A SOPRANOS Confession

On the eve of THE SOPRANOS series finale, this TV Addict has to get something off his chest. Something so shocking, it may rock the very foundation that theTVaddict.com has built its reputation on. Ready? Here it goes…

I’ve never watched an entire episode of THE SOPRANOS! Yes, you heard me. The man who runs a web site entirely devoted to television hasn’t watched one of the most celebrated series on TV.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest (really, admitting I have a problem is the first step) , I’m curious… Is anyone brave enough to reveal that they too have yet to fall in love with America’s most wanted popular family? Post away below and feel free to let me know if I should give season one another try on DVD over the summer.

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  • Dude

    I’ve never watched it, either. I have zero desire to do so. Nothing on HBO has ever really grabbed me…

  • Oh, don’t feel alone. I haven’t seen a single one either. Mostly because for about five seasons, I didn’t find paying an additional $7 for HBO worth while. When I finally caved, it was a little late. I plan to watch them altogether when a complete series set comes out.

  • seejayess

    While I didn’t see the series unfold from the beginning; I have been watching (chronologically) for the last few seasons… this season, until the last three EPs was pretty damn boring.

    And the finale? Hated the ending. HATED it.

  • tdot

    Yeah i havent either watched an episode. Its on CTV at some point during the year. I caught like 5 mins of an epsiode, but thats all. I was gonna start watching last year when A&E started airing from season 1, but i was not intested enough! THere are other just as good tv shows, UR not alone!

  • Never got into it before, but I did watch the occasional show, although never in its entirely.

    Until I got my PVC.

    And until their latest and last ad runs that announced it would be the last 6 (I think) episodes.

    And it was good. Not great, but good. Obviously I am sure I missed all kinds of nuances since I don’t really know too much in the story lines. But I have to say that I still prefer playing the Godfather game on the Wii for a few hours over watching the Soprano’s.

  • The way I see it, I live in New Jersey and I’m surrounded by people who might as well be Sopranos characters on a daily basis. I watch TV to escape reality, not get reminded of it.

  • Oh, and I forgot. Thank GOD it’s over. All we have left is to sit through yet another Emmy Awards where they pile the statues on to David Chase et al. If there is any justice in the world, Matthew Fox will beat Gandolphini for Best Actor, but I seriously doubt it.

  • idigress

    i have never seen an episode either!

  • I have never seen an entire episode either. We decided at the house last night to watch the final 15 minutes (after Wedding Crashers was over, because seriously that movie never gets old). I guess I had to have been a stalwart viewer of the show over the years to understand how that was a good ending? I was so mad that nothing happened!

  • Josh

    I’ve never seen a single episode either. It’s just not a show that sounds like something I’d like and I don’t have HBO anyway. But of the hit HBO shows, I’m more tempted to check out Entourage.

    I hope all this talk about it being an awful finale will hurt the show’s chances at the Emmys. I’m afraid the show is going to sweep all the dramatic categories.

  • Linda B.

    TVa – I always wondered why you never commented on this show before.

    I started watching it “live” during season 4 after catching up on the first 3 seasons on DVD. It started out as a good show, but had too many long breaks between seasons to really feel connected to it much the last few seasons. I just kept watching to finish it up.

    BTW – i didn’t like the finale either. Other than the one whack in the middle, i thought nothing really happened.

  • Pixley

    I’ve never watched it, either — and I applaud you for saying so. I never understood why it was considered so “impressive” when it only aired 13 episodes a year (vs. 22 for the broadcast networks), and never had to adhere to standards & practices, like the broadcast networks. Plus, if a broadcast network TV showrunner tried to pull the crap David Chase pulled in delaying the season, he or she would’ve been fired. Pretty easy to “push the envelope” when there are no rules.

  • shanna

    I, too, have never seen an episode of The Sopranos and I’m happy I haven’t.

  • annsensei

    never watched it. never wanted to. too much senseless gore and language for my taste.

  • sacred

    ive watched all of it, and thank god its finally over.
    the first seasons were good but the last one sucked. especially the series finale. not even a little closure.

  • Tiffany

    I was a faithful viewer throughout the Sopranos series. That show was the primary reason I subscribed to HBO. The last few episodes and the finale were awful. The finale dragged on and on, there was one ‘whacking’ and you are in suspense towards the end for nothing. I kept looking at the time thinking something had to happen and it didn’t. The screen goes black and the music stops. You are left thinking “What the heck was that?” Needless to say, my HBO subscription was cancelled at 9:00am and I feel like an idiot for watching the show for as long as I did.

  • AJ

    I have never watched an episode of Sopranos too. I’ve heard so much about it but still not interested.