Soap Singers to Make Beautiful Music Together

kathy brier

If you’re going to be in L.A. for the Daytime Emmys next week, you’ve got to be at the world-famous Derby on Thursday night: ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Kathy Brier (the Hairspray star who plays schoolteacher Marcie) is teaming up with castmates Kassie DePaiva (scheme queen Blair) and Renee Elise Goldsberry (poor, comatose Evangeline) for a kickass three-in-one concert!

“We’ve never done a fan event like this before where we have all teamed up for a joint show,” Brier tells “I am so psyched about sharing the stage with these two other stellar women!”

Amen to that! Not only will Brier be performing songs from her rockin’ debut album, Heartbreaker, but DePaiva will be warbling tunes from her new release, I Want to Love You, and Goldsberry, tracks from her CD, Beautiful. And there’s no telling what surprises they’ll throw in!

“It’s great to get to do this event in L.A., too,” New York-based Brier adds. “There aren’t a lot of fan events held in L.A., so we are looking forward to kicking off the Emmy weekend with a really fun time and hope to see the fans.

“Also,” she teases, “you never know who else might show from the show.”

Tickets ($50 each for the show and post-concert photo/autograph session, $76 each for the show, photo/autograph session and a copy of each actress’ CD) are available at:

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