Help Pick the Best TV on DVD Commentaries

The recent debate surrounding the GILMORE GIRLS DVD controversy has gotten this TV Addict thinking. What are your favorite TV shows on DVD based purely on the DVD commentary?

Some of my personal favorites include NEWSRADIO, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and SCRUBS. All of which include fantastic commentaries. Commentaries that are not only insightful, but funny, entertaining and really make fans feel like the cast and creative team loved being apart of the show. Post away with your favorites — as with the summer TV season (translation: reality TV season) about to kick into high gear, this TV Addict’s suddenly found himself with a lot of free time on his hands.

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  • Jo

    Firefly, particularly the commentaries for ‘Serenity’ and ‘War Stories’. They are hilarious, while giving insightful looks into the making of the episodes (including goofs), the backstory of the series and for added fun, there are some snarky comments thrown at Fox. You can really tell that everyone involved loved working on the series. Commentaries for seven of the fourteen episodes are included, all but one with at least two people talking, including several of the actors, Joss Whedon, Tim Minear & Jane Espenson.

  • Arclight

    I will second the vote for Firefly.

    With one caveat, I was disappointed that they did not have Adam Baldwin and Sean Maher do a commentary together on the episode “Jaynestown”, my favorite episode of the series.

    If you watch ever episode and every DVD commentary for each of Joss Wheadon’s projects Firefly, Serenity, BtVS, and Angel, you should be given credit for a year in film school.

  • Jay

    Supernatural had commentaries from both leading actors Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles and Roswell had commentaries from both leading actress Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino. And they both sound happy doing it, they laugh and put there 2 cents. Boy Meets World also had great commentaries by the cast. Rider Strong, Matthew Lawence (And he wasn’t even in that season) etc..

  • Nadine

    I personally don’t really like audio commentaries and hardly ever watch the episodes with the commentaries because I’d rather enjoy them without (I’m always afraid to miss something 😉 ). But I really LOVE the O.C. commentaries Josh Schwartz is such a sweatheart and those commentaries are just the funniest. I also like the Scrubs commentaries. Maybe when I have more time I’ll try the commentaries with some of my other DVDs. We’ll se…

  • ‘Tos

    Everwood has big party commentaries that are a lot of fun. As the DVD goes along, more and more people are added to the commentaries and by the last one, it’s like ten people. Tons of jokes, but some great insight and you just get the sense that these people love the show as much as the fans do, and that they all get along and have fun.

    Futurama commentaries are also great. Again, it’s just a lot of fun with a whole slew of people. Lots of jokes, occasional insight and people enjoying their own work, but not in an annoying way. Plus they do it for every episode, which is kind of insane, but they find things to talk about or make fun of or whatever. Fun stuff.

  • ewanspotter

    Firefly had good commentary by numerous cast in various episodes.

    Stargate has, by far, the best commentaries I’ve seen though. Although the first few seasons had barebones features, they’ve made up in the last six seasons. There is commentary for nearly every episode (actually, it’s probably *every* episode but I don’t have the disks to look at now). Each commentary usually has the episode’s director and then a sidekick of sorts including writers, actors and various crew. The couple of hilarious commentaries per season by director Peter DeLuise make it worth the purchase price alone. (In one he even sings the “unofficial” lyrics to the show’s theme song.) It’s good stuff.

  • Jenna

    Firefly… and Supernatural. The commentary by Kripke was great.

    Yeah, I don’t have anything else because most of the time we don’t get the DVD commentaries on our releases. Oh why wasn’t I born in the US?!

  • I”m going to have to go with my favorite…THE OFFICE. The commentaries during the S1 DVDs were really great. The S2 DVDs had a ton of commentary but at times there were too many people in the room and it got a bit distracting.

  • I say Freaks and Geeks. Every episode has multiple commentaries and a few have people doing commentary in character. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Enidee

    I loved the commentary on the final episode of Alias’ first season, it was great, very funny and with a lot of cast members. I also enjoyed commentaries from Angel’s season 5 dvds, especially the ones with Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker and Whedon. 😀

  • Shannon

    I think a great commentary is to come. On the Supernatural Season 2 DVDs they’re having Jensen and Jared do a commentary on their season 2 premiere “In My Time of Dying” with Kim Manners, an executive producer. Jared and Jensens commentaries are fun because they ARE fun plus with a director the fan’ll get a lot of insight. Plus, they are all hilarious.

