Yesterday, Amrie (of My Take on TV fame) took part in a conference call with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA creators and executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. Not surprisingly (considering a press release was issued hours before the call), the producers announced that this upcoming fourth season would indeed be the show’s last, but expect BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to go out with a bang.

Moore promised that “the plan is to end the show, and bring us to a definitive conclusion,” continuing to say that, “we will definitely see Earth” while being cryptic about the specifics. Moore and Eick also hope to explore all of the relationships a little deeper this season, revolving a lot of the questions that may be up in the air.

When asked specifically about Roslin’s role as the prophet who leads her people to the promised land (Earth) — but doesn’t survive the journey, Moore said that they weren’t about to spoil any surprises, but Roslin’s journey will most likely play a central role in the final half of the season.

Also of note, Moore and Eick did mention that they are definitely hoping to free Cylon D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) from her ‘box’ (translation: negotiating with her agent) and are still planning to get the much talked about BSG prequel CAPRICA off the ground (as of yet there’s no deal in place with SciFi).

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  • ewanspotter

    Shame it has to end, but its probably for the best. At least this way it can go out in style. Plus, now that they know it’s ending, they have time to wrap things up properly.

  • What I’m most interested to finding out is WHEN is this Earth? Will it be present day or sometime in the future? Maybe the past, even. I would think it would take the 13th tribe a lot longer to find Earth so their civilization would be much further behind those of the 12 Colonies. I’m hoping it’s Earth in the year 2008.