HIDDEN PALMS Premieres Tonight, Will You Be Watching?

After months of hype (and mysterious delays), HIDDEN PALMS the CW’s latest guilty premieres tonight at 8PM. While the reviews have been less than glowing — USA Today for one gives PALMS 1/2 out of 4 stars explaining that “listening to some 16-year-old kid lecture his parents on the demands of 12-step rehabilitation is enough to make anyone reach for the mute button” — this TV Addict doesn’t care.

Truth be told, a mere week removed from May Sweeps, the TV Addict is already experiencing mild symptoms of E.R.W. (also known as Endless Repeat Withdrawl) and is jonsin’ for a hit of ‘new’ TV that doesn’t contain the words ‘reality’ in it. As a result, we’ll most definitely be tuning in to watch yet another set of good-looking privileged teenagers deal with real life ‘problems.’

Will you be giving this OC knock-off a chance or have you decided to give your remote control some much needed time off? Post away with your plans.

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  • Emily

    With two hours of So You Think You Can Dance! and a new episode of Traveler (thought the pilot was awesome) tonight, I won’t be watching Hidden Palms…not sure I would have watched even if the night were tv free. For me, the descriptor “OC knock-off” doesn’t exactly make me want to jump in. I got enjoying whiny teenagers out of my system with Dawson’s Creek…

  • tronik

    Nope, I’m boycotting the CW, since the cancellation of Veronica Mars, there was no reason to cancel that show, and if they are going to cancel really good shows with a huge fanbase then forget it. I don’t want to invest my time in any other program they have.

  • Ash

    I will not be watching tonight but it’s already DVR set for Sunday’s repeat. Tonight is all about So You Think You Can Dance? and I’m going to check out The Next Best Thing (maybe it’s better than the dreadful Madonna movie of the same name). I am excited about Hidden Palms tonight because you can’t go wrong with Kevin Williamson (Wasteland was a great unseen gem).

    FYI Emily…tonight’s Traveler is just a repeat of the pilot. The post-Grey’s run was just a “sneak peek” because tonight is the regular time slot premiere.

  • Linda B.

    I think there’s 2 episodes of Traveler on tonite. The first one is the pilot repeated and the second is a new one. I won’t be watching though, cause odds are, it won’t make it.

    I won’t be watching Hidden Palms tonite. I’ve got 7 hours of 24 to catch up on, plus i should probably start watching the premium movie channels i pay so much for. During the regular tv season i hardly watch anything on HBO/Starz/Showtime except for original programming like Dexter (yeah!), Sopranos, etc….

  • I’ve already seen three too many episodes of Hidden Palms, and I have no intention of suffering any longer. Do yourselves favors by skipping this one altogether.

    However, The Next Best Thing: Who Is The Greatest Celebrity Impersonator? looks like good mindless fun.

    And yeah, Traveler is re-airing the pilot and the second episode back-to-back tonight.

  • turkelton

    i will be watching hidden palms tonight as well as a new ep of one tree hill. i’m loving traveler so far so ill be watching it tonight too.

  • VCAD

    Im not watching THE CW after VM cancellation, it is dead to me, plus Hidden Palms looks like crap

  • Josh

    I watched the Hidden Palms pilot already and I wasn’t too impressed. It was alright, but nothing worth following religiously. I’ll probably watch anyway though, since I’ll be tuning into the CW for One Tree Hill. Besides, my standards are lower in the summer with the lack of non-reality programming.

  • Um, they gave Oliver Trask his own show. I won’t be watching. He’s far too annoying.

  • Amy

    Will definatly be watching

  • Steve

    I’m upset that both Hidden Palms and Traveller have been shunned by their networks, pushed to the end of the TV season and start of non-viewing summer season. Both shows looked very intriguing to me, but why waste my time, I figure, with shows that will be here and gone, solely due to lack of network support. Are you telling me that both ABC and CW had such terrrific years with every timeslot, that they couldn’t possibly find a place for these dramas on their skeds?

    And P.S.: All you Veronica fans who keep whining that the show had such a “huge fan base,” where were the ratings, then? Sure, the couple million who watched it, loved it. But a network can’t keep a show on beyond 3 years if a larger audience won’t watch; advertisers don’t buy tiny numbers, unfortunately. The show typically lost 70% of the Gilmore lead-in; trust me on that. It was not the “dream pairing” Ms. Ostroff imagined.

  • Steve, Traveler looks interesting, but not interesting enough for me to watch. And Hidden Palms? Seriously? I think it’s pretty obvious why it got the Summer “filler” post on CW. It looks pretty awful.

  • KayDee

    I’ll check it out. Seriously, I don’t understand why people make such snap judgements like “it’s awful” without even bothering to watch. It might BE awful, it might even be unwatchable. But passing judgement before one has even seen an episode is shortsighted and just silly. I hope viewers give the Fall’s debutes of “New Amsterdam” and “Moonlight” at least a look-see before standing atop their rickety pedistals and declare they’re unwatchable. Personally, I’ve liked the young lead actor in “Hidden Palms” since he did the CBS movie “In From the Night” a couepl years ago with Marcia Gay Harden. That alone makes me take a chance on tuning in tonight!

  • lji001

    I too am done with the CW after VM was cancelled. Steve, if you go to givememyremote.com and look at her post about the prime time ratings you will see that although Veronica Mars was maybe not as great as the CW would have liked, neither were many of its other shows. I, for one, did not have a station in my area carry Veronica Mars until just this season and so I am pretty disappointed that I only got one year’s worth of the show…

    Also, I heard – not sure if it was true or just another pice of hope to cling on to – that if Hidden Palms did really poorly there was a chance that VM could be brought back as a midseason replacement…

  • oleg

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean no duh….this show looks awesome but nothing like the OC. i mean….theres drama, romance, suspence…..evrything to make a good show….so yea i will be watching Hidden Palms from now on….ive see the first two episodes and they werent great but they were good….cn wait to see the third episode!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think hidden palms was one of the best cw programs i have seen. I have been truly disappointed since it came off the cw. i mean this season only lasted a few weeks. it should become available again on the cw. not only because it was soooooooo good but because it changed my life and probably the world of drama! if hidden palms were to be compared to the other drama shows that appear on the cw i GREATLY believe it WILL ”SQUASH” ALL other competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luna

    Hidden palms is me and my bfflz fave show. We love it. and shes thinks johnny is hot and wants his baby. Cant wait for second season!!!