Free Medical Advice for NBC’s ER

isaiah washingtonIn an exclusive interview with, actor Isaiah Washington sounded off on what the future holds now that he won’t be returning to GREY’S ANATOMY.

EW: What type of offers have you received?

ISAIAH: I’ve gotten a ton of offers in both film and TV, and now my agent Ben Press and I are just sorting through all the options. There is one network in particular that’s very interested. But I don’t want to say anything specific until it’s a done deal.

Now I’m no network executive (clearly my TV tastes are far too smart to slum it), but how about this for the most brilliant move ever — Dr. Burke, looking for a change of scenery following his anti-gay slur wedding being called off should hop on the next flight and take a job at County General. Yes, you heard me. Signing Isaiah Washington would not only be the shot in the arm ER so desperately needs, it would completely re-ignite interest in NBC’s aging medical drama. Ben Silverman, you can thank me anytime.

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  • Linda B.

    Has a character ever jumped networks before? Sounds like a cool move, but i doubt ABC would allow it.

  • Linda, just to clarify, I completely agree. ABC would NEVER allow the character of Dr. Burke to move networks. Why give NBC that advangate? Of course that’s not to say another doctor can’t move into the ER who has anger issues and is running from a troubled past in Seattle!

  • the-good-shepherd

    I think that’s a great idea, since Isaiah Washington’s abilities as an actor in general and as Dr. Burke in particuliar are fantastic and he was one of the main reasons why i watched Grey’s Anatomy…
    Simply the curiosity to see how he does on ER could increase the ratings significantly (at least for the first episodes), now THAT would be the hell of a move from NBC
    theTVaddict = genius 😉

  • Linda B.

    theTVaddict = genius 😉

    (I think we already knew that!)

  • ewanspotter

    ER might not be the ratings powerhouse it once was, but I would hope it wouldn’t lose what integrity is has left by doing that.

  • CaroleJean

    I watched both Grey’s Anatomy and ER. Dr. Burke added something interesting to the show, especially with Christina. I do believe Isaiah Washington would also be an excellent Doctor on ER, and give the show another intriguing character.

  • Lunco

    ER>Grey’s Anatomy

  • Barbara Janiszyn

    I won’tbother to watch Grey’s Anatomy without Isaiah Washington. With Ray and Kovac leaving ER, adding a Dr. Burke-type character would send ER back to the top of the charts where it belongs. How about importing Dr. Yang and Dr. Bailey, too and leaving the rest of those losers behind?

  • Julie Faye

    I personally can’t stand Isaiah anymore. From all the comments that came directly from his own mouth, he has lost all credibility to me and all I know. I love the show and will not be negitivily impacted at all. Anyone with the angers that reside inside themselves like those in Isaiah should not be allowed to work on screen. No one should idolize a man of the character.