Isaiah Washington Not Returning to GREY’S ANATOMY’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that embattled GREY’S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington, who plays Dr. Preston Burke, will not be returning to the show next season. Revealed a spy close to the production:

There was a pattern of problematic behavior going back before he used the F-word, I imagine [his dismissal] was the result of all of that.”

An ABC spokesperson has confirmed the story, saying that the actor’s contract option has not been picked up for another season.

Needless to say, this TV Addict was shocked to hear this news so early on a Friday morning. It’s so rare in Hollywood that actors are actually held accountable for their actions and poor misbehavior. Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Rivanny

    I kind of had a feeling this was going to happen after seeing GA’s finale; they gave a quite useable “way-out” for his character. But whatever Isaiah Washington has done in real life, I’m really going to miss his character. I thought, the Burktina relationship was one of the best storylines this season.

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  • rtms

    I’m betting Brook Smith now comes on board, she played Dr. Hahn, the heart specialist at the other hospital and rival to Burke.

  • shanna

    I think it’s stupid. Isiah is a great actor and his storylines and scenes with TR did not suffer. I think if he wasn’t a tv star and this was an office they would have worked out their differences and he would have had counseling (which Isiah did) and that would have been the end. But whatev. We feel the need to hold our entertainment stars accountable. I wish we did the same with our government.

  • Josh

    Good riddance. He certainly wasn’t very valuable to the show, even before the incident took place. I’ve always found the Burke character incredibly boring. And I’m glad that something was finally done about what he did say. As far as I remember, Shonda never did speak out against what he said.

  • Beth

    I loved Burke and his relationship with Christina. I, for one, will miss him.

  • Shannon

    Although I do not agree with Washington’s actions off camera, I will miss Burke and Christina. I really loved that story line. I am axious to see what happens to Christina’s character with Burke totally out of the picture.

  • ewanspotter

    Although I don’t watch Grey’s, I do feel bad for fans of Burke (although not for Mr. Washington).

  • Jay

    I’ll miss the character,for Christina’s sake, but what he did was uncalled for so If it had 2 be him or T.R. I chose him cuz I love George!

  • Julia

    Meh, all I can say is that I hope Isaiah Washington’s dismissal will fuel more people to tune into Supernatural.

  • sherri

    The statement was inappropriate, but I think the media fueled the ongoing controversy related to the story. I don’t know if I agree with him being fired. I think he is a great actor and I loved the story line between his character and christina. It was obvious that tr was gay even though he was not playing that type of character. I don’t know that I will continue to watch the show. It is losing its medically based story lines and becoming one be soap on and off camera.

  • prince

    First DON IMUS. Now,ISIAH WASHINGTON. This should send a clear sign that the N word the F and the B… and H..E words can’t be casually said anymore. How ever I hope they replace him with another AFRICAN AMERICAN actor. If U haven’t noticed. There’s hardly ANY minority faces on network t.v. right now. What’s up with that.

  • Michelle

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket. People are so uptight about everything and supersensitive beyond belief. The media blows everything out of proportion and everyday morons (such as myself) post their brilliant insight on millions of websites a day. Evidently Isaiah and TR worked out their issues but people with no life and nothing better to do would not drop it. Now he’s been fired, reportedly for being “problematic” in the past as well. An actor who has emotional issues??? NO!! Say it isn’t so!! How do you expect people to behave when they are paid $125,000 for a week’s worth of work?? Like they can do and say anything they want. Huge shock.

  • Lee

    Typical response from ABC. What a Joke. The guy made a mistake. I wonder what “token black” ABC is going to go out and get to replace him. Network television is so transparent. Can’t have a “problematic” black guy around, might scare off our lily white audience. I actually enjoyed the show. I wouldn’t watch it now if my life depended on it. Hopefully it’s cancelled next year and then T.R. Knight can go get a role on “Queer Folk” or whatever the hell the name of that show is.

  • Lee sounds strikingly similar to Mr. Washington. Newsflash, we aren’t afraid of problematic African Americans anymore than problematic German,Irish,Polish,Slovak,etc Americans. It had nothing to do with race or the fact that the “Lily White” cast audience or cast members were as Mr. Washington put it, afraid of the booming black voice of an educated African American. What it did have to do with was the fact that he was a biggot and I’ll assume a homophobe. If the African American orginizations and leaders were in such an uproar about “media accountability” then why does this not apply to all races and all media outlets? Proffesion aside I found him to be arrogant and indignant in his own biggotry and frankly, I hope he gets nothing less than a lifetime of career oppurtunity as a used car salesman. Hell he wasn’t that good of an actor anyway, he was good with a crutch from supporting roles.

  • Steve

    Washinghton should have the freedom of speech,… just like the rest of us . Sexual prefrence has no place in the work place or the constatution,..

  • I have never really heard exactly what Isaiah Washington said about T.R. Knight. Can someone tell me the exact words or wording that was used or said? I have 2 mottos: 1: Do not judge, lest ye be judged. and 2: I refuse to grow up (I’m 49 yrs. old too) I believe that God is the only person who can judge society (no I’m not a religious fanatic, but I do believe in God). If more people decided to change, run and take care of their own lives then they would have no reason to be in others lives. Yes Washington has freedom of speech, as do we all, but think before speaking. If you don’t want your feelings hurt, then don’t hurt others feelings. Everyone has a right to be who they are, no matter what others think.