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Hoping to inject some new life into an already aging franchise, the CW announced yesterday that SuperGirl would be joining the cast of SMALLVILLE next season. Yes, SMALLVILLE has officially run out of ideas. Yet rather then rip the show for going to the ‘superhero well’ once again (see: last season’s addition of Green Arrow), we thought we’d think positive and offer up a few SUPER suggestions for who we would like to see in the role of SuperGirl come September 2007.

Naturally, the first name that comes to mind is an adorable and feisty detective who unfortunately finds herself among the ranks of the recently unemployed. Yes, we realize Kristen Bell isn’t from Krypton, but really, isn’t Neptune close enough?

Second on our list is a more unconventional choice, but a casting coup nonetheless. Not only would Liza Weil bring some serious acting chops to SMALLVILLE, we’re confident that by channelling her inner Paris Geller, krypto-freaks don’t stand a chance.

A few more choices include TRU CALLING’S Eliza Dushku (hottest SuperGirl ever!), Amanda Seyfriend (love her on BIG LOVE) or Gabriel Union (isn’t about time the whitest city in America — Smallville, KS — got a little more diverse?)

Agree, disagree, post away with who you would like to see as next season’s SuperGirl. And no, this girl is not an option!

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  • Shannon

    Kristen Bell would be awesome! but if she’s not available how about Jessy Schram. She played Hannah on the second season of Veronica Mars. Also Julie Gonzalo, who played Parker would be good too. Can anyone tell I have a soft spot for Veronica Mars and I want to get these actors work. : )

    Elisabeth Harnois who played the main character in Point Pleasent, if anyone even remembers that show, is very bubbly and cute, put she can play darker and I think she’d be really great too.

  • As much as I love Kristen Bell, I can’t help but think that Smallville already has it’s share of snark in Erica Durance. Plus going from a show like Veronica Mars to Smallville would be SERIOUSLY slumming it.

  • Shannon — Jessy Schram, great call! She’d be fantastic.

  • unless your suggestions are wearing REALLY high boots they are all too small. Tom Welling is 6″3 and the girls you have listed are all under 5’3….. Supergirl will be atleast 5’6 if not taller….

  • someone like Amber Heard from the soon to be canceld Hidden Palms

  • Shannon

    seat42f- the only person on my list that’s under 5’3″ is Kristen Bell….Jessy and Elisabeth are both 5’6″ and Julie is 5’8″. As for the tvaddicts list I’m pretty sure besides Kristen only Amanda is under 5’3″.

    I do think Amber Heard is a good suggestion even though I can’t stand Hidden Palms, I saw her in something else and she is very talented.

  • drax

    Eliza Dushku ? If only…
    I would pay serious money to see that, in fact I’d be prepared to sell off small yet vital parts of my anatomy to see that.

  • shanna

    why would Supergirl have to be tall? Sarah Michelle Gellar was 5 foot nothing and she managed to sell herself as the most powerful chick on earth for seven years.

    but any of the suggestions sound decent to me. It would be nice to somebody besides Clark (or another guy) have powers on that show (and not be evil). not that it would make me watch the show.

  • Linda B.

    I vote for Eliza Dushku. I miss Tru!

  • seat42… while I completely agree, I have to to disagree! TV magic makes everybody look the same. Tom Cruise is like 2feet tall, and Kristen Bell, who I’ve seen up close is tiny, but never looked so on TV.

  • rtms

    I’m putting up Rachel Skarsten. She’s a WB/CW alumni thanks to Birds of Prey which was produced by Smallville producers so they already know her. As well shes 5’10 and has already done the superhero act.

  • Hollywood is always a height game… big reason keanu got so many movies because a lot of the women are tall and someone had to do the films with them.

    I believe in the hollywood magic but supergirl is from a superplanet and well… should be “super” sized like her cousin superman.

    Any time you mess with the fanboy/fangirl comic world you have to attempt to stay true to the work. That’s why I look for a tall blonde just like the comicbooks….. and actually since it’s 2007 i’d bet it will be tall light haired brunette so they can appeal more people.

  • Shanna.. while I agree SMG was the bomb…. the guys on that show were nowhere near as tall as the cast of Smallville… Jimmy Olsen is the short guy at 6’0 🙂

  • Jenny

    OMG, KB or Eliza Dushku. I’m a woman and *I’m* drooling! lol

  • NikkiHolly

    Eliza would be pretty awesome…

  • t_dot

    Kristen Bell or Eliza, oh man if either one of them were Cast i would be SO happy!

  • turkelton

    i would do my happy dance if kristen bell or eliza dushku got the part!!

  • seejayess

    Is Elizabeth Banks too old? If not… go w/ her. She showed off her sci-fi ability in Slither…

    Plus, she seems like she’d be able to pull off this type of role, and is super freakin’ hot to boot!

  • The casting release said someone who looks 19….. blonde hair and “fun”….

  • Linda B.

    How old is Mircea Monroe from Drive? She’s blonde and attractive (and apparently out of work since the show was canned).

  • Sheindie

    How about the girl who played Hannah on Everwood, with dyed blonde hair? She’s a terrific actor and could get buff for the role.

  • Lewis

    I dont think Smallville is aging at all. I feel season 4 was a little slow, but seasons 5 and 6 have each been amazing. Dipping into the superhero well is a good thing, in my opinion. Clark can only stay insular for so long. I welcome a Supergirl addition as long as she doesnt have an awful personality like the new relaunch version in the comics.

  • eskimo joe

    Eliza Dushku she is my favorite actoress

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  • eMetiB_101

    Kristen Bell would be awesome as supergirl 🙂

  • go to AOL Video and type in “Sam Moore on the TodayShow June 11”.
    It will bring up legendary Sam and a “new overnight sensation”….a teen named CALLAWAY who looks just like Supergirl!!!!!!!!! She is amazing AND can sing. Go look!!!!
    GET HER!!!!!!!!!!

  • DINO


  • Greg

    I think one possiblity should be Sara Paxton. She is already blond. She is the right age. She has a Helen Slater type of look that the movie actress had playing the role. She had a comedy show on NBC that required alot of physical comedy so she could handle the physical part. But more important is she is absolutely beautiful with deep blue eyes to match Tom Weller.

  • T

    alright. i totally agree that it is cool to have a short chick as a superhero, and when thinking aobut how they describe the character, she doesn’t seem all busty, tall and blonde to me. Short, blonde, and quirky are what I picture. She’s supposed to be fun and rebellious but smart and strong. I agree that Sarah Michelle Gellar held her own for 7 years, and it is because of her spunk. You don’t get that spunk from tall blonde wanna be models.

  • emily

    as long as she’s not a freakisly skinny model type we should be ok…i’d love eliza!

  • michael

    Mischa Barton hands down

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  • Elisabeth Harnois from Point Pleasant would be shiny.

  • Calvinchudson

    Do’tn forget magen fox as supergirl