LOST: Still Waiting for Answers!

Now that the brilliance of last night’s LOST season finale has begun to wear off, it’s time to get back to reality. Secret keepers (and showrunners) Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff still have a lot of explaining to do. So in an effort to keep their eye on the ball, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d create this little (or not so little) list of the mysteries that LOST has yet to explain. Needless to say, with only forty-eight episodes remaining, Cuse and Lindeloff have their work cut out for them. Feel free to add your own questions in the comments below.

1) The Smoke Monster… what’s the deal?
2) The overall mystery of the island… Locke, Ben, Mikhail… they never seem to die.
3) Where did Michael and Walt really go?
4) What exactly was the significance of the giant foot from last season’s finale (Ben did mention a temple… hello ancient civilization?)
5) What are Ben’s true motives?
6) Why is Aaron so special (thanks to commentor Chris for that one)
7) Who’s funeral did Jack attend in the season finale?
8) What’s the deal with Jacob? He can’t be a ghost.. can he?
9) The secret of those pesky numbers.
10) The real deal with The Others… who’s side are they on?
11) Why can’t woman have babies on the island?
12) Why can Desmond see the future?
13) How did The Others capture Locke’s father?
14) Why does Ben fear Naomi?
15) Why can nobody leave the island?

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  • plinstrot

    Number 9 has already been answered by the Lost Experience.

  • Linda B.

    How about why was there a polar bear on the island and why do people see things that aren’t there (i.e. – Kate saw a horse, Jack saw his dead dad, numerous people have seen Walt). I guess that’s all wrapped up in question 2.

  • Common Sense

    16) Why did everyone on Flight 815 have “intersecting” lives and “coincidentally” wind up on the same plane?
    17) What’s with The Black Rock pirate ship in the jungle?
    18) What was Dharma “really” up to? And why have The Others continued to carry out certain Dharma tasks and/or pose as Dharma people?
    19) All of those underground (and undersea) hatches…how did they get built? And by who?
    20) That orientation film…the “incident” that occured…what?

    Man, we could go on and on….I just hope that somehow, some way (in the series, an “aftermath” TV chat, a book…whatever)—we’ve got to have interesting, plausible answers to each of these fascinating mysteries.

  • Chris

    Linda, the polar bears were already explained this season. The Dharma Initiative was doing experiments on them and they escaped. Sawyer was locked in one of their cages.

    And I’m guessing (as have many others) that all the manifestations on the island are actually the smoke monster.

  • Common Sense… That is what I’m talking about… stick with the number theme!

  • Linda B.

    Chris, you’re right. I forgot about the cages.

  • Frank

    For some reason after last night finalie i dont really care as much as i did about solving the mysteries. Im just really enjoying the ride and im appreciating the way the storyline is unfolding. Im now resigned to the fact Damon and Carlton know what they are doing and will resolve these mysteries at a point in the story where they will be most effective.

  • Courtney

    21) Is there a connection between Kate’s toy airplane and the airplane mobile in the hatch nursery?
    22) What’s the rest of the story with Libby?

    Could someone post what they know about #9? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Sam

    23) What was (is) the deal with Walt and his supposed ‘powers’?
    24) Why (and when since we never saw her in his flasback) did Ben take Alex and raise her?
    25) How the hell can Desmond see the future?
    26) Why were Bernard and Rose gone so long?
    27) Why were Paulo and Nikki going to be so important to the story before they were killed?
    28) Why/how did Oceanic 815 REALLY crash? (The answer they gave us is bogus if you think about it…)

    To paraphrase fellow poster CS….

    etc, etc, etc….

    On a side note, I wonder how long this list would be were we to actually name every significant unresolved question viewers have?

  • mg714

    29) Where did Michael and Walt end up?
    30) What exactly has Penny been doing in her search for Desmond? If Naomi wasn’t working for her, then what really happened after those two men from Season 2’s finale called Penny?
    31) Is Jack’s father really dead in the future or does Jack’s line in the “flashforward” asking the other doctor to bring his father down there mean something?

  • Hansi

    Alot of these questions where answered in the Lost:Answers episode and the Lost podcats

  • My guess with the island stuff is why Jack needs to get back ONTO the island…

  • Sam

    Hansi no they aren’t, not really anyway because they give you an answer (like how the plane crashed) but thinking about them will always give way to more questions, meaning they don’t answer much of anything at all.

