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Anybody else find the first episode of HIDDEN PALMS far better than they expected it would be? Since just about every outlet under the sun has insisted on comparing the new kid on the well-populated teen drama block with it’s most recently departed resident, THE O.C., how did the two stack up? No doubt more than a few people will disagree, but we’re gonna go out on a limb by admitting that while O.C.’s pilot felt, well, a tad slow and broody, we were surprisingly captivated by the exploding garages, cross-dressing bingo callers, voyeuristic teens and dancing nymphs offered up before PALMS even reached its first commercial break. Throw in Sharon Lawrence and Gail O’Grady, and we’re not ashamed to admit it: We’re hooked.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? is officially one of our favorite guilty pleasures. That said, were the judges a little harsh on the pudgy hairdresser who auditioned last night? Yes, he was overweight… we’ll even go so far as to agree with Nigel’s proclamation that the kid was “fat.” But to accuse the young man of “touching himself all over” seemed somewhat inappropriate, especially in light of the fact that not five minutes earlier they’d raved about a young woman who not only caressed herself, but broke out a bottle of baby oil while doing so! We will, however, give the show credit (and a bit of a break) since they balanced the harshness by interviewing several other would-be contestants, all of whom were critical of the judge’s views.

Is it wrong to be wildly excited about the return of TOP CHEF? If loving it is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. Speaking of so wrong it’s right, MyNetwork TV – you know, the redheaded bastard stepchild abandoned when UPN and WB merged – made us darn near giddy with the news that they’ll be bringing PARADISE HOTEL back to the airwaves in early 2008. “All our research has shown that PARADISE HOTEL is a brand that reality viewers are desperate to see on TV again,” Fox Reality president David Lyle told Broadcasting & Cable magazine of his network’s decision to join forces with MyNetwork in bringing the sleazefest (and we mean that in the best possibly way) back to the airwaves. Our fondest hope? That the producers have Toni Ferrari – she of the big mouth and bigger… um, lungs – check back in. After all, what’s PARADISE without a snake or two, right?

How is it that GENERAL HOSPITAL’s storylines have gotten consistently dumber, and yet the show as a whole is better than it has been in ages? Has the soap finally become so bad that it’s good? How else to explain that despite such ludicrous twists as “Jerry Jax is Mr. Craig” and “Scotty sues Luke for custody of Laura… despite the fact that Nikolas is her legal guardian”, we’re unable to look away? Sure, we can’t figure out why Sam is suddenly telling Amelia stuff she never admitted to anyone before, or why Jason’s girlfriend feels the need to guilt him into confessing that he fathered Elizabeth’s baby. But somehow, the majorly talented cast is rising above the crap being pumped out by Guza and company to make GH highly watchable.

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  • CC

    I tried watching Hidden Palms forgetting the all the comparisons and letting my expectations go, and you’re right… it was very good. I like the cast they picked as leads, and the show is intriguing what can I say. I watched the second episode on yahoo tv and it’s even better than the first. I hope it gets viewership, but we all know how CW is…

  • Gen

    I’m hooked on Hidden Palms! Also watched Travelers and i’m not impressed. so I changed the chanel before the 2nd ep.

  • Josh

    Hidden Palms was alright, but I couldn’t disagree more on your comparison to The O.C. When I watched The O.C.’s pilot, it instantly made me want more and more of it. But after watching HP’s pilot, my feeling is just meh. I’ll watch if I’m not doing anything else.

  • I am SO excited about PARADISE HOTEL coming back! I was hardcore addicted that show. It’s one of my biggest guiltiest pleasures!

  • PARADISE HOTEL!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Man, that was some train-wreck television. However, I highly doubt it will be nearly as good because what made it great was the insane cast. Toni? Zack? Amy? Beau? All psycho. I’ll still give the new season a shot, though.

    I thought Hidden Palms was good as well. I’m glad they made some changes to the original pilot, it works much better now.

  • Mel

    Hey TV Addict – I love your site, especially since as a fellow Canadian I often have the same programming gripes as you do!

    Did you catch the premiere of Canada’s Next Top Model last night? I thought it was pretty good, even though I found last season extremely underwhelming. I think the addition of Jay as host helps A LOT! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you watched it as all the other TV sites I visit are American!

  • Kate

    General Hospital is crazy but I hate it when I miss a day. I could handle the twist but what I don’t like is the fact the people who were terrorized by this man are helping him now. All to make sure Emily is Okay. I hate her because she is always trying to handle Nickolas. Telling him what he feels all the time. Is she his girlfriend or his mother?

  • David

    Dang, but that fat kid could DANCE!! He looked funny because he was so big, but he definitely had the moves! They should have at least let him go to the choreography round.

  • Common Sense

    Paradise Hotel? Ha ha! Are Toni & Zack (and that chick he was supposedly in love with) still holed up in that house somewhere? Wasn’t that the deal….it was an “endless” show, before it was cancelled? Ashamed to admit, I watched quite a bit.

    As for Hidden Palms, anyone else agree that Michael Cassidy is really intriguing/mysterious?

  • Kristen

    3 words… PARADISE HOTEL BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I too loved Hidden Palms. Sharon Lawrence as the fading southern belle is great.

    I actual think that this summer has some potential beyond reruns if you look to the cable shows.