Why I’m Not Supporting Barsformars.com

This morning, theTVaddict received an urgent email from the recently revived ‘Save Veronica Mars Campaign.’ The email requested that theTVaddict.com promote the website BarsforMars.com.

Aside from the fact that the email failed to include the word PLEASE (really, what’s happened to manners in this country?) this TV Addict wanted to take a moment to write about why I will not be supporting the campaign (and yes I realize that by simply linking to the BarsforMars.com web site I’m inadvertently promoting the campaign).

A total lack of originality
One of the appeals of both VERONICA MARS the show, and the title character herself were their uniqueness and originality. Amidst an endless sea of blonde Neptune clones, Veronica marched to the beat of her own drummer. BarsforMars.com is a too-little-too-late pale imitation of JERICHO’s recently successful Nuts for Jericho campaign. Not cool MARS fans, not cool.

Where are the MARS bars?
Apparently, Mars bars are no longer available in the US leading the BarsforMars.com campaign to switch over to Snickers Bars. Now, I may not the most savvy MARS fan around, but I don’t recall Snickers ever playing a role in the show. Unless of course the original title for the series was going to be VERONICA SNICKERS, which let’s face it, may not have the same ring to it, but kinda works. After-all, Veronica did spend three seasons ‘snickering’ at everyone around her.

Just because it worked for JERICHO…
… doesn’t mean it’s going to work for VERONICA MARS. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that this campaign is a complete waste of everybody’s time and money. As much I loved VERONICA MARS, the show had its chance. It was given three seasons to prove that it could expand beyond its fiercely loyal fan-base, yet failed to do so each and every year. JERICHO on the other hand had a mere season under its belt — a season that CBS itself admits to completely mishandling with an ill advised three month delay between episodes.

Dawn Ostroff made the right call
If Dawn Ostroff didn’t notice when EVERWOOD fans dragged a life-sized ferris wheel to her office doorstep, she’s certainly not going to care if someone delivers a few boxes of chocolate to her lobby. Fans tend to forget that Ostroff’s primary job as head of the CW is to develop exciting new shows that advertisers will buy into. Having seen the entire CW fall lineup — including the already addictive GOSSIP GIRL, the original and funny REAPER and the network’s soon-to-be first bonafide comedy hit ALIENS IN AMERICA — this TV Addict doesn’t fault Ostroff for cancelling VERONICA MARS.

That said, who am I to tell fans how to spend their precious time, energy and hard-earned money. What I will say is this: In the end the only winner to come out of this campaign will be The Indian Food Store. Call me cynical, but how much money (and free advertising) are they getting off Barsformars.com?

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  • Cindy

    The writing was fine this season. I think you are romanticizing season one. I’ve only seen two and three. Perhaps the first season was spectacular but the third season is still better than almost anything else you’ll see on TV.

    Vile, vile reality shows are CRAP and contributing to the ruining of American character. That’s that.

  • You guys suck so much, Veronica Mars rocks, so you guys can kick rocks, if you had any idea what good television was you’d watch Veronica as well. As for the guy who made this stupid blog, I’d be happy knowing that you were going to be so popular in hell! And for whats it’s worth, I just thought I wish you good luck on keeping this site running while leaving you with something to remember me by.

    Good luck with the out crowd they sound like real keepers!

  • Stephanie Z

    Sick of gyrating cats, Sick of OC type shows, I fight for this show because It’s one of the Very few that I like to watch on TV. I love it and it’s worth it to me.

  • Thelma

    Well you were right to not support the campaign since it didn’t work anyway. Now there are so many rumors and blame being cast as to why the show was cancelled or why the writing wasn’t up to par with previous seasons that it is difficult to know who to believe. I did support the campaign because at the end of the day, I wanted to know that I had done my all to save my favorite show.

    I do have a question. According to some rumors out there (how accurate they are, I don’t know), it was Les Moonves that said he wanted the show cancelled. Exactly how much input does CBS (the C) and Warner Bros (the W) have in the CW network. Does DO answer to them?