You guys know me, right? You know what I like on TV, right? So you all know that my favorite thing about my favorite show, Arrested Development, was the amazing and adorably spot-on hilarious George Michael Bluth, played by Michael Cera, right?

Imagine my sheer delight when I found out about the most amazing website I’ve visited in a long time (besides of course), where CBS has produced and is airing what they call a “microseries”, 10 episodes of a television show about two sad-sack roommates attempting to sell their idea for a television show.

That website?

The sad sack roommates? Michael Cera (or as the credits call him “Mikey Cera”) and his real life best friend Clark Duke.

The microseries, which started as Clark’s thesis project in college, deals with Michael and Clark living in an apartment, trying their hardest to get these scripts out to producers throughout LA. These two guys have their own headshots littering the walls of their apartment. Their quirky personalities and just all out “we are awesome, we will succeed attitude” makes me so happy and provides plenty of hilarious, awkward situations for the two of them to get stuck in.

Michael Cera, who just recently turned 19 years old, and Clark Duke, who also stars in the new ABC Family show “Greek”, are fabulous together. I’ve said over and over again that very few people can pull of the awkward reaction shots and awkward uncomfortable humor like Michael can. Together with Clark, and his darling southern accent, I’ve found myself unable to contain fits of laughter each and every time I watch the show.

Just a few things that I love about the three episodes I’ve seen so far and some reasons for you to tune in –

1. They have a 1970s era opening credit sequence that involves costume changes, tandem bikes, hiding behind trees, sequined dancing and so much more.

2. Random guest appearances, like a cameo by Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) as the head of the fake network ATC Family who doesn’t like the script.

3. Their agent doesn’t know who Michael is and who Clark is so he just gets them mixed up repeatedly. My favorite agent-related thing is when he calls their voicemail and says “Hello Clark and Michael…oh and hello Clark”. You have to hear it to understand it but it’s fabulous!

4. The boys can’t agree on anything, and in their arguments, they provide the best reaction shots I’ve seen.

5. Clark, a lighter, and his dentist’s phone number. You have to watch episode three to know what I’m talking about.

6. “Roger, you know it says no bathroom stuff”. Episode 2!

7. Back to the opening credits – “Mikey Cera” in his scarf….to fit his “pencil neck”.

8. Their landlord invites them to a pasta party. He has 15 varieties of pasta. They are required to bring the sauce. “Not tonight. Not tonight ever.”

9. Clark drunk.

10. Rubbing alcohol

I can’t do it justice guys, but trust me, if you’re like me, and you’re missing your Arrested Development type humor, this is the “microseries” for you.

Episode 4 goes live on the site on Wednesday morning. Be sure to catch up. There is also a personal blog that the boys are using to keep up to date with their fans. The personal profiles had me giggling for a full day. The photo galleries and photo journals never fail to crack a smile, or sometimes move into another fit of laughter. Again, that’s Bookmark it, love it as I do (beware there is some coarse language, so don’t listen too loud at work)!

What about you guys – have you caught on to the amazing-ness of Cera and Duke?
What are you into these days – feedback is welcome –

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  • plinstrot

    I’ve been watching this series and I love it!

  • plinstrot

    oh and I guess you didn’t realized but their agent is played by Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development!

  • Chubbybunny

    LOVE these episodes also, and I didn not realize that Hurwitz was their agent. That guy was awesome in episode 3. Episode 4 from yesterday was hysterical too. Glad to see Cera doing what he does best.

    I’ve been sending the site to my friends who are all big AD and The Office fans.

  • Chubbybunny

    Also- forgot to mention, I watched the ABC Family pilot for “Greek” that Clark stars in and it looks great. Reminds me of the old frat days. Surprised a show like this hasn’t come out yet. Clark is funny though, I don’t want to spoil his character for you at all, but lets just says he has a major “flaw”. Its hysterical.