A Fan Campaign That REALLY Matters

VERONICA MARS fans are back — and this time, they’re fighting for something even more important than saving VERONICA MARS (Yes, apparently there are more important things in life than saving your favorite TV show from cancellation!)

After one of Veronica’s final mysteries revolved around the story of a former child solider from Africa, fans of the show were eager to pitch in and help raise money. As a result, they’ve decided to sell t-shirts with two designs inspired by elements from the show. $5 from every t-shirt sold goes directly to INVISIBLE CHILDREN, and organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for war-affected children by providing access to quality education, enhanced learning environments and innovative economic opportunities. As organizer Rae (Ramblings of a TV Whore) put it, “the great thing is, it’s a win-win situation. Fans get to donate to a good cause but also get a little something to remember the show by.”

You can check out the store by clicking here.

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