Amrie’s Take on [Summer] TV

It is that summer time of year when the weather gets sunny and hot, and you find any reason you can to curl up in the air conditioning at night to keep you sane.

Here’s a rundown of the 10 shows I’m looking forward to most this summer (I think the list could go to 20 or 25 shows, because this summer looks amazing with new shows and returning old shows, but I’ll keep it to 10, I promise!).

1. So You Think You Can Dance?, Season 3 (Started May 24, goes through the summer, FOX)
Easily one of my favorite reality TV shows…I love Cat Deeley’s fashion sense, Nigel and Mary and their crazy back and forth. I love how great some of these dancers truly are. For some reason, this show doesn’t bother me nearly as much as all of the other “find the best in America” shows. Since they come out saying “America’s favorite dancer” they avoid the negative stigma that goes along with a show when a horrible singer/dancer/something keeps getting votes because they’re loved. If a crappy dancer gets through, but America loves them, it’s because they’re the favorite, not the best. I like that attitude!

2. Weeds, Season 3 (Starts August 13, Showtime)
This is without a doubt the one scripted show that I am most looking forward to this summer. When we last left Nancy, our resident neighborhood pot dealer, she was truly in a mess, with her grow house raided, the pot with her son Silas, and various gun toting thugs in her kitchen. I cannot wait to see where Season 3 takes this batch of crazies. Now that Celia’s hubby has been upped to regular status, that should be exciting. Plus, I’d be lying a little bit if I said that the idea of MK Olsen playing a bible thumping wild child girlfriend to Silas didn’t make me smile!

3. Eureka, Season 2 (Starts July 10, SCIFI)
I love Colin Ferguson. I think he was the only really memorable thing about the horrid American version of Coupling a few years back. I love him so dearly on this quirky Science Fiction drama. The whole town of Eureka entertains me, and I can’t wait to see how Season 2 unfolds!

4. The 4400, Season 4 (Starts June 17, USA)
I truly love The 4400. There is something about this show, with its crazy characters, and unbelievable premise, that just keeps me riveted. The Baldwin family drama, Jordan Collier, there is just so much captivating material that I can see this original-limited-series sticking around for a long time. I’ve been catching up on the old episodes to be ready for Season 4, and I’m so excited. As an added bonus, and to get us all ready for the premiere, stay tuned for a candid interview with a favorite cast member next week!

5. Heartland, brand new (Starts June 18, TNT)
Treat Williams. Enough said.

6. Kyle XY, Season 2 (Starts June 11, ABC Family)
The minute the pilot started last year, with the John Doe like opening sequence, I must admit, I was hooked! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this season. With so many questions answered, and so many new questions raised, it’s really awesome to see where they can go with the story from here!

7. Rescue Me, Season 4 (Starts June 13, F/X)
I love Denis Leary. I didn’t love him before this show, but something about his role as Tommy Gavin just blows me away. It’s a really raw part to play. The show isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t always wrap things up in a neat little package, and Tommy is one f-ed up dude, but there’s something at the heart of this drama that just keeps me involved. Plus, how cute is Probie (Michael Lombardi)?

8. Hidden Palms, brand new (Starts May 30, The CW)
I’ve heard mixed reviews about this show. Some critics liked it; others thought that it wasn’t very good. I hope that with Kevin Williamson (he of the Dawson’s Creek Season 1-3 awesomeness), at the helm, it will be really good. One thing that worries me is how much I hated Oliver when he was menacing our gang on The OC. I hope that Taylor Handley doesn’t make me hate his character here, too!

9. Damages, brand new (Starts July 24, F/X)
Remember how awesome Glenn Close was on The Shield that one season? I hope that she’s as awesome in this show built for her. Rumblings around town have this being another “The Riches” or “Dirt”, versus it being another “The Shield” or “Nip/Tuck Season 1-2”, but I’m going to hold judgments until get to see it all the way through.

10. Psych, Season 2 (Starts July 13, USA)
I really don’t think I knew just how much I would love this show when I first started watching it. Since the first episode, I was hooked. James Roday is so delicious ha, and his humor, chemistry with everyone, and just all around everything about him charms me into being head over heels with the entire show. I love Dule Hill, too!

So folks, what about you? Take a look at the chart and tell us what you’re most excited about?

Also, you can download the chart below for an up-to-date grid of when all shows you might be interested in, start up!

A quick color code note – those highlighted in yellow are brand new, those highlighted pink are those shows that are into a new season! (xxxxx means that there are either repeats of old shows, or TBA on the network schedules)

Here’s to a great summer!


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  • Josh

    I can’t wait for The 4400 and Kyle XY. I’m probably going to watch Hidden Palms too, though I thought the pilot seemed like an OC/Desperate Housewives ripoff.

  • Linda B.

    Where is Big Love on your list???? Doesn’t that start up again in a few weeks? Shame on you!

  • * cough * cough * yes Amrie… I didn’t want to mention anything, you know, because you write for free! but where is BIG LOVE and the return of ENTOURAGE!

  • Linda B.

    Thanks for backing me up TVa!

  • Common Sense

    I don’t know why people disliked the Oliver character so much on The O.C. He was campy fun. (It’s not like he was Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch, or something!) Taylor’s a great and charismatic actor, as is Michael Cassidy and so much of this Hidden Palms cast. Amber Heard running thru sprinklers is enough for me! Can’t wait til tomorrow night (and every Wed. for a couple months). Only hope Kevin Reilly…err, Dawn Ostroff, has the sense to get this soap back into production for fall or midseason and leave it alone.

  • Remember how I said it could have been a list of 20-25? I promise BIG LOVE and ENTOURAGE are 11 and 12!!!! I love Big Love so much, AND the idea of going only 3 weeks between Entourage seasons is just awesome. Don’t worry gang, they’re on my must watch list, for sure!!

  • Mossi

    Big Love! Big Love! Big Love! June 11. How can you leave out those crazy polygamists? Not to mention Mac and Lilly of Veronica Mars getting a bigger storyline. Opps, I mean Sarah and Heather (Amanda Seyfried and Tina Majorino).

  • Kleenexsheik

    Totally excited about Kyle XY …I just rewatched the Season 1 finale of Kyle XY on the ABCFam website, and now I am all ready for the new season to start – what I realllyyyyy want to know is who was that in the pod-looking thing at the end? The XX thing really got me …can’t wait till June 11 for the new season!

  • Jenn

    what about Big Brother???? not that is bad summer tv at its best..hahaha

  • Jen

    I can’t wait for PSYCH! I totally agree that show is perfect, it makes the summer break not so miserable 🙂

  • Jessica

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