Reporting Live From the CTV UpFronts…

… will not be CTV (Canada’s Television Network) has decided to ignore this TV Addicts numerous requests for press credentials so that I may properly cover the network’s UpFront.

Needless to say, their actions are not without consequences and the CTV network has officially been put on the TV Addict’s LIST. What’s ‘the list’ you ask? Well, it’s a not-so-super-secret list of executives, networks and actors who will officially face the wrath of when we become the most powerful media conglomerate in the world next Michael Ausiello. (Other notables on the list include… Daw… must not reveal The List)

On a totally unrelated note, tune into on Wednesday June 6 for live reporting direct from the GlobalTV UpFronts. For those of you unfamiliar with GlobaTV (ie, the 85% of our readers who don’t live in Canada), Global is the Canadian network that broadcasts such beloved shows as HEROES, 24, THE SIMPSONS, HOUSE up here in the Great White North. GlobalTV also owns one of favourite channels TVTropolis as well as the soon to launch E! Canada.

Thank you GlobalTV for showing some love. Your respect and kindness has been duly noted and shall be rewarded with a year of shameless promotion and plugs. On yet another unrelated note, be sure to tune into a repeat of HOUSE at 8PM on GlobalTV, followed by two episodes of MY NAME IS EARL at 9PM and WITHOUT A TRACE at 10PM. Did I mention how much I love GlobalTV? No, really, well I do.

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  • Let me know if there is any news on Season 2 of WHISTLER which I absoloved and its not coming back to The N here in the states. But I know you Canadians are lucky enough to have it returning.

  • Mr. Brightside

    ‘Whistler” will air Saturday nights

  • Not to mention, CTV generally ticked you off the past year.

  • Colin — there’s a long list of CTV related grievances.

    Airing NIP/TUCK season four almost a year later.
    Airing the wrong episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.
    Ben Mulroney.
    Their ridiculous never-ending promos for CANADIAN IDOL, The Junos, pretty much any property they own.