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  • Brynhildur

    I’m so not ready to face the fact that Veronica Mars is over.

    I think I’ll stay in denial a little bit longer.

    and I’d liked the video better if the CW logo had been cut, not a big fan of the CW now

  • JD

    more like frak you CW!

  • Say it ain’t so! The CW is so cruel…

  • Man, that just made me teary. Goodbye, Veronica. Thank you seems like not enough, but I’ll say it anyway. THANK YOU.

  • CC

    *beeep* the CW and its stupid president.

  • VCAD

    OMG I cant believe it’s over. Damn you CW. Im never going to watch your channel again. You have killed the best show ever.

  • smint

    i’m gna miss veronica an co 🙁
    btw who song that song?

  • i just watched the series finale a couple of hours ago. loved it yet felt miserable afterwards. it’s really over… *sniff*

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    Its not Over until the verdict on June 15th I just say we send them nasty and only slightly filled with profanilty e-mails…..denial hurts.