Live Blogging LOST (Season Finale)

9:53PM: Yes Ben, why won’t you just let them leave? Is anyone else absolutely loving tonight’s finale? Is anyone else bitter that the opening credits ruined (one of) the surprises by revealing Walt’s return (Malcolm David Kelley)?

9:55PM: OMG WALT! You’ve grown five feet and look like you belong in the NBA… what’s the deal?

9:56PM: Quick flip over to AMERICAN IDOL…. Did Reuben win AMERICAN IDOL again? Lakisha, Melinda, Sanjaya, Chris…. the rest…Haley… that other girl… someone’s fifteen minutes of fame are so up…. the other guy…. funny how quickly we forget who the top 10 were.

10:00PM: The big question of the night: Jack’s beard… real or fake?

10:04PM: An hour until they reach the radio (cue 24 style clock)

10:05PM: Ben says, “Hello Jack, we need to talk” OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!

10:07PM: Does IDOL ever end… it’s 10:07PM… Spoiler alert.. Jordin Won… big surprise.

10:11PM: Let’s see Mikhail survive that! Zing!

10:11PM: Okay… are Sayid, Bernard and Jin all dead? Really… WOW

10:24PM: Who else expected the code to be 4 8 15 16 23 42

10:29PM: Okay, that was awesome! Hurley finally did something worthwhile. And Sawyer… (to quote Joey from Blossom) WOAH!

10:32PM: How many lives does Mikhail have? What the FraK?

10:43PM: Talk About an ALIAS deja vu… poor Charlie, and just when I was beginning to like him again. Not Penny’s boat… oh oh.

10:52PM: Kate’s going to jump in front of the bullet… for sure.

10:57PM: I’m not going to say I told you so, because I didn’t. But the one thing I’ll say…. in the first hour, Jack was using a Motorola KAZR phone… signifying we were in the future… in LOST terms.

10:59PM: Who’s funeral was it? Locke’s? Ben’s? Holy Frak. We have to wait until February. This is nuts. What a finale. So many questions, but who cares. Lindeloff and Cuse have a plan and I’m just thrilled to be along for the ride.

See you all in February 2008!

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  • Kayleigh

    Wow…Supernatural is my #1 but Lost is the 2nd best season finale I’ve seen this season. Totally unexpected ending and I’m wondering if EVERYONE got off the island? There was definetly some unfinished business that was unspoken between Kate and Jack. It was nice to see Kate all clean for once though.

  • At least Kate didn’t walk out of her car pregnant!

  • Tim

    Wow, what a finale! That was AMAZING! Even though I called it from the first “flash foward” that it was the future(never get shit like that right, but I just knew in my gut that it was the future).

    I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next year. I just hope this isn’t a “penny found the island” twist, where we don’t see any resolution until the end of the season, and really, we STILL don’t have a resolution on that yet.

    I’m kind of interested how they are going to stretch the show out to two more seasons worth of eps.

  • Common Sense

    My only concern(s)…and they may not even be cause to worry: I’m not done with The Island and all its mysteries. Jacob, Walt, Locke, the Black Rock, Desmond/Penny, Nester the ageless wonder, the rescue ship (and chick from Vegas), smokey,…on and on. Not ready for everyday real-world stuff. Not done with BEN, especially. Incorporate “SOME” post-rescue stuff, for sure; but concentrate on all of the unanswered greatness on Lost Island.

  • Jonathan

    One major question: Jack said to the new chief of surgery “Bring my father down here and we will see who is drunker.” Does that mean that Jack’s father isn’t really dead?! The island resurrected him?

    And also, why the heck did Charlie close the door? If he hadn’t, the window would have still been broken by the grenade, but only a couple of feet outside the door was the surfacing pool, which could have caught a lot of the flow. There would have been time before the surfacing area filled to the point where the entire station was flooding…time enough, I think, to get on scuba gear.

    Maybe Charlie really believed in his destiny.

  • Remember how I wasn’t sure that this show could keep me interested until next year? Well, no need to worry folks, I’m in. I’m in it for the long haul. That finale was edge of your seat awesome, and I cannot cannot cannot wait until 2008!!!!!

  • Jonathan… could it be that Jack was simply hopped up on pain killers and alcohol and wasn’t sure what he was saying. Showrunners Lindeloff and Cuse have often said on their podcast, once someone’s dead on LOST, they remain dead.

