Thoughts on the VERONICA MARS Series Finale

With last night’s… cannot even utter the words… SERIES…finale… of VERONICA MARS, creator Rob Thomas along with co-writer Diane Ruggiero successfully accomplished something far too few finales ever manage to do. They reminded fans (or at the very least this TV addict) why we fell in love with the show in the first place.

Forget the Hearst Rapist as well as the entire Dean O’Dell murder mystery (seriously, who cares?). Last night’s finale, titled “The Bitch is Back” was classic old school VERONICA MARS. And by old school, I’m talking season one goodness — the perfect mix of mystery, excitement, romance and snappy one liners.

Proving Rob Thomas saw the writing was on the wall, many of our favourite characters returned to play integral roles in the series finale. Wallace was finally given a decent story-line, Weevil made a triumphant return (I can’t believe he stole that third machine!), Mac’s computer genius was put to good use, Veronica faced off against yet another secret society (bonus points if you can name Neptune High’s secret society!) and Neptune’s most evil due, no, not the Fitzpatrick brothers — Jake Kane and Clarance Weidman made a surprise return (although since ‘Kyle Secor’ was in the opening credits, it wasn’t too surprising!)

All in all, Thomas gave us two great episodes, capped off by some fantastic finale work by stars Kirsten Bell and Enrico Colantoni. Simply put, they’re the best (only?) father daughter duo on television and their relationship and witty banter will be sorely missed.

That said, it’s over. The CW has unceremoniously sent Mrs. Mars and Co. packing to that place where brilliant television show’s go to die (better known around here as theTVaddict’s DVD shelf). So the question of the day is — having watched last night’s finale — where would you have liked the show to go in season four? If last night’s finale proved anything, it’s that VERONICA MARS: College edition works as long as there is good story-telling and acting. Post away with your thoughts.

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  • woody

    season 4 likely would have found Veronica collaborating with the FBI to take down the mobsters that hurt/killed Logan over the break. Keith would be back to PI’ing and Vinnie would be in the Sheriff’s office (how awesome would that be?). Piz would, thankfully, be on another network and what’s her face would have killed herself. Dick would become completely unhinged as he continues his self-destructive path of dealing with the reality of his family situation. Veronica may have ended back up with Leo and we may even have seen a return of Duncan. And I think the Kendall/Fitzpatrick storyline would get picked up as well.

    oh well.

  • Did anyone else expect Duncan to make a surprise appearance last night?

    Woody – love your idea of Veronica needing to avenge Logan’s death. As much as Logan/Veronica shippers don’t want to hear this… last night showed us that Logan has some SERIOUS anger management issues and is far too unstable for Veronica. Veronica deserves better.

  • Neptune High’s secret society was the Tritons, duh.

    “Hi guys! Say repressed homosexuality! Oops, gotta boogie.”

  • All the episodes did was leave me wanting even MORE… argh… stupid CW…

  • shanna

    Last night’s ep did make me eager for a season 4.

    I think Logan would have died and Veronica would launch an all-out war against The Castle, leading to the end of her relationship with Piz, Wallace’s secret to be exposed and Veronica and Wallace’s friendship would be strained (perfect season-long mystery/project).

    Veronica would also continue her library help desk/PI business (wouldn’t it be great to see these kids coming to her at the help desk going “are you Veronica Mars?”)

    And finally, eventually all of Veronica’s craziness and putting herself in danger would come to a head and she and Keith would finally REALLY have it out (but patch it up by the end of the season of course).

  • shanna

    I forgot to add that with Logan’s death Veronica would have a new ally in Dick leading to more time between Mac and Dick (w/o Dick losing that certain je ne sais quoi). And last but not least Veronica’s determination to take down Vinnie Van Lowe who is no doubt a puppet of The Castle/Jake Kane.

  • Josh

    Gah! The final episode just leaves me wanting more and more. It was one of, possibly the best, episode of Season 3. The mysteries on this show always work better when they’re personal to Veronica. That’s why Season 1 was so amazing.

    More than the anger management issues, I thought this episode showed just how much Logan cares about Veronica. I went away with those thoughts more than the other ones.

    I really liked seeing Clarence and Jake back, and the images of Duncan and Lilly. It reminded me of classic VM.

  • Beth

    I agree with the tv addict in that Logan has some serious anger management issues. As a woman, I was completely turned off by his fighting. He needs help! But I agree that these two episodes were great!

  • Nicole

    I totally expected Duncan to make an appearance! I was watching the opening credits obsessively to see if “Teddy Dunn” would appear, but kept hope throughout the two episodes. Literally, the best show. The ending was beautiful with Veronica walking down the street in the rain. Now who will girls look up to? Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Gah!

  • VCAD

    I would have love VM S4 in college, starting where we just left it. I want to see what happens to LoVe for God’s sake!!!! and to Keith! OMG I cant believe it’s over. Damn you CW. Im never going to watch your channel again.

  • GuessWho

    I’ve been a fan of VM since day one, and I’m still one of the many hopefuls keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an actual season 4. I only have a few gripes with the way CW handled the finale. For one, I don’t believe that the 2 hour finale was properly advertised, but when it comes to VM nothing ever is. As a fan I was pissed that I didn’t know to tune in at 8PM EST instead of 9. Also I have one really big lingering question from the episode. After watching the last hour on streaming video, the culprit behind the VM sex tape, Gory, who seemed to be in charge of the 2010 pledge class, was a member of the 2010 pledge class. I think it was just an oversight in post-production, but clearly, Gory should have been a year or two ahead of the other pledges.

