A DESPERATE Casting Move?

TVGuide is reporting that Dana Delany is set to join the cast of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (possibly as Bree’s long-lost sister Katherine). The question of course remains, did this news really warrant an email alert from TVGuide’s PR department notifying us to Ausiello’s scoop? The answer of course is no.

This would have been big news two seasons ago, you know, when DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES was good. But after two years of mediocrity, trying to excite fans by welcoming Dana Delany seems well, somewhat desperate.

Yes, we realize it’s been widely reported that Dana Delany turned down the original role of Bree three times before Marcia Cross was finally offered it. But the reality is, Delany is moving to Wisteria Lane three seasons too late and this casting notice does nothing except scream ‘jump the shark’.

In fact, we compare it to an actor joining BEVERLY HILLS 90210 in season eight [assuming we could remember any of their names…] or Jane returning yet again to MELROSE PLACE.

Does creator Marc Cherry not have the internet? Has he bothered to check out Delany’s imdb profile. Is he really willing to put his HOUSEWIVES on the line for Dana Delany? Talk about a show killer. KIDNAPPED, PASEDENA, PRESEDIO MED — Delany’s pretty much the female counterpart to Tim Daly.

Agree, Disagree, post away with your thoughts. Does DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES still excite you? Or is it one of those shows you simply watch out of habit?

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  • Chris

    Dude…read a little closer. Ausiello said that this character SOUNDS like Bree’s long-lost sister from the casting description.

  • Deb

    I’ve definitely been watching DH out of habit since like the 3rd episode of Season 2. However, now that I’ve picked up several more shows, not to mention Netflix and any upcoming novelties, I think it’s time to drop it for good. I just don’t care at all what happens to any of the characters. I enjoyed Dana Delaney’s work in Pasadena & Kidnapped, but it’s not nearly enough to draw me back in.

  • Chris,

    Thanks for the tip, I’ve edited the post accordingly.

    I’m a TV Addict…. apparently reading isn’t my strong suit!

  • Linda B.

    Season 1 was interesting w/ all the mystery surrounding Mary Alice’s death, but since then, it’s just turned into another mediocre soap opera. I still watch, but out of habit. Waiting for things to get interesting again.

  • ewanspotter

    “Delany’s pretty much the female counterpart to Tim Daly.” Hah!

  • I haven’t watched DH since the middle of the 1st season. Although I enjoyed it, I got several episodes behind and decided to pack it in. I have always enjoyed Dana Delany ever since her days as McMurphy on China Beach… man did I have a crush on her! However, I doubt if her joining DH is enough to get me to tune in again.

  • Tim Wilkins

    Yea, out of habit. I am guilty of that, but it hasn’t been the same since the first year mystery. Season 2 stumbled and Season 3 was okay at times, but eh? Dana Delany joining is not like MAJOR CASTING SCOOP NEWS. lol How about Jesse Metcalf back as a rich layabout playboy? Yummy. If the girls can’t work together for scenes, then let’s start killing them off and each year will be a different desperate housewives. LOL Like Law and Order. LOL Just a thought.
    Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin at theaccent.org/home.

  • Nadine

    I actually believe that season 1 is highly overrated. That’s why I don’t think season 2 and 3 are particularly worse than the first one. I still (partly) enjoy the show but I also wasn’t crazy about it in season 1. I’m not sure I can say I watch it out of habit, because that would mean I would have watched it for that reason since the pilot which, of course, doesn’t make any sense 😉 It doesn’t excite me that much either but it’s a nice filler when I don’t know what to watch, so I’ll probably keep on watching…

  • KayDee

    I didn’t watch Desperate Housewizes before, so adding Dana Delaney is not problem, because I don’t intend to watch it now! *grin*