V.C. Andrews Gets A New Life(time)

The news that a production company will be bringing the works of gothic novelist V.C. Andrews to television might best be met with the response “what took so long?” Then again, anyone who suffered through the painfully bad big-screen adaptation of her most famous novel, Flowers In The Attic, might instead let out a plaintive wail while asking, “Why?” But the Lifetime Network has announced that they are developing a mini-series based on one of the author’s better-received series of books. According to Variety, the mini has been given the somewhat awkward title THE LANDRY (which seems odd, seeing as the books upon which it is based follow the saga of a family named Landry, making a more appropriate title THE LANDRY’S). As with all of Andrews’ early works, the story follows a young girl who grows up poor only to discover as a teen that she is actually part of a wealthy New Orleans family.The books upon which the mini-series will be based were, in order, Ruby, Pearl in the Mist, All That Glitters, Hidden Jewel and Tarnished Gold. Unfortunately, Variety reports that Andrew Neiderman – the ghost writer who has cranked out (as opposed to writing) crappy tomes under the author’s name since her death in 1986 – will be serving as a consultant. Hopefully, the involvement of Neiderman – who showed early promise as a ghost writer but has more recently either run out of creative steam or finally been prove to have none of Andrews’ storytelling ability nor style – will be kept to a minimum. (Better still, here’s hoping someone eventually gives the author’s beloved — if one can use that word to describe a work which features a homicidal mother and her driven-to-incest children — Flowers In The Attic and it’s sequels the treatment they deserve.

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  • I’ve actually read all of the books up through the series that came out like two years ago? The Landrys saga,and Ruby in particular, is my favorite. I think it’s a good idea to start with those – I’ve always thought they’d be great movies or in some mini-series form.

  • Tim Wilkins

    I read VC Andrews growing up, but her ghostwriter sucked. I stopped reading them because the plot was always the same per se and it was just a rehash with different names and maybe a few different circumstances. The orginal VC Andrews books are the ones Lifetime needs to concentrate on. Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin

  • Justine

    First of all, the “author” of the tvaddict.com paragraph needs to take grammar lessons. This person shouldn’t be critcizing another’s work when they can’t write a simple sentence.
    Second, any of the true V.C. Andrews fans would know that she left outlines for her future books and that is what her ghostwriter is following.
    Third, V.C. Andrews’ ghostwriter has been writing for many more years than most people even know so those of you who have grown up with her books have read MANY the ghostwriter has written.
    Find out your facts before you make negative comments.

  • Justine, a few points, if I may: First, as someone who is not paid to write for this site, I feel perfectly comfortable criticizing someone who is, in fact, paid (and very well) to publish his works. That said, I should make it clear that I am, in fact, a true VC Andrews fan… simply not a fan of the ghost writer. If you look at the quality of recent books (such as the recently completed Early Spring series – comprised of Broken Flower and Scattered Leaves), any true fan of the author would be hard-pressed to find the quality comparable. And yes, the ghost writer has been writing for many more years than people are aware, as it was obviously in the publisher’s best interest to prevent people from realizing the books they were reading had not, in fact, sprung completely from the fertile imagination of the much-loved author. It has also become clear over time that the longer the time between the author’s death and the publication of a novel by the ghost writer, the less involvement she had in the actual story being told. The Landry series maintains both the gothic feel and the long-established traditions of Virginia’s earlier works. More recent entries – such as, for example, the Hudson saga – are much more disjointed and do not have the feeling of the well-developed, long-term arc stories one found in the original Dollanganger series or even many of the earlier works penned by Neiderman under Andrews’ name. I welcome your comments and criticisms, but assure you that I am well versed in the works of both Ms. Andrews and Mr. Neiderman, and stand by my original “negative remarks.”

  • mwAh

    I have just read the second book in the Dollanganger series..and I must say that even though I did not know about her until my mother told me about her..She must of wrote some awsome stories…they are well I cant really explain it……But I am looking foward to reading the rest of her books! R.I.P Virginia Andrews!!!! You are a GREAT AUTHOR!

  • mwAh

    she wrote some amazing stuff..and when you start reading her books you cant put the book down because you want to know what happens next…it is very rarely that you get a very good authour like her.

  • Dawn

    I have read every book that was written in her name and I have to agree with the tv addict. Her work that she done when she was alive was much more thrilling and more disturbingly interesting than the books the “ghost writer” has had a hand in. V.C. Andrews had much more imagination and wasn’t afraid to put any disturbing details into her book to catch peoples interest. The books that the “ghost writer” has had a hand in just seem like the same stories over and over except different names for the characters. I noticed with the books coming out since her death I have been bored and not really interested in finishing the book but do anyways hoping it will gain my interest but it doesn’t so I am no longer excited when new books come out. The only series that I found somewhat interesting and different was the orphan series but it was more teenage fiction than horror/gothic type novels that Andrews wrote.

