Where in the World is the TV Addict?

In an effort to provide you with some of the most entertaining television coverage on the net, the TV Addict has once again left his humble abode in Toronto (Canada). Any guesses as to where I am? Here’s your first clue: The city, located in North America, is home to some of television’s most out-of-this-world heroes (and no, we’re not talking about the heroes from HEROES!) Check back later today with the answer.

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  • Comic-Con?

  • Wait, scratch that last one. Comic-Con isn’t until next month. Summer makes the months blend together on me.

  • Something to do with the space program ? I’m guessing Cape Kennedy or Houston

  • Deb

    Well, TV Squad is off to Vancouer, to visit the BSG set and some others. Might you be in on that, too?

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  • Haya

    im guess NYC or LA, just because they seem like the obvious choices

  • Rae

    Vancouver! Drat. Deb already guessed it. (I, too, was cheating with some insider knowledge.)

  • Mel

    out of this world heroes? Like Kael? AKA Clark? And his new cousin? Which would be in the already guessed Vancouver.
    If not, how about Chicago? No reason– just cuz . . . . .

  • Tim Wilkins

    What is Philadelphia? NYC? Are u in a major city or small town? Nashville? Memphis? LOL Wherever you are, can u drink the water? he he
    Heck, if ur in Austin, Texas, could you look me up? LOL Tim W.

  • Great guesses guys and gals. Another clue if I may:

    There is nothing SMALL about this city’s TV and film industry!

  • Have a beer at COAST for me 🙂

  • Ok now I was going to say Vancouver due to that latest hint but as we all know that’s not in the US.

  • He never said Vancouver was wrong… and it said North America. I, too, would say Vancouver, as so much sci-fi stuff shoots there and it has a BIG tv and film industry. And the SMALL hint confirms both that and the fact that Smallville shoots there.

  • Mel

    Did TVAddict say it was in the US? I thought he said North America?
    Small? As in Smallville? That’s still Vancouver!
    Oh you’re just too clever for me, TVAddict!! I give up, where in the world ARE you?

  • Liz

    Are you in Boston? I mean, most of the shows film outside because it’s expensive to film here, but a lot of actors/actresses are from here.

  • InvaderSteven

    I’m going to go against the grain of the previous guesses and say San Francisco. Home of Starfleet HQ in too many Trek shows to count. (You didn’t say it was a *current* show, just an ‘out of this world’ one.)

  • InvaderSteven

    On an unrelated note, I’m going to visit Toronto in about three months. Can you recommend anything specifically touristy for a non-Canadian visitor?

  • D’oh… I totally didn’t see the “North” in “North America.” Hahah.

  • Tia

    “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” addictive little game. So, I must say Gumshoes the TV addict is in Vancouver.