  • Kayleigh, there’s no possibly way the Supernatural finale could have been better than this. I don’t watch the show ( I watched the first 6 or so episodes and found it tedious) but I can not imagine a finale better than this.

  • leoguy72388

    So now I am wondering. Is it possible that this was a game changer because now the show is going to take place in the future/present. I got the feeling that maybe this means that they really got rescued at the end of this episode and now its going to be all about returning and getting answers.

  • mg714

    I think Jonathan might be right about Jack’s father – remember in the first season when Jack found his father’s coffin on the island that it was empty?

  • RE: Charlie closing the door.
    I’m not an expert in this kind of stuff – not by a long shot – but could it have something to do with something like explosive decompresion? In other words, by closing the door, only the room Charlie was in would flood. But once the waters began coming in from the outside, if the door was open, the forces which kept the docking bay pool from flooding up instantly into the Looking Glass would have flooded. Granted, I get this limited quasi-knowledge from no place other than movies such as Deep Blue Sea and Poseidon Adventure type stuff, so it’s more a guess than anything else…

  • No, I think Jack was just too hopped up on pain killers and alcohol to know the difference.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I agree, it was pain killers and alcohol. Pay no attention to that lines about Jack’s father, they were thrown in as a red herring.

  • Jenn

    I think Charlie believed in his destiny enough to feel he had to die to save Claire and the rest of the Losties.

    Also I think he knew if he didn’t lock himself in Desmond might get in there and push Charlie out, lock himself inside and then die trying to contact Penny even though it was a lost cause.

    I don’t know how I’m going to wait until February!

  • In other words, by closing the door, only the room Charlie was in would flood. But once the waters began coming in from the outside, if the door was open, the forces which kept the docking bay pool from flooding up instantly into the Looking Glass would have flooded.

    This is true, but it would have only filled up to the height of the porthole. So Charlie and Des would have still been able to swim.

  • Sara

    I don’t think it was Juliet’s funeral. Jack is asked “Friend or family” and he says “neither”. Certainly if it were Juliet, he would have said “friend.”

  • Sara,

    When the funeral director asked “friend or family” he said “Either” not “Neither.” I’ve watched it a few times now.

  • paketep

    Great finale!. S3 redeemed itself completely with the last eps.

    In the beginning, I thought it was a “flashforward” rather than a flashback (or, technically, the scenes in the island were the flashbacks), but discarded it when Jack talked about his father in the hospital. Was it that he was drunk?. Or is Christian alive?.

    Saw coming as well Hugo’s rescue, and the fact that Sayid, Bernard and Jin were alive, though both were beatifully executed. Really enjoyed Jack hitting Ben for that.

    About the funeral, my money is in Sawyer.

    So, what’s next?. Is this permanent?. Did Lost do a BSG?.

  • paketep

    Stupid theory: are Mikhail and Richard immortal?. Mikhail sure has nice health, and for Richard we have the Ben episode.

    Also, the music for Charlie’s death was great, and the final gesture… never liked the guy, but his end was really great!.

    I’m also thinking that Locke should have gotten the Ben treatment from Jack. Poor Naomi!. Did he have to kill her?. Or did she deserve it?.

    Oh, well… long wait for S4.

  • shanna

    Honestly, BEST SEASON FINALE of 2007. I was kind of lukewarm on most of the season/series finales this May (though VM was def my #1 until last night), but Lost upped the ante. EVERY writer of every major show should take notes cause Damon, Carl & Co. sat thru the witty barbs, the lost (ha!) momentum and the fans panic and they held onto their plan and came back stronger than ever. Plus, they managed to lock in an end point for their show and really create something that has a layout and clear, consistent ending.

    So frankly, they win. They’ve got it all right now. I just hope the extra long hiatus doesn’t hurt their status but it does work for 24 and American Idol.

  • paketep

    BTW, if you freeze frame just before Jack enters the funeral house, you can see that the newspaper bit that he has says “MAN found blabla downtown”, so it looks like it isn’t Juliet.

    It also says “The body of …antham”, but I can’t read it

  • Chris

    That was an incredible season finale. One of the best that I have ever seen from any show. It wrapped up a lot of loose ends, but it opened up so many more questions. The main parts that grabbed me the most were:

    Charlie’s death – I really thought that he would find some way out of it or that Desmond would take his place.

