A Thank-You From theTVaddict

My fellow TV Addicts,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s stopped by theTVaddict.com throughout the past few months. From the Paley Festival and our SUPERNATURAL set visit, to last week’s Network UpFront coverage, May Sweeps and everything in-between, theTVaddict.com keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And for that my friends I have you to thank. Thank you for stopping by the site, for reading and most of all, for commenting. Seriously, if you knew how excited I get reading comments, well… let’s just say it may be a sad commentary on my personal life!

That said, we’re not sitting on our laurels. Starting next week and throughout the summer you can expect sneak previews of each and every fall pilot (yes, we’re hooked on GOSSIP GIRL already!), fantastic contests, interviews with some of your favourite stars as well as trips to Comic Con 2007 and one top-secret-super-set visit that is quite literally out of this world.

So Stay Tuned… and have a fantastic holiday weekend (assuming you live in the US).

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  • Donagh

    dude u have the best website ever. Gets me thru everyday!! Keep up the good work

  • David

    Yay TV Addict!!! I love the website! And I love the podcast too! Hopefully you don’t take too much of a hiatus from the podcast during the summer!

  • JD

    TV Addict rocks my socks off! I’m going to comic con too(I live in sd so I go every year)! Your websites is one of the must-check-everyday sites I have saved to favorites.

  • Jennifer

    great job TVADDICT! and now that you have finally embraced american idol, the sky is the limit!

  • Kim

    I’ve been coming here every day since I first heard about you from your reports of visiting the Supernatural set. It’s fun to read your stuff. I must say, I’m a little surprised you have yet to comment on the Supernatural season finale though!

  • Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin

    As I entered college life for the first time in my late 30’s, this former tvaddict still liked to keep up with his favorite shows and tv news. You rock TVADDICT. You keep me informed and I check you out several times a day. Keep up the good work. Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin

  • Linda B.

    I love your site. I check it out everyday. I love seeing discussions of my favorite shows and enjoy commenting as well. Most people i know don’t watch alot of tv or at least don’t admit to it. This site feels like home to me.

    Thanks, and don’t ever stop watching tv!

  • Mel

    TVaddict! I love you, man!!!! You’re so at the top of my TV Sites favorites. Shove over Ausiello! There’s a new addict in town.
    Seriously, I do very much enjoy your posts and I find your take on things much more informative and interesting than TVGal from Zap2it or *shudders* Watch with Kristin.
    I’m looking forward to watching the 2007/2008 season with you. 😀

  • Mel

    P.S. You know that Supernatural has a comic book, right?
    “Origins” about the early years w/ papa Winchester.

  • Chris

    Hey just wanted to say that I’ve liked your site for awhile, even thought I haven’t left that many comments. I was wandering if you were going to be doing that Ask the tvAddict post, somewhat like Ask Ausiello, more often? I really like it, and hopefully some of my questions would actually get answered if I asked you. lol One question I do have right now for you is, do you know anything about Lost? The season finale, which I just finished watching (I know, shame on me for waiting so long), left me burning with questions, and I can’t seem to find any decent spoilers out there. I know that we don’t usually get spoilers for the new seasons until mid-July, but is there anything that you already know that you are allowed to tell us? I just need something to tide me over for the many months on Lost withdrawal.