  • Courtney

    now, I’m not against online “extras” per se, but it kind of bugs me that the show would answer questions in that way. I want my tv to be stand-alone. I watch, it tells me stuff, and I don’t have to go digging around on the internet for the answers that I’m looking for. I guess I’ll be listening to old podcasts for the next few months…

  • Say what you will, but that list is considerably shorter than it was last year or even midseason and you have to give them credit for that.

  • Common Sense

    32) What was the loud, enormous “dinosaur-sized” (seemingly) monster that pounced thru the jungle in Season One and bloody-ate the pilot right out of the 815 cockpit? (Don’t say it was Smokey. Why would he do that to the pilot?)
    33) What was that chain-cranking sound as Locke was being dragged down into a hole by some “monster”?
    34) What the frak are those whispers in the jungle?
    35) Exactly WHO are the original “Others” that young Ben joined up with as a child? Where did they come from? Why were they so at-odds with Dharma that the electronic-barrier was erected? Why did they have to kill all of the Dharma people?
    36) Was there really a balloonist who crashed on the island? (i.e. Henry Gale’s bogus story)
    37) Who continues to drop the Dharma supplies onto the island? Don’t they know that all of the Dharma people are dead? And if they don’t know it, what “work” do they believe is still going on on the island?
    38) Does any government know about this island? Why do so many things crash onto it (pirate ship, Desmond’s boat, Nigerian plane, 815, air balloon)….yet no one can locate it (or track the real whereabouts of 815)?

    …To be continued, I’m sure…

  • Common Sense

    39) Who (and where) are those little kids who were traipsing thru the woods with The Others, carrying the stuffed bear, etc? What is/was the group’s obsession with kids—populating the island?
    40) And what about the 815 stewardess and others from the plane who were (supposedly) taken by The Others? Where are they? Did they willingly become Others? Are any still over at Alcatraz Island? What became of the spooky “sheriff” lady who had Juliette on-trial?
    41) Is there some significance to the recent “volcano” on the island talk?
    42) Was that brainwashing of Alex’s boyfriend ALL because Ben didn’t want her pregnant? Where did that boyfriend COME FROM, anyway?

  • mg714

    I agree with Courtney – I don’t mind there being extras on the Internet but if there are answers about the show it should be part of the actual show we see on the air.

    I’m still sad about Charlie leaving, but after reading some interviews with him today it seems like Dominic thought it was time for him to move on as an actor anyway. I hope he’s able to be part of something else even at least half as good as Lost is.

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  • theTodd

    How about the Nestor Campbell character not aging from when Ben was a kid to now?

    I’ve got to say though… Some of these questions don’t really need to be answered. Think about it. If they spelled every tiny detail out, how could the show possibly be any good?

  • 43) Who is Kate with in the future? and how far in the future is it? 2 years? 3?

  • MeriD

    The numbers were explained in the Lost experience. They are the core factors of the valenzetti equation which predicts the time of humanity’s doom. They were being broadcast from the island because Dharma was there to change them. The broadcast was set to repeat the factors so it would be known when one changed. Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey heard the broadcast and used the numbers which caused bad luck. Hurley then heard Leonard use the numbers. Danielle too heard the numbers and they are effectively what caused her to crash. The reason for the bad luck it’s still unexplained.

    I’m not really too happy with the whole part of mysteries being explained online or in podcasts. I think they should unfold all the mysteries bit by bit in the progress of the next 48 episodes and instead of creating 10 new mysteries for each thing they reveal to us try and balance what they tell and don’t tell. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and have watched it since the beggining but it really gets frustrating sometimes.

  • annsensei

    I didn’t realize that they were giving answers on the podcasts. I thought they were just airing the episodes again. That’s REALLY messed up!!! I don’t even have an iPod or a way to watch them. I still have dial up, so I can’t watch videos online. I shouldn’t be penalized by not having access to answers!!!

  • Christina

    Your spelling of “women” as “woman” is probably a typo, but your spelling of “whose” as “who’s” twice and in other posts is not. “Who’s” is “who is.” You want to say “whose.”

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