    Jack’s future flashes – This makes me think that the next three seasons will be the Lost folks at home living their lives after the island and the flashbacks now will be back to the island (which is now their old lives).

    The funeral – I really think that this was Ben’s funeral. Why else would Kate say, “Why would I go to the funeral”? And why else would there be no one there. If it had been the funeral of anyone from Flight 815, probably all of the survivors would have been at the funeral.

    I have no idea where the show will go now. Not that anyone can ever tell that anyway. However, I do think that there is a lot of unfinished business left on the island specifically:

    – The monster
    – Why is Aaron so special?
    – Who are the Others?
    – Why do Micael and Richard never grow old?

    All in all, I can’t wait for next season!!

  • Star9713

    I thought last night’s episode was great. I will miss Charlie. I loved Hurley’s heroic act. I don’t know if we’re allowed to post websites on here and if not, I apologize, there is a website that shows pictures of the obituary blown up. It does say MAN and I think the first name stars with a J, looks like the second letter is an o, could be an a? And as the poster above me says the last name looks like …antham. So, that could be John or James as a first name, but I’m not sure what …antham would be. Here is the website, scroll down to the newspaper ones and I think the one that you can see the best is the last picture (click on it):
    They are also trying to figure out what Ben’s diary says.
    Again, great episode and I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to post the website.

  • Vinndogg78

    I think last night’s episode was fabulous and I stayed completely spoiler free which made it that much better. I would compare it to the end of the season of Alias when Sydney missed 2 years of her life. I didn’t even notice the Malcom’s name in the credits to make me realize that Walt would be back. I am excited to see where the show goes.

    I believe from pausing the TV when Jack first sees the paper that the person who died was male but I could be wrong and now need to go back and watch again.

  • JediKnight

    The referring to Jack’s father is definitely used to get people to think that the Jack storyline was a flashback and not the flashforward…

    Ben’s funeral I think would be too obvious. I dont know whose funeral it could be… but maybe someone can answer some questions about it…
    Where, what state and city, if revealed, was the funeral?
    Was it just me, or did the location of the funeral look like it was in a urban/ghetto kind of area? If that is the case Im almost thinking that it was Locke’s funeral.

    Are you all serious?????
    Lost is not coming back till Feb 08?!?!?!!??!?
    you must be kidding… this has to be a online rumor or something….
    They cant expect us to survive on Bingo, american inventor and 150 reality shows!!!

  • JediKnight

    ok… someone found a still of the newspaper clipping… and blew it up… this is as much as i can make up… everything in the apostrophes are what i assume completes the sentence…

    “Los Angeles”
    “Man found dead ‘in’ downtown loft”

  • JediKnight


    “The body of Jo…… antham of New york was ‘found shortly’ after 4AM in the …….. of Grand avenue”

    the only other words I can make out are “The Tower” “heard loud noises” “a beam in the”

  • Kayleigh, how do you dare to compare Supernatural with Lost?. No way in this life Supernatural could be the show number 1 for anyone if Lost are still on air. I think you’re crazy.

  • Newspaper

    “The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue.

    Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft.

    Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room.

    According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son.

    Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”

  • wildrick

    It’s been a week and i’ve been watching the finally 5 times now already . This is so good , it’s blowing up my mind . By the way , Ben’s order to the beach was to shoot in the sand , if you taped it , look at it again , ; The guy that got runned over by hugo said ” we have to follow Ben’s orders ” and Tom said ” Ben’s lost it , look at what he had us do , we should of killed them instead of shooting in the sand ”
    Can’t beleive we have to wait until Feb.08 , this is nuts !

  • Think About This!!!!

    Think about this everyone…. I believe it was Michael’s funeral. I froze the frame on the newspaper and was able to read a part that said that it was a man’s body found Dowtown….and something about 4am and so on…. but we know it was a man …but here is why I think it was Michael… Kate didn’t hesitate when she said “why would I go” when talking about the funeral. She has reason to despise Michael for killing Libby and Ana Lucille and leading them all into a trap. PLUS when you look at when Jack drives up to the funeral home they were careful to show you that there were black folks around and the funeral director was black which gave you a since that you were in a black neighborhood.

  • Think About This!!!!

    oops I meant to say at the end of my comment “…gave you ‘the’ ‘sense’…”

  • lost green