Smarter than the Average Bear: TV Addict Readers

Earlier today, two intrepid TV Addict readers commented on news well before it broke in the mainstream media.

Example #1, David posted: What happened to NBC giving repeats of Friday Night Lights on Sundays?
Well David, turns out that NBC’s new network president may not be smarter than the average bear. Following two weeks of repeats Ben Silverman has seemingly replaced reruns of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS with yet another LAW & snoORDER (get it? snoore! hehehe) rerun. No doubt this doesn’t bode well for the future of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS or at the very least, the new president’s confidence in the show.

Example #2, Common Sense posted: I’m glad Missy Peregrym has replaced Nikki Reed on Reaper. Nikki just didn’t seem quite “hot” enough…just best-friendly. Missy is hot.
Common Sense, are you channelling Hiro Nakamura’s time-traveling powers? Kudos for posting that ex-hero Missy Peregrym has been cast on REAPER before Reuters did. Dare we ask, is your real name actually Missy Peregrym? Now that would be hot.

Example #3… oh wait, no reader’s been smart enough to guess where in the world the TV Addict is. Aleks and Drax, thanks for playing, but as they say on TV… You’re Fired… umm, I mean thanks for trying, better luck next time.

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