kitchen confidentialWhat do you get when you mix together Darren Star, a winning concept and one of the most likable casts on television?

If your answer was an obvious and generic cooking metaphor, you’re not far off. But if you also thought to yourself ‘hmmm, Darren Star equals hit show’ perhaps you should be running a web site called

That said, the TV Addict would like to thank Bradley Cooper, Darren Star and the entire staff of Nolita for helping him get through a difficult week. Yup, apparently there is one advantage to being so sick you can’t sleep through the night. You get to watch almost an entire series on DVD — in this case, FOX’s brilliant but cancelled series KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL.

In case you missed it — and odds are you did considering FOX gave this series a mere four episodes before yanking it off their schedule — KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL (based on the real life Anthony Bourdain memoir) revolves around Jack Bourdain (Bradley Cooper, ALIAS) a once famous chef, who has hit rock bottom. When Jack is offered one last chance to run a top flight New York restaurant, he has a mere 48 hours to fully staff, prep his kitchen and prepare for the biggest night of his life.

This being Television, Bourdain not surprisingly pulls it off. Rounding out his staff with a cast of hilarious (and not bad looking) actors including Nicholas Brendon (BUFFY), John Cho, Owain Yeoman, John Francis Daley (FREAKS AND GEEKS), Bonnie Somerville (GROSSE POINTE), Frank Lagella and Jaimie King.

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL is the perfect mix of comedy, romance and fun. It goes without saying that after devouring the first (nay, only) thirteen episodes, you’ll be quick to ask for seconds. And at a price of only $19.99 (, it truly is the best deal in town.

Fun Fact: If the outside of Nolita looks familiar it’s because it has a new role on CBS. Following CONFIDENTIAL’S cancellation, Nolita was transformed into the bar Ted and the gang hang out in on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

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  • Anne

    A terrific series! Worth watching for Michael Vartan’s guest spot on episode 3 or 4 alone.

  • Natalie

    I adored this series. I adored it when it was on, and even more when I saw the whole thing on DVD. Fox is truly hopeless.

  • ewanspotter

    Good show. And, once again, we see that idiots are running Fox. (Anne, you’re totally right about Vartan’s episode.)

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  • Gracie

    I adored the Kitchen confidential series, unfortunately, couple years too late. I didn’t even know about this serious until 2007. I wished that they would reconsider putting it back on with the same cast. The series can do without some of the sex scenes and emphasize more on recipes, comedy, drama and sanitation details (sorry, culinary student). I love this show and really sad that there aren’t more episodes. FOX get your head out of your butt. Medical fields get enough shows of their own, it is, well, was, cool to see a “Grey’s Anatomy”-ish show about the culinary field.

  • canuck

    My friend and I just recently caught this series on DVD in Canada. Honestly, if we knew it started out on FOX, we would never have rented it! I had read Anthony Bourdain’s book ages ago and was eager to see how the series compared and didn’t pay attention to where/when it aired.

    Regardless, we both loved it and were surprised that something so intelligent was on the fox channel — but then again, that does explain why it was canceled, doesn’t it? There was no Homer Simpson sous chef and there weren’t any ignorant people with uneducated political opinions, so naturally this show wasn’t fox’s cup of tea.

    Sad.. it was a great show and probably would have lasted on a channel or network that catered to the more educated demographic.