  • Kaprece

    I have read all the V. C. Andrews books from the infamous Flowers in the Attic to Scattered Leaves. I belive that all the novels and mini series were well put together. I believe that many people only know what they read and are commenting on those grounds. My expectations for a ghost writer is to depict the essence of the author you are writting for and I feel Neiderman did just that. For years many readers did not know that Virginia C. Andrews did not write the final versions of Gates of Paradise and Web of Dreams. Although she did leave notes and outlines still the finishing touches were done by Neiderman. He has been ghost writing since the late 1980’s and the fact that the different series continued to be best sellers proves that his writing was not…how did the addict say it?…hmm…..disjointed, but masterful enough to, not only portray the style of Mrs. Andrews, but to also get a motion picture ond a T.V. mini series. The Cutler series was brilliant and Dawn, next to Ruby in the Landry series is one of my favorite chacthers. I believe both series contain just as much “gothic feel” and the “traditions” of Flowers in the Attic. The Hudson, DeBeers, and Logan series posess a rawness simply because they were written for a more modern time but in no way do they lack “gothic” nor “tradioion”. I have seen Rain and I can only conclude that the mini series will turn out just as good, if the books are follwed, just as rain was with out cutting too much out. I have also seen Flowers in the Attic and hope and pray a remake is made because that was one book where the movie did it no justice. With all that bieng said, i am a true fan of V.C. Andrews and I can appreciate the fact that Neiderman is continuing her work with out trying to make it his own, in a sense, as so many ghost writers would and have done.

  • sherry

    I’ve read every last book with her name on it however I am a bit annoyed with the ghost writer it seems that he only makes a few minor changes but the storylines lately have left characters on a old farm which to me has been in the last several series I’m tired of the characters being on farms….god change the storyline already…..I’m a big fan of VC andrews story telling abilities however she would have had different ways to write the books……

  • Jessica

    I am one of the biggest V.C. Andrews fan that i now of, and like alot of people i have been kind of disgusted the ghost writer in the last couple of novels.Like the Shadows Series,the V.C. Andrews that I remember writing books suchas my personal favorites, Heaven and Dark Angel, would never wrote about not understanding ones sexual preferance. That wasn`t her style. And i was really disappointed in the newest release. To me Secrets In The Attic was a major let down.It was actually the very first V.C. Andrews book to ever bore me into sleep. As for the whole Landry Family Series being turned into a mini-series, all i have to say is that it is about time.Granted I would have prefered the Casteel Family Series instead,being my favorite and all, but i can most definitly accept my second favorite.There will be no doubt in my mind were I will be the very first night it airs.Waiting to see how directors and producers invision the second greatest family series.I just hopre they don`t screw it up and all.

  • Tinaaa

    Hiya, Im from the UK, and have read every V.C Andrews book i can get hold of!! Im a big fan, and i think it is about time for some of her work to be brought to television!! I also hope they do a re-make of Flowers in the attic!! Can anyone else tell me websites for more information on the show?? Thx xxxxxx

  • liv

    I am twelve years old and have almost read every V.C. Andrews book and they are wmazing stories based on characters my age and i always trie to get my friends to read them but hey are to long but since they’re having a movie on it maybe they would like to see it but i am so excited for this movie i re-read every book and Ruby would have to be my fav. since it’s about her and her mean sister gisselle who i think is funny when she tries to get ruby down
    but thanks the people who are making this movie come toTV cause the books are amazing and if people could see one amazing movie from a book she wrote they maybe would start rading them to

  • Maryann

    Just wanted to say I haven’t read V.C. Andrews in a long time, but picked up a copy of Flowers the other day, and I am into it all over again. I agree the earliest works are the best because as I recall the later works were the reason I stopped reading Andrews. Anyway, just wanted to say I would love to see a remake of Flowers or even better a mini series of the Dollanganger series because it is my favorite Andrews series. The Landry series are really good too, but if it was up to me I’d go with Casteel before Landry. Well, either way I look forward to watching anything based off Andrews earlier works.

  • Amanda

    I am a huge fan of VC Andrews and I havent been dissappointed with any of the books. I own every book and DVD that has her name on it and I will tell you I can not put down one of her books until I have finished it. Yes the DVD Flowers in the Attic was not anything close to the book nor was Rain, but they were as good as could be expected for a movie to come from such a wonderful masterpiece.

