Love her or hate her, one fact is indisputable ROSIE makes great TV. In case you missed it, here’s this morning’s latest Rosie/Elizabeth Smackdown. Talk about gripping Reality TV!

Thanks to GMMR for the Tip!

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  • Best moment: When you can hear Joy, toward the end, saying, “Do we not have commercials on this show?” as she tries desperately to get them to go to a break. Or maybe when Sherry and Joy start gathering their things and pretend to walk away.

    THIS is why The View will suffer when Rosie’s gone. With her, it’s Must See TV and you never know what’s going to happen. Without her… it’s four women chatting.

  • Nicole

    I love Joy!

    Seriously, who’s going to watch ‘The View’ when Rosie leaves? Without incredible moments like this, it’s just another talk show. They need to get somebody new that is AT LEAST as opinionated and smart as Rosie, and will hold her own against Elisabeth… anyone come to mind?

  • becky

    I was late this morning and was about to leave when I thought I’d flip on the view to see who the guest was, and all of a sudden, I hear this clip this all of a sudden and ended up being even later enjoying this tid bit of excellence. I am really not looking forward to Rosie leaving and then Elizabeth leaving to have the baby, who will even be left? too bad….

  • Jenn

    It’s not Rosie who should be leaving its Elisabeth…. can we ‘impeach’ her?!!!

  • Tia

    Elisabeth is obviously a double-talker, and frankly not a very good one. Joy clearly stated very damaging facts against bush. Elisabeths comment back to one of the accusations ” Yeah, its good to scare the children”. Yeah, reading a freakin storybook to children while the nation is under attack so the children aren’t “scared” is a brillant alternative. Elisabeth is quiet easily a brainless wonder who really doesnt have a clue when it comes to debating, someone get her a pair of coconuts and send her back to Survivor. I have to say Rosie brings some life to the show, otherwise we just have Elisabeth’s clueless rant.

  • David

    Rosie rocks!!

  • Desiree Jones

    You know what? I totally agree with Rosie on this one! The other woman (name?) was a complete coward, backpedaling and basically acting like a corrupt politician to divert the simple question at hand and confuse and create chaos. She has learned to be good with throwing nonsense out to confuse the public but Rosie was on to her and repeated the same thing 3-4 times to make that woman look like the coward she IS!!! KUDOS ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  • I’m not an expert on the show because I don’t watch, but I do occasionally see the YouTube videos, hear about it on the radio, and occasionally keep track of the gossip about it (if that makes my opinion unqualified, just skip me).

    From what I gather about the show, I do feel sorry for Elizabeth sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with her position, but I get the feeling that she is not very good at arguing or making her point in rapid-fire conversations. I’m the same way sometimes, so I empathize with her on that.

    I think Elizabeth has too much competition from the stronger personalities at the table, which can force her to feel on the defensive all the time. So, instead of just making her point or calmly countering someone else’s point, she dives in emotionally and feels like she has to fight for her every inch or her opinion. Combined with her difficulty at arguing, her opinions just don’t “come out right”.

    The show would not be balanced without opposing viewpoints, so the show probably needs someone with the stance that Elizabeth has, but I think the show might do better with someone who can express those opinions more calmly and concisely and someone who can stand up well against someone else who is shouting their opinions just as strongly. Again, I’m not an expert, but as a casual, outside observer, my instinct tells me The View (at least in its current state with Rosie on the show) is not the best fit for Elizabeth.

    As far as Rosie goes… I’m not a fan of hers and feel she might be *too* strong a presence on the show, since the show should be about a balanced blend of opinions. She’s just too polarizing and controversial (which, granted, has been good for ratings). It sounds like the show has become all about *her*. In that respect, I think The View isn’t the best fit for her either.

    Maybe Elizabeth and Rosie should get their own separate talk shows on Fox News and CNN, respectively. 😉 And, let Joy be at the head of the View table for a change. She seems like the best one there. 😉

  • Andrea

    OH MY GOODNESS! I am so proud of Elizabeth for sticking up for herself and against Rosie. Since Rosie has been on the “view” its become one “view” and everyone has to go along with it. For once (and possibly the last) someone stood up and spoke their view which was different than Rosie. Politics aside….it should be a show with “views”, not one!

  • Krissy

    I feel that Rosie just wants everyone to think just like her and when Elisabeth says anything she dosent agree with she gets angry. I dont really ever agree with Elisabeth but i feel she has a right to speak. We dont all agree or think the same but thats what keeps the show going “THE VIEW” Not Rosies View

  • Linda

    Send Elisabeth back to Survivor…..she lost more than her hair out there!