We Predict Dark Times Ahead for NBC

Ben Silverman, you’ve just been made the President of NBC Entertainment — What’s your first big move going to be? Apparently the wrong one.

Variety is reporting that in his first week on the job, Silverman’s first order of business was to re-start negotiations with Donald Trump to bring back THE APPRENTICE for another painfully boring season cycle.

First Jeff Zucker fires Kevin Reilly, the man who brought quality back to NBC (see: THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS). Now we’re seemingly stuck with a network president who actually wants to see Donald Trump remain on television. Talk about a bad sign of things to come.

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  • Common Sense

    More Trump? Good night, NBC….it’s been nice knowin’ ya.

    How about this for a new series: We permanently put Trump on a mysterious, deserted island somewhere, and then celebrate when no one notices or cares that he’s gone.

  • Josh

    Yeah, this can’t be good. It would seem that 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights fans have a lot to worry about when the fall season begins. If he’s going to do something like bringing Donald Trump back, who knows what else he’ll do.

    It’s too bad. NBC airs my two favorite shows on TV and has some new shows I’m interested in. I don’t want them to go down the drain.

  • Common Sense — I’d watch that!

    Josh — FNL and 30 ROCK were Reilly’s ‘babies’… they’re no doubt going to be on a very short leash come Fall 07. Definitely not a good sign.

  • Jake

    Alright, let’s watch both NBC and the CW crash and burn this season! (let’s hope FNL and The Office survives).

  • Jake

    On second thought, The Office will probably survive since his production company is involved with that show lol.

    Now if only the CW can snag Reilly in order to get some quality programming back to their network.

  • DD

    Mr Trump is a pompous windbag..

  • Linda B.

    DD – I second that!

  • Sheindie

    Reilly was responsible for quality t.v. and backing it as well. This will all change. Reality shows will become the ‘big deal’..what a huge mistake. Zucker should have been fired and Reilly should have been elevated. NBC will now truly belong at the bottom of the heap. Wouldn’t it be great if Reilly could take over the CW and bring back Everwood, V.M. and bring in fantastic shows ….WOW!!!!