  • vanessa

    I have to say I absolutely love VC Andrews books. I named my daughter after one. couldn’t get the name out of my head I guess. Rayne spelt a lil differently but the same none the less. I didn’t even know there were movies out of her novels i was hoping some would come out or some tv seriers of the sort cause she is an amazing writer.
    Also to these people who are complaining about the “ghost writer” ..of course he doesnt write the same as Virginia if you havent noticed he isnt her. The novels he has writen do still have the underlying consept that Virginia wanted to get across because she had outlines for him to follow. No he cannot write the same as her because he does not have the ideas she had . He does the best he can with what he has to work with.. and as far as I am conserned her does pretty good . I have no complaints about any of the books that have been writen

  • Raychelle

    I love v.c Andrews i read almost every book she has made more than once i cant wait to see the movie that is just awesome. My favorite book from that series is All that Glitters, because of what Ruby did and why she has never ever done something like that before , but i can under stand why . She loves Beau and she did what was right.

  • Mandy

    I have read every book with the name V.C. Andrews on it, and I agree with the orignal statement in this article. Though we must remember, that times have changed since V.C. Andrews died, and though he oculd be following her plots, he must change them so that the readers can picture it better. I started reading when I was very young, and I remember reading Ruby and thinking ‘what?’ Because they used some terms that are no longer common vocabulary. The new books, really are all the same, however. I was immensly disappointed by the most recent book, I had expected better from it. If I am correct, the ghostwritter did a lot better with his own work. It is hard following someone else’s plots and outlines.
    But, I can’t wait to see The Landry. As Rain could have been better, and there was a lot to ask for from Flowers in the Attic.

  • Len

    I’m only twelve, as well, and have read all of the books except for the miniseries and several books from the Hudson and Cutler. I agree that the very latest ghostwriter’s works are becoming nothing more than a way to make money, and lack the passion the real V.C. put into her work. The latest series I feel was true to VCA was the De Beers series. A bit modernized, yes, buthad that gothic feel. It is beyond me why they would not make a miniseries for the Casteels instead. Although the Landrys seem better to translate on the screen. I have no expectations, though.

  • Raven

    Did anyone notice that Dawn and Rain are practically the same book? Also, I think the thing I notice the most about the difference between a “Neiderman” and a “Virginia” main character in a book is the passion. Think Catherine or Heaven, both were impulsive and often got themselves in trouble and made mistakes but weren’t “villains” (both Virginia’s Chars.) Then you have Ruby or Rain always knowing the right choice to make always getting the blame, always getting duped by the villain. Typical Neiderman Heroines.

  • abie

    i myself have read many of the series i love these books can’t put them down i so hope that they do make a movie out of the Landry series because it is my favorite, i can relate so much to these stories well with out all the incest and everything lol but really being from the south my self i feel like it almost like watching a good friend go through all this drama. thats how i feel with all her books and i’m right at the end of the logan series now it has been so awesome, any suggestions on which series to read next?

  • Sue

    I am a huge, huge V. C. Andews fan, and have been since I first read Flowers in the Attic many moons ago. While I will agree that the latter books written by Neiderman are very similar, there are many differences in how the plots turn out. Fans of V. C. Andrews have known for several years that the books being published are not her own, but let’s face it, Neiderman is an accredited author in his own right, and in my personal opinion, has done a great job picking up where she left off. Now my dilema will be who to read when this great ride finally comes to an end. I have not been able to find an author whose works I simply cannot put down. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know.

  • Cassandra

    I have read every book in the series…I started with secrets of the morning when I was 10 years old….I love V.C. Andrews. Although Neidermeier might not write exactly like Andrews he follows an outline. Sometimes an author has to keep up with modern times to keep the reader interested. I think that his efforts are to be commended. Granted the newer novels are different they still have the same dark feel, although the last series was not super great…

  • bender12

    I have read some of the series but I fin it impossible to get boooks from this author in electronical type

    everything the books I find, are in paper, it´s strange v.c. andrews doesn´t have books on this format, it´s a reputated novelist,

    I am searching the books of the logan series

    1 : Melody (1996) by V.C. Andrews
    2 : Heart Song (1997) by V.C. Andrews
    3 : Unfinished Symphony (1997) by V.C. Andrews
    4 : Music in the Night (1998) by V.C. Andrews
    5 : Olivia (1999) by V.C. Andrews

    may you tell me where can I find these book in ebook format?

    regards and thank you

  • michelle

    bender look on the vc andrews website i seen something on there about ebooks but they seem really expensive if you ask me anyways. good luck i hope you find those ebooks they are all great stories. and i have to say i love vca every book i read i read 2 times at least and still cant give up my books i always feel i might need to read them all over again.

