Rosie Speaks Out

Boy the internet is truly an amazing place. Via her blog, Rosie has just posted a video where she talks — albeit in broad generalities — about ‘nuclear Wednesday’, her words, not ours.

Again, love her or hate her, you absolutely have to appreciate how Rosie removes the mystery around ‘celebrity’. Does anyone else think it’s simply fascinating to watch how open and honest Rosie is about everything.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. First DEBBI MATEwhatwashername? STAR JONES, now ROSIE, can anybody leave THE VIEW in one piece?

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  • Rosie, you go girl! I pray that all of the democrats that voted republican in the name of religion and everything else that this administration would love to control, will wake up! America is bleeding and no one seems to care. How can we impeach a president for his sex life and not impeach one for what this president has done? He has all but destroyed America and her name and we all are going to be left to pick up what is left. Its a shame. Please keep speaking up Rosie, your one of the few who has still got the guts! Thank you and God Bless you!

  • tdot

    Bye Rosie. Bring on Kathy Griffin!

  • Jenn

    How about time to just end the show? BW AND BG are stooping to new lows. BW ‘s speech on the next new show is bound to be ‘memorable’ and EH will she cry…. I bet yes. Just to get more sympathy.

  • Steven

    Ok what gets me is all season long rosie has done NOTHING but attact Elizabeth, he views and her charter. When Elizabeth fights back Rosie acts like the victum. I LOVE LIZ AND SUPPORT HER ALL THE WAY!

  • tdot

    I dont mind EH. she is not that bad, and yes rosie is a chump. EH has to stand up for her self. Rosie has a tough exterior but deep down she seems to be kinda um….weak!

  • Linda B.

    I never thought Rosie was a good fit for the show. She seemed to overshadow the other women and tried to make The View HER show. I think the other women (Barbara included) are secretly glad she’s gone.

    And, i wonder if Bill will show up again. He mysteriously stopped showing up on camera when she started. Maybe the 2 of them didn’t get along.

  • Jennifer

    I never watch this show, never have never will, not my thing but I have one thing to say to Rosie “dont let the door hit you in the fat ass on the way out”

    I absolutely cannot stand her loud mouth.

  • Andre

    The name of the show is called The View. I think that Rosie was good for the show because she represented a point of you that needs to be heard. Why is it that a person is not middle aged, upper class and conservative that their views are not taken seriously or even acknowledged? Rosie says a lot of things that I don’t agree with but so does Elizabeth. However, I still want to hear their point of views.

    By the way, Elizabeth was just as rude! Why didn’t she get the hammer as well?

  • Linda B.

    Damn Jennifer, tell us how you really feel! 🙂

  • Steven

    I so agree with Jennifer