  • the finale left a lot of questions unanswered and the consequences of whatever happened this season finale left me wanting more. i would’ve loved to have seen veronica continue college after this season finale.

  • Michelle

    i can’t believe how disapointed i am in the CW for dropping this wonderful funny show that i’ve spent the last 3 seasons watching faithfully, even the reruns i liked to catch cause its such a funny smart show
    yes, i was hoping Duncan would at least make an apperance. i thought the series finale .. did anyone catch them saying it was a “season” finale and even were running commercials to catch VM on tues?? the finale episodes were very good more like seasons one and two it was nice to see Veronica more on the edge .. well except the rapist episode recently. not that Kristen isnt wonderful as Veronica no matter what season. it was nice to see Dick get a clue of what an ass he’s been the entire time. he hits the screen and i always would cringe. I just love Logan no matter how crazy or angry he gets he still has that save/ love me quality to him. but no his level of anger is not good for a relationship with veronica and i liked the chemistry with her and Piz. too bad they waited so long to get them together and those of us who were rooting for Piz to take a chance only had a few episodes to enjoy.
    I think season 4 would have been the Fbi internship followed by the next year at college. Logan being the guy us girls love to love and Veronica and Piz finally catching a break and being together with lots of wonderful banter and private investigator life.
    i think Keith would not have won the election but when Vinnie starts his corrupt biz in the sherrifs office i think Keith would have taken over again. Keith and Veronica would have issues at first cause covering for her cost him so much. but it would work out. more investigations and more showing of how people live thier lives.
    I will miss this show every tuesday when there is nothing on.
    and no i will no longer watch the cw after them cancelling Veronica Mars either

  • Nathan

    I too will be boycotting the CW after this. I don’t really care for most of their shows, and when they finally get one that critics rave about, they take it off the after after three years. It’s all about money in this capitalist world; no one has any real value for artistic integrity. This becomes a problem when the bulk of the populace would prefer copies of the same bs over and over and over. People don’t want originality. A girl like Veronica scares them.

    What I would have liked to see would be Logan hospitalized at the least, and Veronica going all out against The Castle and Jake Kane. I think Duncan should have come back for a guest role in a couple of episodes to help her with something. LoVe would have had some problems, but Logan would, while in the hospital, truly come to realize his problems, and repent, and he and Veronica could make it. Their love is epic.

    What they really needed, I think, were more things like the last episode; they should show things that matter to the characters. No matter how great your plots are, what keeps people coming back to television shows are their investment in the characters. If Veronica cares deeply about the mystery, we will.

  • Princess

    I’m so upset VM was cancelled – I’ve never been so obsessive about a show before, and it’s gone?! Nooo!

    I liked the fact Duncan and Lilly were sort of brought into the last episode, albeit just as their painted forms. Lilly had appeared in every season finale, so it just seemed right we were reminded of her existence in the very last one. I think a flashback would have been too clunky to add into the finale, so it’s good they found some way to work her in. And those paintings were properly creepy!

    I would have liked to see in Season 4 the end of Veronica and Piz, because although that entire relationship could have been good, the chemistry between KB and CL was more that of 2 good friends than that of a couple. Maybe the relationship angle just came too late, but I felt the two of them getting together just didn’t make sense to me. I would also have liked to see more of Mac, especially more of Mac interacting with Logan and with Dick. And definately more Wallace.

    Much as I love Logan and Veronica together, I think S4 should have started with Veronica single – so not with Logan OR Piz. I guess that gives viewers something to root for.

  • Beccalg12393

    uhhh… last nights episode did not show us that logan has “serious anger management issues.” logan has been that protective over veronica since the end of season one. and also to mention, it’s not just veronica he trys to protect, but yes she is the main person. if anything, it shows that logan still loves and cares about veronica more then duncan, leo, troy, or piz ever did.

  • Beccalg12393

    agreed. it shouldn’t have ended that way. they should have made another season or at least a movie. they should have told us how the election panned out, what happened to logan, what happened with the love triangle between logan, piz, and veronica, and so much more. i expected duncan to come back a little, but i also expected veronica to dump piz’s sorry butt and take logan back.
    they left us wanting more, not in the least bit satisfied.

  • Beccalg12393

    i don’t agree with the “logan anger management issues.” as a woman, it was more of a turn on to me. what you people don’t see is how protective and loving logan was towards veronica. it just showed how much he cared for someone he truely loved. one of the only people left in the world that he had.

  • Beccalg12393

    i agree. i love how they tied duncan and lilly into the last episode. it was perfect. i just wish duncan would have come back, but i’m happy with what we got of him.

    i also agree that piz and veronica were not meant to be together and they should have ended in season four. i like your idea of veronica starting off single, but i would have loved for logan and veronica to have ended up together in the end.

    although you did not mention the FBI summer program thing, i personally don’t think that would have gone to smoothly. i mean, was i the only one to notice veronica was not one for following the law. so how would a twenty year old girl who works illegally to solve crimes for the federal government work out…? i really don’t think that would have been to good of an idea. plus, i like seeing veronica work mostly solo, but with a little help from other people. but she wouldn’t need wallace’s help if she was and FBI agent now would she? if she would have been part of the FBI for the beginning of season four, i personally think it would have hurt the series.