In an effort to help out fourth place NBC, David Spade’s THE SHOWBIZ SHOW has concocted a brilliant new promo for its most underappreciated gem — FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Check out the video below, but note to parents and those at work — the promo contains some serious F-Bombs. So please beware who’s listening when you press play!

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  • Amber

    Yeah, that’s made of awesome. Admittedly I didn’t watch Friday Night Lights during the season and then two weeks ago watched the whole season in one week. It’s such a great show and I have so much love for Eric and Tami, a real couple who we aren’t watching either breaking up or getting together. It’s just real.

  • Amber. Congrats for finally jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s hoping the rest of America follows come season two!

  • jec

    great! I’m from the Philippines and I love this show. I’m glad it will have a second season. I’ve watched a lot of American shows that left me hanging because it had an untimely ending…. (Popular, Jack and Jill, Tru Calling to name a few)

  • Kinda reminds me of the fantastic MadTV skit they did mocking Felicity, where they said “If you’re kids aren’t watching Felicity… kill them.” (I think they called the show Intensity.) It was one of the best faux-trailers I’ve ever seen. if I was a better person and not quite so lazy, I’d find it on Youbube and link it. But I’m tired. Buzz off. As for theFNL promo, frankly, I expect better from my humor. I hate humor that relies on cheap crap like the F-bomb.

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