Got A Question for Ed Helms?

ed helmsDo you ever sit at your desk and wish you worked in the warehouse? Secretly fantasize about falling in love with your office receptionist? Wish your boss was as ‘entertaining’ as Michael Scott? Well if so, you may be suffering from a common disease that’s infecting office workers across America — LACKAOFFICEITUS.

In layman’s terms, LACKAOFFICEITUS is simply a mild case of depression brought on by the fact that we won’t be getting new episodes of THE OFFICE until September. While there is no cure, doctors (who are in no way getting paid for this) suggest checking out EVAN ALMIGHTY as a possible remedy.

That said, we at have something to help you get through the summer. How does an interview with Andy Bernard sound? (also known as the brilliant Ed Helms.) Post away with your questions and remember, there’s only 103 more days until a new episode of THE OFFICE*

*Note: the number 103 has been completely fabricated for the sake of this post, please do not mark your calendars just yet!

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  • Ivy

    Hi Ed! I’m a really good cook, and I just wanted to know what your favorite meal is, so when I meet you I can invite you to my apartment and make it for you!

  • becky

    Who is the funniest person on the set of “the office” in real life? You’re awesome on the show by the way!
    🙂 becky