sarah connor chronicles fall tv preview

The Pitch: In between movies, how else can we milk money from the TERMINATOR franchise?

WHO’S WHO: Lena Headey stars as the title character who’s sole mission is to protect son John (played by Thomas Dekker, HEROES) from being killed by giant killer robots from the future. Rounding out the cast is FIREFLY alum Summer Glau, one of the friendly robots sent to protect John as well as an FBI agent (Richard T. Jones) intent on putting Sarah behind bars.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Taking place between TERMINATOR 2 and TERMINATOR 3, THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES follow Sarah and John’s adventures as they run from robots, as well as the law. Think THE FUGITIVE + killer robots.

THE GOOD: The action packed pilot had this TV Addict on the edge of his seat for the entire hour.

THE BAD: How exactly are they going to keep the action quotient up each and every week? If the season finale of HEROES taught us anything, it’s that with great power comes great respon… err, I mean — it’s that television budgets aren’t very conducive to an action packed weekly series.

Please note: This is not a review, just a first impression. The pilot that was sent to theTVaddict.com is by no means final and many things can and will change between now and when the show actually premieres in September

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  • Budgets are irrelevant. I’ll cite season/series finales that ROCKED beyond all measure, that can be watched over and over again and never ever lose a moment of intensity

    1- (and will most likely never lose the #1 spot in my book) BSG Season 3 finale
    2- Buffy season 5 finale
    3- Angel Series finale
    4- Buffy Season 1 finale (I don’t care. Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die… at this point you realized the series was worth watching, saving, renewing)
    5- Lost Season 4 season finale (The big switcheroo Flash forward thing)

    Budget or not… if the story rocks, the finale just rocks. HEROES flunked the exam because it’s didn’t study, it didn’t prepare. When you kill the bad guy, make sure he’s dead…

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