You Be The Critic: THE BEST YEARS

the best years

Unfortunately there are a limited number of hours in the day, and lets face it, this TV Addict can only watch so much TV before his eyeballs fall out. With that in mind, I thought I’d once again let YOU be the critic and give you the opportunity to voice your opinion.

This Friday, The N takes another stab at DEGRASSI-sized success with THE BEST YEARS, the network’s first college-based drama. Click here to watch the first episode online and let us know if THE BEST YEARS is well, the best? Does the N have the next FELICITY on its hands? Or [I shudder to think] the next SAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS? You decide. THE BEST YEARS premieres this Friday June 29 at 8:30PM.

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  • youknowwho

    Horrible show. Completely fake, very Canadian filming. Can’t even compare it to other similarly styled shows such as “Felicity”. Lead character plays too old and is not believable. I hope people take a pass on this one.

  • this has nothing to do with the post, but just wanted to let you know that Nina from Everwood has an special appereance in the fifth episode of ABC’s Traveler. And she’s fantastic.

  • Stella

    I have a feeling that “Greek” show on ABC Family will be better than this. Not immensely better, but…better.

  • kelleh

    oh I didnt think it was that bad and with the lack of new scripted television on in the summer Ive been watching it quite loyally (which is to say I pvr it and watch when I have nothing else to do). Sam’s not my favourite character and in last week’s episode they took cynthia in completely the wrong direction (it was a “this character is reading as boring, her unrequited love, unnoticed good girl storyline isnt amusing enough, lets have her threaten suicide and have a mental breakdown and some sort of dark secret” kind of thing that television so often falls back upon) but Noah (the canadian character) is adorable, I like Trent, Lee and Dawn aswell. The only thing that really bothers me is why didnt they just set it in canada? they’ve tried to simulate boston and make the school and ivey-league kind of thing whilst setting it at a fictional yet prestigious canadian school would free them of harvard associations and thus faulty detail logic as well as perhaps make it seem less like their trying to be american. oh- and there’s no way devon is that much of a star/stud.

  • Tay

    This show is a breathe of fresh air from any other high school drama. This show has a lot of potential and I look forward to the next episode. Samantha Best is a great character because she has nothing and is open to everything coming her way. I find myself rooting for her success. She is not as hopeless as Felicity was when she started out. The first episode already has a love interest, death and a mystery. Not much else you can ask for in a premiere. The Best Years is here to stay…

  • I saw the show tonight and it was really good. It made me gasp when John fell off the roof. It made me get tears in my eyes and I was hopeing Samantha would be able to stay and i cheered. Its just really good and i really cant wait for the next episode

  • this show is hot and so is brandon jay mclaren aka devon

  • CC

    I think it fits well with the good N shows they already have. Degrassi, South of Nowhere, Beyond the Break. I can’t wait to watch more!

  • hannah

    i loved this show and whoever doesnt like it really needs to get a life because we all know it isnt real and it is just for entertainment so get over yourselfs and just enjoy the show…let others who like it watch it and if u dont like it then dont watch it…its not hard!

  • I got to see it before it premiered and i loved it
    I watched it again on friday and loved it
    I’m gonna watch the new one and love it too
    and the guy is HOT

  • turkelton

    i actually thought it was pretty good. it had a couple good twists. i will continue to watch considering the only other things that I’m watching this summer are entourage,traveler and hidden palms,that is until big brother starts. best years is definitely better than hidden palms though.

  • shanna

    I agree that it fits well with the other shows on the-N though I wish it could have a little more of the adult feel that Whistler has since it is set in a college. I think it’s also super funny (as a person who attended a New England Ivy college) that they have all these random regulations and rules to become “obstacles” for Samantha. First off, the ony way a dorm would have a specific rule about no drinking would be if it was a “dry” dorm which would mean that you choose to live in a dorm with no drinking so you won’t drink yourself. But everyone drinks in college and the college knows that. They wouldn’t make it so punitive because then you’d end up with a situation where a bunch of kids get hurt beause they try to hide the fact that they are drinking.

  • Nic

    I’ve been watching this show since in first premiered and I cant stop watching it. I admit that the leader character Samantha is a little too goody, but over all I like her and the rest of the character. I especially like the relationship thats forming between Samantha and Devon cause Devon has grown on me to be hot. But after this past Fridays episode…I’ll be marking down the days for the next episode…I cant wait!!!

  • pepper

    I think the show is real good and of course its predictable. its only a one hour drama. I love it and will continue to watch it. kudos to the cast they are awesome!!!!! Go Devon!!

  • W i l l o w

    Despite the fact that this television show “Isn’t real”, THE BEST YEARS is “FELICITY” without poignant storytelling, sincerity, characters you can relate to (even it never happened to you), and intelligence. To even relate this show to Keri’s Russell’s breakout role entitled series is rather insulting but its the only series based on collage entirely.

    BEST YEARS takes over used ‘lesson in morality (or not)’ and poory excuted ‘love triangles’ themes from previous television series on “THE N” (such as Degrassi and South of Nowhere without the Lesbian-drama) and has it revolving around the character, Samantha Best, who’s Orphan sob story is straight out of a Teen Novel of various carnations, who ends up in trouble half an hour into the first episode and its bailed out by the snooty dean of the Collage. The characters are carbon copies of ‘Degrassi’s past and current cast, none of them make an impact worth remembering.

    There are various problems with the series, the main being that the actors — the ones portraying collage students at the ages of 17 and 18 — tend to look over the age of 30 (especially Samantha Best) and the acting is hardly convincing in any of the episodes. Another irksome problem is that for a girl who’s supposed to come from a unblessed life, everybody just “Loves” her (Samantha frequently kisses one man then another when things go sour between her boyfriend Devon, rejecting their love in the end), while her poor Asian friend, the stereotype nerd, ends up getting most of the baggage that should’ve been the main character’s. Asian-Nerd ends becoming the subplot to Samantha’s rough past, when Sam finds out the Asian-nerd and her little sister is a Rape-Victim of her father’s sicko desires. They try to play Samantha off as the character that will take the high-road, as opposted to the moraless idiot Blondes they try to portray as Intelligent (its laughable really), who ends up making mistakes and gets forgiven for them because “No one can stay mad at her forever”. I mean really, there is no substance to their series at all. No effort whatsoever was put into this seires and it shows (hell even the wardrobes are terrible). Its shallow-Teen melodrama at its best [failing at what the WB’s FELICITY suceeded in] and it will please people despite this fact. The only person I can commend on this show is Brandon Jay Mclaren, who, like Amy Jo Johnson, has managed to break out of his POWER RANGERS[: SPD] role and find other jobs.