The Ultimate Reality TV Show

Dear Presidents of ABC, CBS, FOX, CW and NBC,

As summer continues and the television audience shrinks, we at thought we’d once again lend a hand and offer up another brilliant idea in an effort to help you save your jobs.

Let’s face it, every summer’s the same. You spend millions of dollars touting your ‘exciting’ new schedule only to realize that the audience isn’t stupid. Do you really think we’re going to waste our valuable TV watching time on AGE OF LOVE, PIRATE MASTER and ON THE LOT when the cable networks (TNT, USA, FX, HBO, SHOWTIME and LIFETIME to name a few) are offering up quality scripted programming like DAMAGES, THE STARTER WIFE, ARMY WIVES, ENTOURAGE, BIG LOVE, WEEDS, CALIFORNICATION etc.

Really, what do you think we’re going to choose when given the option? THE CLOSER or AGE OF LOVE? BIG LOVE or SUPERNANNY? JOHN FROM CINCINNATI or… umm okay, so cable isn’t perfect, but you get the idea.

So here’s our idea for the ultimate summer series [drum-roll please…]


In an effort to create the perfect fall show, networks annually spend millions of dollars throughout the development season on what they believe are the best scripts, writers, directors and actors. Instead of wasting all that money and time guessing what the audience wants — why not just ask them?

THE CASTING COUCH®™ will turn ordinary television fans into Network Presidents. Each week fans will have the opportunity to take part in a specific aspect of creating their show. From choosing the script and green-lighting the series to casting the show and marketing it, the audience (via internet voting) will have the power.

In the end, it’s a win/win. Networks will have something interesting to air throughout the summer and fans will finally be given the opportunity to put-up or shut-up. Instead of simply complaining about the new fall shows, fans will have face the challenge of creating one. Thus, instead of blaming networks for renewing ACCORDING TO JIM yet again, the fans will have been given the opportunity to see if they could do any better.

Network Presidents, you’re welcome in advance for your next big hit.

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  • Common Sense

    BRILLIANT. Which is why, of course, no network will be interested. Maybe you could peak their interest by inserting a few “lifeline” quirks, like “the pull-out couch” for really intense decisions; foam “couch potatoes” that we could throw at network execs; and have it hosted by washed-up quarterback Tim Couch…just because that’s the type of “irony” networks think we enjoy.

    On the season finale, we’ll have a 5th grader (who chose between dating a 3rd grader or an 8th grader) open a suitcase to reveal the winner, after ‘surviving’ with Shaq on a pirate ship docked on Temptation Island. Ohhh, I’m giddy already.

  • Common Sense, once again you’ve proved how accurate your ‘moniker’ really is. How’d you like an executive producer credit? 🙂