theTVaddict Turns Paparazzi IV

john stamos

Does theTVaddict not have what it takes to ‘go pro?’ Check out that smile, John Stamos’ has never looked better. Next stop, the Emmy Red Carpet!

UPDATE: Holy Frak! Where’s the love for my mad paparazzi skills? I risked life and limb admist the real paparazzi for this shot!

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  • Monkey

    OMG!! Tvaddict, this is the best picture EVER!!

  • Thanks Monkey — You made my day… in case you didn’t know, theTVaddict’s ego constantly needs to be fed happy comments 🙂

  • Mel

    You are a man of many talents, TVaddict. That’s an excellent picture of Mr. Stamos. Love the smile!

  • Can’t stop dreaming

    OMG .. u r totally right .. This picture is the hottest one …
    I love this human been SO MUCH >~< SEXXXXXXXXY