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gossip girl fall tv preview

The Pitch: THE OC for the MySpace Generation

WHO’S WHO: Your Next Teen People cover girls and boys include Blake Lively (THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS), Leighton Meester (SURFACE), Chace Crawford (THE COVENANT), Taylor Momsen (SPY KIDS 2) and Penn Badgley (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE). GOSSIP GIRL also features the obligatory parental units (who naturally look as if they just stepped out of college themselves) including Kelly Rutherford (MELROSE PLACE) and Matthew Settle (BROTHERS AND SISTERS).

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: GOSSIP GIRL follows the lives of a group of priveleged prep school Manhattan teens.

THE GOOD: Umm… what did you miss? Privileged Prep school teens. Oh wait, they’re HOT!

THE BAD: Having just finished spending four seasons in THE OC with an eerily similar group of rich kids with ‘problems’, is GOSSIP GIRL a little too been-their-done that? (doubtful!)

CLICK HERE for a five mintue Video Preview of GOSSIP GIRL

Please note: This is not a review, just a first impression. The pilot that was sent to is by no means final and many things can and will change between now and when the show actually premieres in September

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  • i may watch, if only to hear Kristen Bell.

    yes, I miss Veronica Mars THAT much.

  • Tim — It is a touch surreal listening to Mrs. Bell narrate GOSSIP GIRL. So much though that if I were in charge, I might consider a recast. Not to say Kristen Bell doesn’t have a great voice, it’s just depressing knowing that this is what she’ll be doing instead of a fourth season of VERONICA MARS.

  • Josh

    Would you say the characters in this show are likable? From the previews and descriptions I’ve seen, it seems similar to The OC in that it’s about wealthy high school students, but they’ve come across as very unlikable to me. Maybe I need to see more of the show. The one thing The OC did is that it made you care about characters like Summer, Seth, and Ryan, along with the adults.

  • VCAD

    I’ll only would consider watching it for KB voice overs, the rest it just looks like crap

  • Mike K.

    I can’t say enough how much I hope that everyone will truly abandon the CW. With the cancellation of VM, the CW gave their stance on quality television. I, for one, am done with them and hope that those of a like mind will also leave them behind. For now, four networks will be enough – at least they have all I need (plus a few cable networks with some great little shows).

  • Kristen

    It’s probably better to decide if you’ll watch by reading the books. Plus, Penn Badgley… come on. Of course, I’ll be watching!

  • Nadine

    I would really like to know in how far you would compare the characters of “Gossip Girl” to those in the O.C. Having been a huge fan of the latter for years and having read the first two of the GG novels I don’t quite get that. Other than that they are also “rich kids with problems” as you mentioned I don’t see much of a similarity. I haven’t watched the pilot yet and, of course, don’t know what exactly they did with the characters. But judging from the books I can’t see anyone who’s like Seth, Ryan, Summer or (God forbid) Marissa. That the show won’t be the complete opposite of “The O.C.” is apparent considering the showrunners are the same and it’s a similar premise. So, I don’t think that’s all too surprising ;-).
    Was the pilot at least any interesting besides your obvious dislike for “rich kids with problems”? *g*

  • I saw it and thought it was kind of terrible, but I will totally be watching every week if only to see that rapist character try to date-rape a girl every week. It can be a drinking game — how long until he corners a girl and mauls her in THIS episode? One shot if in the first 15 minutes, two in the middle 30, and three if he waits until the last act!

    Also, Penn Badgley is hot and I am shallow. That’s pretty much all it takes for me to watch a teen drama, anyway.

  • Selina

    I just started reading the book series and it is a major page turner. I hope the show is just as good. There are some differences from the books, as to be expected, but over all the show promises to have a good take off but I’ll be interested to see if it can last more than 2 seasons.

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    Willl never meet up to the standards i had created after reading the books.NEVER