We Preview BACK TO YOU

back to you fall tv preview

THE PITCH: Kelsey Grammer returns to television, do you really care what the show’s about?

WHO’S WHO: BACK TO YOU features an all-star trio of comedy veterans including Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton and Fred Willard

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: What, you care what the show’s about? Okay, here it goes. Grammer plays a successful anchorman who must return to Pittsburgh after an embarrassing on-air gaff ruins his career. The ‘you’ he’s returning to is Patricia Heaton, his former co-anchor and one night stand. Needless to say, complications with a touch of hilarity ensue.

THE GOOD: In a lesser actor’s hands, BACK TO YOU would be as entertaining as well, ‘TIL DEATH (translation: not funny). But thanks to the comedic chops of Kelsey Grammer, and a fantastic supporting cast, BACK TO YOU is definitely worth twenty-two minutes of your time.

Add to the ‘good’ is the return of the classic studio audience comedy. While we at theTVaddict.com love our ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and THE OFFICE, it’s nice to see networks haven’t completely given up on the classic sitcom format that gave us CHEERS, FRIENDS and SEINFELD.

THE BAD: While the pilot’s a positive start, BACK TO YOU still has a ways to go until we hail it as the next great office comedy (see: NEWSRADIO)

Please note: This is not a review, just a first impression. The pilot that was sent to theTVaddict.com is by no means final and many things can and will change between now and when the show actually premieres in September

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  • Patricia Heaton? Urgh… I think I’ve had enough of her ‘holier-than-thou’ personality.

    Plus Kelsey Grammer isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is. I’m gonna pass on this one for sure.