Amrie’s Take on TV: Summer TV

We’re not even one week into summer, and already, summer TV has me going nuts. I’m obsessed with great new comedies, and worshipping established dramas. Usually, I can’t wait to get to the end of the summer for fall TV to start, but with the stuff the networks are throwing at me, I don’t want the summer to end!

Here’s my take on what you should be watching if you haven’t already been –

1. Flight of the Conchords – oh my heavens, these two New Zealenders, Bret and Jermaine, have made life so much better this summer. Aside from reruns of The New Adventures of Old Christine (which have really been better than I would have given them credit), there isn’t another show on TV that has me laughing. Their musical interludes are just the right kind of crazy that make the show work. They’re awkwardly hilarious, which is what I would use (and probably have used on more than one occasion) to describe my own personal hero, Michael Cera. Dry, unaware of just how hilarious they are, this is a show worth checking out for sure!

2. Rescue Me – I’ll be the first to admit that Season 3 lacked some luster. The plots were out there in a bad way, and all the “everyone wants to sleep with Tommy” crap was starting to get on my nerves. So far this season, they’re handling everything with aplomb. Tommy’s got women chasing him, but not in the crazy way they used to. Tatum O’Neill is really cracking me up as Sean Garrity’s wife. Garrity is still hilariously dumb, and Mike (no longer The Probie) is most likely going to lose his mother, but he just can’t accept it. Franco and Natalie is believable, and I like the friendship he’s formed with her brother. Chief, Lou, even the replacement Chief, and Peter Tolan as the head of the station – it’s just great stuff. If you tuned out for whatever reason in Season 3, Season 4 is the time to get back in – Susan Sarandon’s coming up soon, too, and expect a big shock in this week’s episode that will blow you way!

3. The 4400 – Is this getting good, or what? I have to start with the shallow end of things – is there a better looking cast on TV? Chad Faust and Patrick Flueger are so hot, and Jacqui McKenzie (Diana) gets hotter and hotter with each passing episode. But more importantly, the first few episodes have really been phenomenal, and they’ve sucked me right back into the mythology that is this show. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. And pretty soon, we’ll find out what is up with Richard, and I cannot wait for you all to see!

4. Big Love – I missed this show first time around when I was listing what I was most looking forward to. I have to say, it’s wowed me so far. I’ve heard rumblings that the first few episodes have been boring, a set up for new and exciting episodes down the line, but I have to say, I haven’t found myself disinterested once. The Ben and Margene thing finally coming up, the whole Sarah and her polygamy-support group boyfriend. Beaver Casablancas being a horrid voice of reason to the already fragile Ben? And Barb going a little off her rocker, Nicki driving me a bit crazy, and the loving head of the family, Bill, just trying to do what’s best. It’s been really great.

5. Entourage – wow HBO is keeping busy. This show, with its 2-3 week hiatus between seasons, has kept me entertained, that’s for damn sure. I love the interactions of the four members of the Entourage, not to mention the awesomeness of Lloyd, Ari, and even Billy and his breakdown. Truly genius stuff. I can’t wait for more good stuff!

Those are my top five, but don’t be alarmed Kyle XY and The Closer fans – I’m watching them religiously, too, and can’t draw myself away!

Also, you know how when you set out to DVR the new series that come out, having all of those intentions to watch and love the new stuff? I cannot wrap my head around John From Cincinnati. It’s the first DVR casualty of the summer.

What are you guys watching this summer? What can’t-miss shows are you DVRing and watching on repeat a million times over (I’ve seen the FotC pilot so many times, that I am able to recite the entire thing)? What shows are you skipping out on?

In other news…
All kinds of new casting over at Prison Break have what sounds like a brand new cast appearing out of thin air. If you haven’t heard, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Taylor from She’s All That) has joined the cast of thousands. I’m not sure that a show already suffering from creative fatigue can afford to expect the audience to love new characters while not dealing well enough with the old ones to begin with.

Rumors abound that Traveler can kiss airing on TV goodbye. It sounds like there is not chance of a last minute renewal that would put them somewhere on the fall schedule.

I’m normally not a fan of “reality” TV, but I have to say that this summer has been fabulous for it – I love Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, Pirate Master, you name it, I’m tuning in. Who is your favorite SYTYCD star? I’m loving Pasha and Neil, what about you?

One Last Plea

If you haven’t done so already, please find a way to catch up on season 1 of Friday Night Lights. I know you’re thinking “but I don’t have the time to watch all of the episodes”. Trust me. You will regret it more if you SKIP the episodes than if you skip a few hours of sleep to catch up!

All right, that’s it for me this week, but stay tuned in the coming weeks as I share my opportunities to pick the brains of a new up and coming star of an FX series, as well as the creator of a fabulous new Lifetime series you’re going to be in love with. Also coming up is the big interview with Andy Bernard, Ed Helms himself. Get those questions in if you haven’t already – we’re dying to ask him what you want to know!

Plus, stay tuned July 17 for my big Emmy predictions and what I hope to see when the nominations come out!

Feedback is fabulous –

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  • Glad to hear some love for Rescue Me. Don’t miss tomorrow night’s episode – the ending will leave you speechless.

  • David

    Traveler, Hidden Palms, Kyle XY, and SYTYCD!! Unfortunately two of those are probably not going to be back! Why does that always happen to me? Sigh…but one of my summer TV goals is to catch up on Friday Night Lights! (after I catch up on Degrassi lol). I’ve got about half the season DVR’d, and I guess I’ll have to watch the rest on, since it looks like they’re not going to repeat them any more.

  • About to drop a dumb question…maybe…. but do you guys get USA Network in Canada? If so you should check out Burn Notice. I LOVED it..Nice change of pace for the summer…

    My Top Five Returning….. 1: The Closer 2: Rescue Me 3: My Boys 4: The 4400 5: Entourage

    My Top Five New….. 1: Damages 2: Traveler 3: Burn Notice 4: Meadowlands 5: Greek

  • jessica

    i totally agree regarding 4400 its just getting better. I hope the pick up Traveler I am really enjoying it. Can’t they make a summer thing like abc family does with KYLE XY and scifi does with Eureka.

  • Nicole

    It took me several episodes to get into Big Love and I’m glad I did. Isn’t Beav (Beaver Casablancas) so bizarre in this? Not often in the show, though. He is, however, very busy because I have seen him pop up in Medium and The Closer – just to name a few – playing the SAME CREEPY PSYCHO KID! Way to embrace the typecast. And I LOVE Top Chef and really getting into The Next Food Network Star. Really, it’s good.

  • Alexandra

    Amrie, great comments about The 4400 there!

    Did you notice that in Jordan Collier’s dream sequence on the premier episode that Richard didn’t seem to be there? It makes me wonder what is going to happen when Richard gets back! Excitment sure is building!

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