  • Temera

    I love V.C. Andrews my favorite author. Ruby is my favorite series!!!

  • justine and joanne

    my mothers started reading v.c. andrews 27 years ago and got me hooked on her since i was 11 iam now 22 we love her work. we were acutally just asking ourselfs wht dont they make more movies of her books. especially the casteel series,which is on of the best series yet. theres no doubt that the heaven series would be a best selling movie. everyone will get hooked, just as we have.

  • jamie

    as long as you stck to the story and dont change it around i bet everyone will love it as much as i do

  • Beth

    Hey, Ive neen a fan of vc since i turned 11, and read Unfinished Symphony. All her books until mayne 3 years ago were well done(so kudos to Neiderman there) but they got boring. I picked up Secrets in the Attic, hoping it would be good, but it sucked big time. My two favorite series to this day, and will remain so, are Dollanganger, and Casteel. Either they remake Flowers in the Attic or do the Casteel series, but I really dont wanna see any of the new books done.

  • hmm I’ve been a fan of V.C. Andrews since about 5 years ago when i first picked up a book from my high school library. I found it interesting. I didn’t actually read a good book until I went to the public library and picked up Flowers in the Attic. Now THAT was an eye opener. Nothing was left undescribed, no matter how terrible or hideous, or even gruesome something was. She threw it in there. As the books progressed, I noticed less and less of that. It saddens me, but her books still catch my attetion because I know of her works. Everything was indescribable in the author’s actual books – it repulsed me, and yet i COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!!!!! if you’ve never read the first 3 books of the dollanganger series, than you’ve no expertise in this matter. You will never be able to understand the intensity of Andrews actual writings.

  • Kita

    I’ve been reading VCA since I was 11, watched FITA when I was 12. I think they did well with what they could work with, after all in that era was incest really acceptable? Especially on tv? I have all her books and look forward to seeing the way they do Ruby. I do think however that they ought to have stuck with Wes Craven as the directer and producer for FITA, but I am a little biased as I love his works.

  • Rachel

    I have a read all of V.C Andrews books and I like them all. I was just wondering when the show is going to air??Her books are amazing and I wouldn’t mind seeing all of the sagas made into a movie or tv series eventually

  • Diane

    I have read all of the V.C. Andrews and loved all of them. However, I need to find someone who knows where to get a printable copy of the ebook Gods Of Green Mountain. I read on Amazon.com that someone had printed a copy, but of course there is no contact information.

  • Sally

    When is the mini series supposed to air on Lifetime? I wish they would make more movies on her original books. I haven’t read any since the late 90’s but enjoyed them when I did get to read them.

  • selma

    I am a huge, huge fan from the Netherlands, and read her books since I was 12.

    I totally agree that the gostwriter is writing the same story’s over and over again. To be honest, I stopped after the melody’ saga. It’s just not renewing anymore. But aside from that, I am wondering what books have been filmed, i.e. what movies are available that are based on the VCA books?

    many thanks

  • Rain and Flowers in the attic. They are working on a remake of Flowers in the Attic

  • Angel

    I agree with so many of you that the earlier works were better. It actually makes me really sad to read Mr. Neiderman's books that he wrote. Like Vc Andrews Dies again every time he puts out another book pretending to be like hers and doesnt pull it off. I know im going to be very wary to watch the series if he has anything to do with it. I would hate for him to be reading all our comments but we speak only the truth. His writing just doesnt have what Mrs. Andrews did. I first read flowers in the attic at 11, which yes i know is probably a little sooner than i should have, but it captured me. Her writing did that. The feel of it all and how it makes you feel when you read it. You feel every emotion when you read them. I am 24 now and have been reading her works all this time. Im sorry Mr. Neiderman but you have nothing on her.

  • Juliejesussaves

    I love the landry series as well as the ruby and Logan family series. bC Andrews are the only books I can sit down and read more than once and enjoy the story as much as i did the first time. I have been waiting on these stories to make it to Tv or the big screen.

  • Danielle

    I started reading VC Andrew’s books when I was 9 years old (I’m 32). My grandmother and mother had the original series and once I got a hold of them I was hooked. I have read all of the original sagas (some more than once) as well as the Hudson, Debeers and Logan series. I have not read anything that has come out within the past 5+ years. I have always wished that they would make these books into television series. I’m looking forward to seeing if they recreate my favorites: Heaven, Ruby, and Dawn. I have heard that there is already something in the works for My Sweet Audrina and the Ruby/Landry series. I was not impressed by the Lifetime series done on the Dollanganger series. Wishing someone like Netflix would pick these up because then they could stick to the true story lines.

  • Mary Mollett Allman

    Heaven series is my FAVORITE!!!!