Random Musings for a Thursday

If you were one of the numerous readers who sent theTVaddict.com an email complaining that NBC’s already lost faith in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by removing the show from its summer schedule, have we got good news for you. NBC/Universal just announced that the twenty-two episode first season will be released on August 28th, 2007. Better still, the box set will be available for the almost unheard of low price of $29.98. Now you have absolutely no excuse to check out last season’s best new drama.

ROSWELL Star Lands New Gig
Pleased by the success of the limited-run series THE STARTER WIFE, the USA Network has given the green light to 12 episodes of the Sheri Appelby vehicle TO LOVE AND DIE. The series focuses on a young woman who is unlucky in love and decides the answer lies in her unresolved daddy issues. Seeking out the father she never knew (played by Tim Matheson), things quickly get complicated when she discovers that he’s a hitman… and killer tendencies might run in the family! Look for the show to appear sometime next Spring.

FOOTBALL Still In Play
More than a few people were shocked when ABC’s pilot FOOTBALL WIVES — based on a similarly-named and wildly popular BBC series — didn’t wind up on the network’s fall schedule. After all, the high-profile offering features such names as Gabrielle Union, Lucy Lawless, Ving Rhames and even Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek, and primetime soaps have been very kind to ABC in recent years (see DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, UGLY BETTY and BROTHERS & SISTERS). But it’s now being reported that the show isn’t yet dead in the water. In fact, it appears that if ABC Studios — which recently extended its options on the principal actors, usually an indicator that a project is still in consideration — permanently benches the project, several other nets are waiting on the sidelines.

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  • People, now is the chance to lovingly offer FNL to all of your friends. At $30, buy two, give one as a gift to someone, for no reason other than the fact that you want them to fall in love with the show as much as you have. It’ll be one of the best gifts people have ever received ha! 🙂

  • shanna

    I will defintely be picking up the FNL DVDs as my offering to the blue-jean gods (thank you Taylor Kitsch).

    The Shiri Appleby thing is whatev. I’ve worked with her. Not the nicest chica out there.

  • I’ve never understood why networks don’t seem to get the value of DVD’s when it comes to promoting troubled series. I would have had the FNL DVD out there within a few weeks of the series finale, and done a huge promotional campaign saying – Make It A Friday Night” or some such thing. And I would have done what ABC did with the first season of Grey’s Anatomy when it came out on DVD: Price it at, like, $15 bucks. Sell as many of those puppies as you can (let’s face it, there are a lot of TV fans who will buy almost ANYTHING on DVD if you price it at $15, including me… it’s how I got hooked on Grey’s, which I’d never seen).

  • Ashlady

    The Love and Die show sounds like it could be interesting! I know I am a big fan of The Starter Wife so if its coming from that camp i am in.

    This week is the last episode of The Starter Wife which makes me sad but man talk about a great mini series!

  • shanna

    Yeah I’ve been loving The Starter Wife as well. It’s the perfect post-Will & Grace vehicle for Debra Messing. Not a failed film but not a new tv series.

  • NikkiHolly

    omg, can’t wait to see shiri appelby’s new show! i loved her on roswell. sounds like a good show.

  • To Love And Die sounds great, looking forward to it. Footballers Wives aired on ITV in the UK though, not the BBC

  • I’m only interested in Footballers Wives because of Lucy Lawless and Gabrielle Union…