Catch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS From the Beginning

Just a quick heads up to those of you who fumbled this the first time (yes, I’m talking to you ‘most of America’). Starting tonight at 9PM, NBC is re-airing FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from the beginning. So now’s your chance to see how it all happened from the opening kick-off. The first game, the first kiss, the first injury and the first time Lyla che… okay, I’m not about to ruin the surprises that are in store for you. Just be sure to tune into FNL tonight. It goes without saying that you won’t be disappointed. And more importantly, you’ll finally see what this TV Addict’s been gushing about all season long.

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  • Maryellen

    It’s not going to be from the beginning. I believe it’s starting with Homecoming, which was episode #7. They really should be starting from the beginning to hook new viewers so when the DVD comes out later this summer, people will want to buy it to catch up and then start watching the new season. NBC keeps saying they support the show and then do stupid stuff like starting to show the reruns in the middle. *sigh*

  • Don’t shoot the messenger…. Just add this to the puzzling handling of FNL but they are not starting at the beginning of the series for some unknown reason…. Tonights ep is number 7 Homecoming and next weeks is number 8… 🙁

    Best guess is they still want people to go to iTunes and watch at ….. just makes no sense…. check out our buzz worthy show but we are going to start the Sunday re-broadcast of the series in the middle of the season….

  • kalleball

    fnl will start airing on kanal 5 in sweden on may 29th for all the swedes reading who have yet to see s1…=o)

  • Sorry for the mistake folks. I wrongly assumed NBC would use that crazy thing called ‘logic’ and air FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from the beginning. What was I thinking?

  • I think it’s because they don’t have time to air all 22 episodes before the new season begins. It sucks, though, for all the people I told to watch on rerun this summer. I guess I’ll just have to force them to watch on

  • It’s definitely a show worth watching again. Much better than the movie.