters are equally good. I can never figure out what’s going to happen on that show next. It’s my number 1 favorite show. I can’t wait for the new season!
    Don’t forget, they are all new to their powers and still learning about what they can do…which makes it that more interesting! Which also means they make mistakes along the way. I don’t really know what expectations everyone had. They can’t give it all away in the first season.

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  • Nic

    Storsy, how do you propose Sylar would ‘get’ Candice’s powers without killing her in the first place?

    I too was disappointed with the low-key finale, but mostly because the previous couple of episodes were just so exciting! Particularly the one set five years in the future. Can’t wait to watch Series 2.

  • jojo

    Yes another premature ejaculation of a finale. I guess the effects budget was cut in the current economic crisis. Peter/Sylar epic battles have come down to fistfights and sedatives.

    The whole season just rang disingenuous.