    As for as Supernatural goes, they’ve done 2 commentaries on each dvd set so far and have a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make the fans happy, no matter if they get paid or not from it.

  • plinstrot

    Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Felicity.

  • becky

    I think “The Office”, “Scrubs”, and “Greys Anatomy” commentaries are my favorites.

  • I vote for my beloved Felicity. The commentaries with Keri Russell and Scott Speedman and Scott Foley were fantastic!

  • Kayleigh

    Supernatural and Firefly definately. Eric Kripke’s commentary is always insightful and funny and gives us great history on the show. Jared and Jensen’s ommentary on Season 1 DVD’s was funny and you could really sense that their friendship was real. They really seemed to love what they were doing. I agree with Shannon that more great commentaries are to come with Season 2. Kim, Jared, and Jensen should be great and I expect a lot of laughs. Kripke and Singer are commentating on the finale and I’m looking forward to great making of stories.
    Firefly’s commentaries are awesome as well. Nathan Fillion is always a joy to listen to and him and Alan Tudyk make up a great combination in ‘War Stories’.

  • sideofzen

    I love the Farscape commentaries, especially the ones done with Ben Browder and Claudia Black. The commentaries they have done together are very funny and insightful. One of the best ones is for Jeremiah Crichton, where they just completely hate on the episode. Hilarious.

  • smint

    Also felicity, i like the season 2 commentery with all the other actors too

  • Jamwill

    Arrested Development commentaries are frequently as funny as the shows themselves, and frequently have little to do with the show they are watching — ripping on Tambor’s confusion/anger at the price of produce in a Whole Foods made me pee. They only did commentary on 2 or so eps per season, sadly.

  • Jamwill

    Oh, and Mr. Show commentaries are as scripted as the episdoes themselves — bringing in their #1 obsessive fan to comment on shows along with them (voiced, I think, by David Cross), random characters coming in and out of the room, various co-stars (Poesehn, Silverman, Black) coming in for select eps….this should could still be on and still be oddly hiliarious.

  • Michaela Gilmore

    I have to agree with what others have said about the Supernatural commentaries. Jensen and Jared are SO funny and clearly get on so well, it is just hilarious to listen to! And they do loads of other extras for the fans on the DVDs too, they seem to really appreciate fans of the show. I also love the commentaries on Highlander the Series. Especially from Peter Wingfield, Adrian Paul and Jim Byrnes. They are hilarious!

  • Julia

    Love, love, love the Arrested season 3 commentary, especially when they ring up the guy who plays George Senior/Oscar (can’t believe I forgot his name) just so all the cast are on the commentary.

    Supernatural’s is great as well, you can really tell that Jensen and Jared get along well.

  • FrabFran

    My opinion is limited only to the fact that I only have this series on DVD – Sex in the City.

  • Kelleh

    Joss Whedon does great commentaries… my favourite is “Innocence” from Season 2 of Buffy.
    Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme do some interesting ones on The West Wing. They aren’t the greatest but there are a couple times that they’ll point something out or explain a metaphor that you completely didnt get which is kind of cool. ie: did you know that every episode the art department makes a different figurine to stick in the bottom of CJ’s fish bowl as decoration even though we never really see it?
    It’s also funny to hear the producers talk about the actors. Both Whedon and Sorkin love their respective Allisons.
    Oh and I really like The Office season 2 commentaries
    On Six Feet Under though they tend to just talk about why their show is better than everyone else’s which gets kindof annoying.

  • KayDee

    I join with the Whedon group and say that the Angel commentaries are some of my favorites. Those and the commetaries/extras on Farscape were the only collections I ever listened to and watched all the way through. On Angel, all the cast members saluted the fans and did commentaries and featurettes as did the actors on Farscape. The fans give a show and its leads their devotion and have watched these characters over numerous seasons. Unlike the Gilmore Girls actors, the casts of Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Farscape and other shows know that to the fans, the series is more than just a “job,” and they honor their fans by devoting some time to making the DVD extras something special.