An Open Letter to Nathan Fillion

Dear Nathan Fillion,

If we’re to believe this morning’s Hollywood Reporter, rumour has it that you’re contemplating joining the cast of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as a series regular this upcoming season.

If this is true, we have three words for you, “Don’t do it!”

Look, we get it. After the quick cancellation of DRIVE and FIREFLY you’re probably well, desperate for a gig that is guaranteed to last more than thirteen episodes. But if you move to Wisteria Lane, the only thing that waits for you [aside from one really big paycheck] is an entire season of playing second banana. Men on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES never get anything good to do and frankly are only around to make the women’s lives seem more interesting. Do you really want to spend a year playing Teri Hatcher’s love interest?

We all know Captain Mal deserves better, here’s hoping you feel the same.


Your loyal Fan,

the TV Addict

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  • babygirrr

    AMEN! He is far to good to be on that sinking show! I want to see him in something great! I loved him on Buffy and adored him on Firefly. He cannot be on DH! Let’s hope he is listening!

  • babygirrr… for sure Mr. Fillion reads!

  • But if he joins the show, maybe I will watch it.

    I thought you liked Desperate Housewives?

    Isn’t ANY Nathan Fillion a good thing?

  • Linda B.

    I agree i’d like to see him do something better, but then again i’d like to see him do anything. I won’t be disappointed seeing him on DH. It’s better than not seeing him at all. And, after all his hard work over the years, he deserves a big paycheck!

    Any idea what his character would be like or which housewife they’ll link him w/? They’re all kinda taken right now, aren’t they?

  • Mr. Hinman,

    After one of the most fantastic first seasons ever, DESPERATE devolved into almost a parody of itself. The woman, who started out as complicated and interesting became caricatures.

    Linda B,

    My guess, yet another obstacle in the Mike/Susan relationship.

  • Tonya

    I was somewhat disappointed when I read the news this morning. DH is not really my kind of show and even though I know how good an actor Nathan Fillion is, I was hoping his next project would be darker and edgier. Unfortunately, he’s been there, done that, with Firefly, Serenity and Drive, artistically fine work that has not gotten him large movie roles or a leading role in an enduring television series. If this actually happens, I’ll be glad that he will finally be getting some much needed widespread exposure and hope that it works out for him.

  • T

    The rumor is that Nathan would be playing the young husband of a new character played by Dana Delany. DH is a top ten show with a huge audience. This can only be a good thing for Nathan and I am shocked that any of his fans would have issues with it. Congrats, Nathan. You deserve it.

  • I thought he was earmarked to make a few more appearances in Lost.

  • V

    I think this is great news for Nathan. He’s not going to be Susan or Gabby’s love interest, after all. I’d rather him get a nice big paycheck and some visibility than to turn it down and do what, some guest spots on LOST? Please. At least it’s not the Cavemen show.

  • Why are you talking to me through my dad? He’s the Mr. Hinman in this bunch. =P

    I don’t know … the only thing that I ever liked about “Desperate Housewives” was the MadTV spoof, and for whatever reasons, they used video of the rollercoasters at Busch Gardens here in Tampa. lol

  • shanna

    If it’s true that he will be acting opposite Dana Delany then I think he should go for it. Even though DH is not as great as it once was it would mean a bigger audience for Nathan and acting with Dana Delany could not hurt.

  • A Desperate Lover

    Dear TV Addict,

    I agree to disagree! IMHO, Desperate Housewives is an all-around gem of a show and
    Nate will be a fantastic addition! DH is very well-written and darkly funny (altho the
    past two seasons are no match for the first). Hopefully NF and Dana Delaney can spice
    things up.

    BTW, do you even watch the show? Teri Hatcher’s character, Susan, was married to
    her on-going love, Mike, on the finale. Not even Nate could pull her away from James!