For those of you stuck in your office (without a television — paging Amnesty International), I thought I’d take a moment to update you all on this morning’s first installment of THE VIEW minus ROSIE.

Fourteen minutes in, I’m already bored. Barbara Walters is sitting in Rosie’s chair, and Whoopi Goldberg is special guest host (or is it Rosie replacement?). Not surprisingly, the opening minutes were dedicated to Barbara and Elizabeth talking about how much Rosie will be missed and that the two of them have been affectionately emailing Rosie all weekend. Translation: please don’t stop tuning in to the show because Rosie’s gone.

Not surprisingly, the Queen of Nice has a different take on the controversy. “I haven’t spoken to her [Elizabeth], and I think it’s just as well” said Rosie on her video blog at “I wrote her an e-mail, and she wrote me back, and there you have it.”

What’s more, Rosie compared her stint on THE VIEW to being “just like a foster kid for a year … I didn’t really fit into the family and now it’s time for the foster kid to go back home.”

And now on to Lindsay Lohan’s ‘problems’…. cue channel change now.

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  • Linda B.

    I watched it as well this morning and was totally bored. Whoopi said very little and usually she can be controversial or off the cuff like Rosie.

    I was surprised to hear Barbara say the show will be on for many more years. I wonder if she’s secretly trying to figure out a way to end it. Lately it’s been too much of a revolving door and viewers don’t like change. Any guesses as to who will be the newest person to join the table or who will be the next to leave? I don’t see Joy ever leaving. Other than standup, she has nowhere else to go.

  • I hate that for the first time ever, I find myself siding with that windbag Elisabeth. Rosie’s a 6 year old and if she thinks her antics will get her more jobs and fans for upcoming projects she might have another thing coming.

  • Jenn

    Predictably boring and no controversy…as the rest of the season is bound to be. I did think it was funny when Elizabeth said she had been talking to Rosie all weekend and Joy asked… if she said she had or hadn’t been talking to her. As for the rememberances about past hosts… what are they trying to say…’better things happen to you after you leave the show?’