The TV Addict Goes SCI FI

Congratulations to readers Deb, Rae, Tim and Mel who correctly guessed that the TV Addict is currently in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. For the next two days in fact, the TV Addict has officially gone SCI FI, as I’m taking part in the first ever SCI FI CHANNEL DIGITAL PRESS TOUR.My adventure begin in about twenty-five minutes (6am folks, talk about a ‘rough day’) as I get on a bus and head to the sets of EUREKA, STARGATE ATLANTIS and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Needless to say I’m giddy with excitement and can’t wait to get the scoop on all your favourite shows.Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, feel free to follow along as I post regularly via Twitter. And note, if I’ve gone silent for too long, the TV Addict was undoubtedly ‘escorted’ off the premises for trying to commandeer a Viper and lead the BSG crew back to earth.

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  • Wow, that sounds so cool to be visiting those sets. Please let us know how that goes. I wonder if those recliners in BSG’s Colonial One set are as comfortable as they look. 😉

    You didn’t mention the set of Stargate SG-1. I’m curious if it’s simply omitted from the tour or if those sets no longer exist. I know that Stargate SG-1’s series run is over, but with the potential for future movies, Atlantis still having contact with Earth, a possible third series in the planning stages, etc., I’d like to think they at least keep the gate room, conference room, and general’s office sets around (everything else was just corridors, labs, makeshift quarters, and the infirmary anyway, and who cares about those).

    If you do find out whether the SG-1 gate room set is still preserved or torn down, could you let us know? Thanks.

  • ewanspotter

    Heh. The “SMALL” clue kinda gave you away.

    Well, have fun! I’ll be over here in this sad corner being all jealous of you and such (and waiting for more details). Say hi to Starbuck for me!

  • Fishbaum

    Looking forward to the Stargate Atlantis coverage! Any chance we’ll get video of the presentations, like you’re doing for BSG? There are a ton of loyal fans looking around for coverage from this event!!

  • Fishbaum, thanks for stopping by. I’m most definitely planning on uploading the STARGATE video. Check back next week for sure. Up next is the new FLASH GORDON!

  • I guessed Vancouver, too. Jeesh. I never get any credit…