Dateline 4:50AM, Vancouver Time.Before I head out to the set of FLASH GORDON I thought I’d pop in and give you the info you’re all clamoring for. I did indeed get my photo taken on the STARGATE ATLANTIS set. Okay, seriously folks, on to what I know you want — BATTLESTAR GALACTICA news. Not surprisingly, the cast, crew, costume designers, key grips and anyone remotely related to the show were tight-lipped with regards to what’s in store for fans this final season. I can reveal that fans should expect to see a new ship around episode five/six (called the Demitrius), Michael Hogan is not happy about being a Cylon and Aaron Douglas alluded to the fact that within the first few episodes of the season, his character Chief Tyrol may [or may not] find himself on the brink of being tossed out of an airlock. Presumably when President Roslin finds out about his little secret.Stay tuned all week for more in-depth reports from the sets of EUREKA, STARGATE ATLANTIS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and FLASH GORDON.

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  • jessica

    What the Frak? we need more scoop! and throw Cheif out of an airlock what the frak is Roslin thinking after everything he has done for the ship.

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  • punchface

    let’s just skip the “presumably when President Roslin finds out about his little secret.” bit. There is no confirming data about this one way or the other. Sure, the possibility that madam president finds out about Tyrol’s origins and then wants to execute is a possibility, but certainly not the only one. Chief coulda gone out an airlock as a result of some of what went down in Dirty Hands. Airlock = Prez knows about Chief as a Cylon is premature and jumping to conclusions.

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  • J and more letters

    So there’s more human/cylon babies to account for since Chief Tyrol and his wife have a kid.

  • Dokreryan

    This show is one of the best science fiction stories ever.I have watched Star Trek,Next generation,Deep space nine,Voyager,Enterprise,Farscape,Lex,Stargate,Alantis,Babylon 5,Fireflyand Battlestar galactica is so rich.Everything from the sets,casting,character developement the battle scenes,it all kicks ass!!So my question is how could you want to coclude or cancell a show as awesome as this after only 4 seasonsCome on who’s idea is that?I was jonesen all summer long waiting for it .Then the writer strike came and my biggist concern was that the brilliant writers that made this show so incredible would still be there when the strike was over.Learning that this is the final season sucks!!!High quality scifi shows of this caliber are few and far between.especially since Star Trek auctioned off everything leaving little hope of another series,althow the new movie does bring some promise.Can we the fans put off the inevitable like we did with Jericho?I;ll write letter after letter just tell me who to send them to!